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Take the most fashionable bag of summer 2020 from mom’s closet

In creating fashionable bags for the summer of 2020, designers were passionate about finding new forms, but did not lose sight of the popular models of the past. Among them, there are those that especially appealed to contemporaries, namely: fanny packs, small backpacks, clutches, bags with fringe in Western style.

fashion bag

One of the most expressive summer models is a wicker handbag. It will help create the perfect romantic look.

Must-have for fashionistas: braided variations

Mesh and rope products are again at the peak of popularity. Crochet and macrame techniques masterfully create summer hits, exquisite accessories.

For a summer dress, fashion designers offer lace, thin and flying fabrics, softly fluttering in the wind. Feminine silhouettes, romantic summer looks are harmoniously complemented by vintage-style woven bags. The predominant colors range from soft, natural, light shades to bright, neon colors.

wicker handbags

Each fashionista will be able to choose a design to her liking: a voluminous knitted shopper, a wicker mini-box or a round Straw bag with a rigid frame. A bag resembling a fisherman’s net is one of the brightest and most creative options. Wicker baskets in vintage style do not lose their relevance – this is a timeless accessory.


Focus on accents

This summer bags are relevant:

  • from jute, cotton, wicker and straw;
  • fabric models with bamboo handles;
  • with inserts of beads, rhinestones, artificial pearls;
  • with embroidery and appliqués.

The choice of design is diverse: wicker baskets, mesh shopping bags, knitted hobo bags, backpacks and clutches on a metal frame, with a “kiss” clasp. These accessories are present in the latest collections of fashion designers.

fashion bag options

The most fashionable bag from mom’s closet

Creative hand-made is a source of unique products. Handmade bags are fashionable, stylish and incredibly feminine.

Designer brand bags are very expensive, so not every fashionista can afford to buy a trendy item. But finding a worthy replacement is a feasible task. The accessory can be purchased at charity fairs, exhibitions, as well as at the flea market, in commission stores.

custom bags

Better yet, take a look in your mother’s chest of drawers or in your grandmother’s attic: perhaps there you will find a beautiful wicker bag that will decorate your summer outfit. Fashion trends of the 70s and 90s are back at the peak of popularity. It is important to beat them correctly in a modern wardrobe.

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