Tampons with Dimexide in gynecology: how to do it right?

The drug Dimexide is used quite widely in medicine, including for the treatment of many diseases in gynecology. For this, tampons with Dimexide are made.

Dimexide is a synthetic external agent that is an antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory drug.

How it works

The anti-inflammatory effect is exerted by suppressing the active substances that cause the inflammatory process in the body.

Significantly contributes to the reduction of tissue edema and secretions from the genital organs. It also has an antimicrobial effect, as it perfectly penetrates bacteria cells. Light anesthetic effect, reduces discomfort in the genital area.

Dimexide is absorbed into the tissues as deeply as possible, in connection with this, its use is possible in combination with other medicinal substances. Most often it is Lidaza, Vishnevsky’s ointment, aloe. Due to such a unique ability of Dimexide, substances instantly act on inflammation, which helps a quick recovery. If you need to quickly anesthetize, in this case, tampons soaked in Novocain and Dimexide are prescribed. If it is a bacterial infection, antibiotics in the form of injection solutions will come to the rescue.

What ailments

Dimexide helps in the treatment of diseases that are caused by a number of viruses, all kinds of bacteria and various groups of fungi. These are such diseases:

  • erosion;
  • vulvovaginitis;
  • cervicitis;
  • thrush;
  • inflammation of the genital organs;
  • postpartum infections
  • transferred operations
  • malignant neoplasms

In the latter case, only in the combination of complex therapy, and Dimexide, as an adjuvant to restore the body after therapy with radiation.

How to use

Often, women sometimes have to think about how to make tampons themselves using Dimexide. Pharmaceutical tampons are not used in this case, since they are already saturated with a certain substance, and an undesirable reaction may follow from this, so you need to prepare sterile tampons yourself from improvised, available materials. Absolutely every drug, and Dimexide is no exception, has some contraindications and indications for use.

The correct approach to this drug will only benefit the body. To avoid negative consequences before use, it is necessary to check the drug for an allergic reaction. It can immediately confuse the pungent smell in the form of an unpleasant garlic, but it can be endured, this is short-lived. It is better to think about health, because it is much more important than such minor inconveniences.

Making your own tampon

A tampon is originally a hygienic product, so it must be completely sterile. The tampon can be made both round and oblong.

Homemade tampons should be the same shape and size as a regular tampon bought from a pharmacy. The improvised material is sterile cotton wool, sterile bandage and gauze, threads. Everything should be used only new and clean. Scissors, and other necessary equipment, are sterilized in hot water or disinfected with alcohol. Hands should be washed with soap or sterile gloves should be used. These are the basic conditions under which a tampon is made.

From the prepared bandage, you need to cut off a tape of an approximate length of 15-20 centimeters. Roll a ball from the existing cotton wool with an approximate diameter of 3 centimeters. The thread must be treated with alcohol.

  • In the manufacture of a tampon in the form of a cylinder, cotton wool is taken, folded tightly, and the upper part is fastened with a thread. In order for the cotton wool to be folded neatly, it is wrapped with gauze or bandage, the edges of which are firmly tied. The tied end should extend beyond the vagina to allow for easy removal of the tampon at the end of the procedure. If everything is done correctly, observing the necessary proportions, there will be no problems with the introduction of a tampon. It’s the same with extracting it.
  • Making a round tampon is even easier. A piece of cotton wool is taken, rolled into a tight ball. The already prepared solution is applied. It is placed in layers of gauze or bandage, pulled together with a thread. If the tampon is difficult to insert into the vagina, you can try to insert it on a pencil, and then pull it out.

At the same time, everyone needs to take into account that cotton wool expands when wet, increases in volume. To prevent this from happening, cotton wool is tightly wrapped with a bandage and well tied with a thread. The end of the tampon must also come out. If it is missing, problems may arise during extraction.

During production, there are some important points to remember:

  1. You need to fold the bandage so that its edges with protruding threads are wrapped inward, otherwise the threads will remain in the vagina.
  2. The tampon does not need to be made too large, as it will be difficult to insert and inside it will cause some inconvenience. But it should not be small either, because the right amount of medicine will not fit in it.

Solution preparation

When the swab is fully prepared, you can begin to dilute the solution.

The most important thing is dilution to the desired concentration. The concentration depends on the type or degree of the disease, which can only be determined by a doctor.

Proportions of dilution of Dimexide with water:

  • Preparation of a 10% solution: water 18 ml + 2 ml of the preparation.
  • Preparation of a 20% solution: water 8 ml + 2 ml of the drug.
  • Preparation of a 25% solution: water 6 ml + 2 ml of the drug.
  • Preparation of a 30% solution: water 14 ml + 6 ml of the preparation.
  • Preparation of a 40% solution: water 6 ml + 4 ml of the drug.
  • Preparation of a 50% solution: water 5 ml + 5 ml of the preparation.
  • Preparation of a 90% solution: water 2 ml + 18 ml of the preparation.

It is usually recommended to make a 10% or 30% solution. When diluting the product, only distilled and boiled water is used – this is a prerequisite for dilution. The prepared solution can be stored, but only under the correct storage conditions. It should be tightly closed and located in a place protected from light, you can in the refrigerator. But still it is better to cook fresh each time.

It is important to remember that Dimexide in each of the cases is forbidden to use concentrated, because in this form it is dangerous, as it causes burns to the mucous membranes.

How to enter

The finished solution is pumped into a syringe without a needle, poured into a swab and immediately inserted inside. A tampon soaked in diluted Dimexide is inserted into the vagina as deeply as possible. With this method of use, the prepared remedy will fully affect the focus of inflammation. Penetrating through the mucous …

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