Tampons with Vishnevsky ointment in gynecology

In everyday life, Vishnevsky’s ointment or balsamic liniment in a medical environment was invented by the surgeon A.V. Vishnevsky about a hundred years ago (more precisely, in 1927, the international name: tribromophenolate plus tar). It is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory drug that has an irritating effect (accelerates abscess formation in case of local inflammatory reactions, promotes the speedy regeneration process).

Vishnevsky’s ointment has long been widely used and is used to treat a huge range of inflammatory diseases:

  • abscesses, carbuncles, boils;
  • bedsores, burns, frostbite;
  • psoriasis, dermatoses;
  • endarteritis, thrombophlebitis, etc.

Ointment Vishnevsky still has not lost its relevance. This is not strange, because it is inexpensive and affordable compared to many other anti-inflammatory drugs. Its composition is unusually simple and at the same time absolutely unique, it has an effective effect on local inflammatory foci.

Balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky has three main natural ingredients. Among them:

  • birch tar (increases blood flow to tissues) – 3 parts;
  • xeroform (powerful antiseptic) – 3 parts;
  • castor oil (has a softening effect, promotes the penetration of other components deep into the skin and mucous membranes) – 90-100 parts.

The use of Vishnevsky ointment in gynecology

The range of application of Vishnevsky’s ointment is not limited to skin diseases. Its wide application in female gynecology is known. According to some lucky women, this ointment helped them cope with infertility and give birth to a long-awaited baby.

In gynecology, Vishnevsky’s ointment is used to combat such disorders as:

  • inflammatory processes in the ovaries (the so-called inflammation of the appendages);
  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs;
  • obstruction of the fallopian tubes and tubal infertility;
  • cervical erosion, bartholinitis, endometriosis, thrush (candidiasis);
  • adhesions.

In addition, in the field of medicine for women, balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky is used before and after surgical interventions for the fastest healing, as well as as part of complex therapy.

Modern gynecologists deny such a touted benefit of Vishnevsky’s ointment, but the old school doctors, on the contrary, continue to recommend liniment to women in the fight against gynecological diseases. This can be understood, because in the Soviet Union the choice of drugs for the treatment of delicate women’s problems was not only minimal, but simply scanty, because folk remedies, together with Vishnevsky’s ointment, came to the rescue in every case.

At the moment, the decision to apply the ointment individually, it remains free for each woman.

Vishnevsky’s ointment is used in gynecology in a complex way (for example, douching along with a water infusion of medicinal chamomile). Together with other antibiotics, it produces an effect better than on its own. How the ointment works:

  • it has an antiseptic effect (acts antibacterially, accelerates healing);
  • restores the balance of the microflora of the pelvic organs;
  • heals and restores the mucous membrane of the genital organs, cleanses it;
  • creates patency of the fallopian tubes;
  • accompanies the fastest regeneration in the postoperative period (after surgery).

A gynecologist can prescribe the use of Vishnevsky ointment in a variety of situations: from candidiasis to infertility. The range of indications for balsamic liniment is quite wide.

Do not be surprised if the doctor at the appointment prescribes complex therapy using this outdated drug. Despite its considerable age, it has remained as effective as many years ago (confirmed by thousands of healthy women), and bypassed many modern drugs.

“Simplicity is strength”: this fully applies to the natural and simple composition of the ointment.

Balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky is used for a reason, by internal palpation, but with the help of female tampons. These intimate hygiene products are necessary during the course of treatment based on Vishnevsky ointment. A single use of the drug will not give anything, for it to work, it is required to undergo a course of treatment.

Indications and contraindications for the use of tampons

Ointment Vishnevsky is intended for external use. You can’t take it orally!

There are much fewer contraindications for the use of Vishnevsky’s liniment compared to the indications.

It is forbidden to use the ointment in cases of individual intolerance to the drug (hypersensitivity to its components) and inflammatory abscesses in especially dangerous areas of the body.

As an auxiliary and concomitant drug, the attending gynecologist may prescribe an ointment in the treatment of STIs. By itself, Vishnevsky’s liniment will not get rid of a sexual infection, but it will increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Draw your attention to! The information presented in the article is for informational purposes and does not call for self-diagnosis, self-treatment and influence on your body by any means. Only a qualified specialist (doctor, trainer, nutritionist, etc.) can make a diagnosis, prescribe (recommend) treatment and medications or dietary supplements, give recommendations on nutrition and training, and control the treatment process (weight loss, training), focusing on a particular person and based on his individual characteristics.

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