Tar hair soap

Every woman dreams of having beautiful and well-groomed hair. However, due to the poor environmental situation and the wide variety of products that contain many substances harmful to the hair, it is not as easy to achieve beautiful hair as we would like. However, at present there is a unique and very effective remedy that will help make your hair chic. We are talking about tar soap.

Tar is a natural product obtained by processing wood. In medicine, this product is used for both internal and external use. Tar soap is 10-15% tar. However, such a small percentage is quite enough for such soap to become an indispensable assistant in the fight against many problems of the scalp and hair.

It should be noted that tar soap does not look quite presentable, a specific smell and unusual color, at first glance, may alert. However, such a peculiar appearance of this product in no way touches its positive properties. The big plus of this soap is that it does not contain any perfume dyes and additives. Also, thanks to its low price, absolutely any buyer can afford tar soap.

What is useful tar soap for hair?

  1. With the help of tar soap, you can actively and effectively fight dandruff. As practice shows, after a month of using this remedy, dandruff on the head becomes much less, and after a long use it will completely disappear. The thing is that the soap penetrates deep into the scalp and relieves it of the hated white scales.
  2. Tar soap does an excellent job with itching of the scalp. This remedy is recommended for people who have not been able to get rid of seborrhea for a long time. Also, tar soap perfectly heals wounds on the head.
  3. Girls who suffer from severe hair loss are also recommended to use tar soap. The fact is that this tool helps to strengthen the hair follicles, so that the hairs stop falling out.
  4. Of course, one cannot but mention one more positive quality of tar soap – such soap promotes rapid hair growth. The active components of tar soap improve blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes active hair growth.
  5. Also, this tool is recommended for people who suffer from excessive fat hair. Soap normalizes sebum secretion and perfectly dries hair. Thanks to this, after a few weeks, the oily sheen on the hair disappears and the hair looks more well-groomed and more beautiful.
  6. This soap adds volume to the hair. For girls with thin and non-voluminous hair, this tool will become an indispensable tool.
  7. For many decades, with the help of tar soap, fight lice. Although lice are not as common in the modern world as they were 50 years ago, but still, if a child comes from a kindergarten or school with such an unpleasant surprise, then tar soap will quickly help fix the problem.

Contraindications to the use of tar soap for hair.

Despite the large number of positive properties of tar soap, it still has some contraindications. So, for example, this tool is undesirable to use if:

  • Too dry skin with flaky areas. It is better for people with such a problem to stop using tar soap.
  • Also, this soap should not be used by people with too thin, dry and brittle hair. As mentioned above, this remedy dries hair, so it can harm already brittle hair.
  • It is contraindicated to use tar soap for people who are allergic to tar.

How to use tar soap?

In order for this tool to help, you should find out before using it how to properly manage it.

  1. First of all, you need to know that it is not advisable to lather your head with a whole bar of soap. It is better to lather the soap in your hands, and only then lather your hair with your hand. Some ladies prefer to dilute soap in water, and after that rinse their hair with this substance.
  2. Soap should be left on the hair for no more than 5-10 minutes, otherwise it can lead to drying of the hair and scalp.
  3. In no case should tar soap be washed off with too hot water, but it is better, in general, to use slightly cool water. This will help to avoid unpleasant plaque on the hair.
  4. Tar soap is well washed off with soft water, which cannot be said about too hard liquid. Therefore, before taking a bath, hard water must be filtered or a little soda should be added to soften it.
  5. In order to avoid overdrying your hair, it is advisable not to wash your hair with tar soap too often. From time to time, you can use some other cosmetics.
  6. After using tar soap on the hair, be sure to apply some kind of balm. The fact is that this product does not contain silicone, thanks to which the hair is very easy to comb after washing. That is why the hair must be moisturized so that the hair does not look like straw.
  7. Professionals recommend that after washing your hair with this product, rinse your hair with water with vinegar or lemon. You can try a decoction of nettle or chamomile. This will help make your hair silky, smooth and soft.

It should be noted that many people who decide to start using tar soap for hair say that after the first time, the impressions of this remedy were not very pleasant – the hair became very stiff, combed poorly and was not very pleasant to the touch. However, despite all these unpleasant moments, in no case should you stop washing your hair with tar soap. The thing is that positive results from this remedy, as a rule, begin to appear after 1-1.5 months of its use. Positive changes will definitely appear, you just need to be patient.

How to make tar soap yourself?

Despite the fact that tar soap can be purchased at any pharmacy at an affordable price, many ladies prefer to prepare this product at home. Moreover, the preparation of this cosmetic product does not require much time or effort. First you need to get all the necessary ingredients:

  • A few bars of plain baby soap.
  • A little of any essential oil (jojoba, tea tree, lavender).
  • Pure birch tar.

When all the ingredients are purchased, you can start making homemade tar soap. First you need to rub the soap through …

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