Teen Fashion for Fall 2020

The main fashion trends for teenagers for autumn 2020 are boldness, brightness and dynamism in images. Autumn is not the time to mope and be bored. We will track fashionable teenage trends and select the best wardrobe items for young fashionistas and women of fashion.


The main trends of autumn teenage fashion

Regardless of who wants to look stylish – a boy or a girl, you should follow the main trends of autumn fashion. Designers are betting on the following:

  • oversized models. Outwardly, on teenagers, they may look clumsy and a little awkward. But it is in such clothes that young fashionistas feel comfortable. Today we can safely say that oversized clothes make a child’s life more comfortable. Plus, it looks stylish.

  • Layering. Do not be afraid of several types of clothing worn one on top of the other. Layered images have been in trend for many seasons. This is especially true for cool autumn days. It is enough to put on a stylish T-shirt, an interesting shirt on top and complete it all with a coat or a tight jacket – and now you are already in the spotlight. Use layering as your go-to for fall 2020 teen fashion looks. For girls, it’s time to wear an interesting blouse, a loose crew-neck sweater, and an oversized coat. Complete the look with a stylish scarf and bag.

  • Mixing contrasting colors. From the world’s catwalks, it was announced that autumn is not the time for boredom and gloomy colors. Teenagers are invited to express themselves with the help of bright colors in clothes. Therefore, it’s time to experiment and declare yourself loudly.

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What to bet on in clothes

When researching teen fashion for fall 2020, pay attention to denim first. Not a single youthful image can do without it. Denim is out of competition, out of time and out of season. To create a stylish autumn teenage look, fill up your wardrobe with the following gizmos:

  • Jacket. The model is not important. The fabric is important. Let it be a long parka, a cropped jacket or an insulated fitted jacket. It will make you look stylish in autumn.

  • Jeans. Their variety, colors, styles and lengths are amazing. High-waisted trousers have replaced the recently leading holey jeans. And this applies to both girls and boys. Give preference to free-cut models. Here, oversize also rules. Let the jeans be made in the style of bananas or bermudas. Once loved by girls, skinny jeans that require perfect legs are slowly fading away. Be sure to complement jeans with a stylish belt. It can be made of leather or durable textile.

  • Denim overalls. This piece of clothing is more likely to be relevant for girls. In the fall it will become indispensable. The denim overalls are beautifully combined with boots with rough soles, with oxfords, with stylish sneakers and sneakers.

  • Denim shirts. Ideal for going to classes at school or university, as well as for friendly meetings, walks, visits to the cinema and cafes. A denim shirt will organically complement a skirt or trousers for a girl, jeans for a young man.

Classic pants

Teenage fashion for fall 2020 also includes wearing regular trousers. It is better for girls to give preference to palazzo or skinny models. Length 7/8 will also be perfect for autumn. Pants can be safely worn to school or university, diluting them with an urban walking look.

As for boys, it is better for boys to choose interesting slacks in dark blue, black, brown shades. Pants with a moderately loose fit can be worn with a shirt, cardigan, sweater with a V-neck.

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Jacket, sweatshirt, sweater

A warm jacket or sweater is an indispensable wardrobe item for a boy or girl for the fall. The models are basically the same. Only shades and decorative elements differ.

A stylish sweatshirt or sweater organically complements a trendy bow with jeans, trousers and skirts. The sweater can be worn to class to maintain the established dress code.

[stextbox id=’warning’]When choosing knitted and knitted patterns, pay attention to the composition. It is desirable that it be at least 50% cotton. This is extremely important for teenage skin.[/stextbox]

Wardrobe items for girls

For young fashionistas, it is imperative to have a skirt or dress in the autumn wardrobe. And preferably both.

As for skirts, here you can play with the length at your discretion. In fashion mini, midi, maxi. Be sure to layer up the top for a stylish look.

As for dresses, A-silhouette, knitted sheath dresses, cropped models with a flared skirt, midi models with a bell skirt are in fashion. In any of them, a stylish fashionista will feel comfortable. An image with a skirt or dress can be organically complemented with high boots with rough soles, massive sneakers and sneakers, boots with heels.


Fashion for teen girls for the fall of 2020, just like fashion for boys, implies the presence of a tracksuit. Preferably, moderately insulated. As for the models, in principle, they all repeat with each other and are somewhat similar. Differences will be noticeable only in the color scheme. Girls often prefer lighter shades – powdery, pink, lilac, mint, blue, light gray. Young people prefer darker shades – burgundy, black, dark blue, brown, orange.

The sports suit is ideal for meetings with friends, for a hike in nature, for friendly gatherings in the park.

It is noteworthy that this season a girl can combine a stylish tracksuit with shoes with thin stiletto heels. For young fashionistas, ideal velor models are offered, decorated with decorative pearls, oversized or with a crop top.


Tracking fashion trends for outerwear, it is worth highlighting the relevance of such options:

  • Leather jackets. More common on girls. But young people do not exclude the possibility of wearing such outerwear in the fall.

  • Parka. A great option for outerwear, in which both a boy and a girl can look stylish. A versatile piece of clothing perfect for chilly autumn days.

  • Coat. Sewn in an oversized style, it is kept in trend through the season. In a coat, both girls and young people always look original, noble, stylish.

  • Stylish down jacket. Oversized models with numerous patch pockets, voluminous jackets and coats, cropped models look great on girls. The down jacket is beautiful to wear and easy to care for. Retains moisture, protects from wind and cold. Complementing the jacket with a stylish hat, scarf and gloves, you can create a beautiful autumn bow.

[stextbox id=’info’]The elongated models of down jackets deserve special attention. They go well with both sporty and classic clothing styles.[/stextbox]

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