Teenage fashion 2019 for girls

It is also very important for a teenage girl to always be bright and beautiful. With this in mind, in the latest fashion collections of 2019, designers presented a lot of original products, on the basis of which young fashionistas will be able to express themselves and create truly original images. Therefore, further in the article we will talk about current trends in the teenage fashion segment, which we invite you to get acquainted with.


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Current trends in youth fashion

This season, both established trends and absolute novelties will be fashionable. However, they all meet the same criterion – it is practicality and comfort to wear.

  • Layering. This trend wanders from year to year, and not only in adult, but also in teenage fashion. In addition to the fact that such an image as a whole turns out to be quite comfortable, at the same time it also looks very impressive. It is only necessary to think over the bow correctly and correctly combine all its elements.

  • Oversized clothing. Dimensionless things have long become the favorites of modern youth. Shapeless dresses and sweaters, hyper-voluminous jackets and coats will continue to dominate this season.

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Important! Oversized products look not only stylish, but also help to hide excessive fullness and other figure flaws.


  • Denim items. This is already a full-fledged classic, which can be present not only in the form of jeans familiar to all, but also vests, jackets, dresses and skirts. At the same time, such clothes are suitable for both very young fashionistas and girls over 14-15 years old.

Always up-to-date fashion for denim

You can wear denim products in a trendy total bow today or combine them with other things, such as sweaters, raincoats or sweatshirts. There are also no special requirements for shoes. It can be sporty or classic in the form of boots or loafers.

  • Hats. Despite the fact that this trend has not really taken root in women’s fashion, it has been fixed for a long time in teenage fashion. Hats can be both small and wide-brimmed. The main thing here is the design, which must be minimalistic.

Designers recommend wearing such a headdress, both with things designed in the usual classic and glam-chic fashionable among young people.

  • Sneakers + dress. This season, in the teen fashion segment, stylists decided to abandon the usual heels in favor of sports shoes, and especially sneakers and trainers.

You can wear them not only with jeans, but even with light chiffon or silk dresses. The outfits themselves can be designed both in everyday and in a classic style.

  • Metallic color. Fabrics imitating metallic gloss in 2019 are especially relevant. They can be present in the design of outerwear, evening and casual dresses, as well as accessories.

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  • Boyfriend jeans. Androgynous style is becoming more and more popular among youth fashion today. Jeans, slightly tapered from top to bottom with a high waist, can be worn with almost all things from the basic wardrobe. And with a successful selection of the top and accessories, such a bottom is even suitable for creating an evening outfit.

  • Culottes. These trousers look stylish not only on adult women, but also on young girls. They emphasize the figure, do not constrain movements at all and are ideally combined with any shoes. As for the colors, it can be both plain and printed.

  • Short jackets. This is one of the most fashionable trends of 2019 that designers have proposed for teenage girls. In addition to the fact that short jackets look spectacular and harmoniously combined with trousers, jeans or dresses, they can also protect against a little cold and become an excellent replacement for windbreakers.

  • complex palettes. In addition to plain products, printed items with rather complex color combinations will also be in fashion. For example, on top of a pastel base, drawings of bright and saturated colors are applied that contrast with each other.

The theme of prints can be very diverse, ranging from lines or other elements of geometry to floral motifs and abstraction.

  • Lace and ruffles. In teenage fashion, they can be present in almost all things. It can be either a full-fledged A-line guipure cocktail dress or a small design of the cuffs of the sleeves on a knitted sweater.

A combination of lace and denim will also look relevant. Guipure is used here as decorative patches or edging of the lower part of the product.

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What should be the basic wardrobe of a teenage girl

In order for the wardrobe of a modern teenage girl to meet the fashion trends of 2019, it is very important to make it right. Things should not only be stylish, but also versatile. These are just the options below.

  • Dresses. This is the basic foundation that every girl must have in her closet. This season, fitted or semi-fitted dresses will be in fashion. Particularly relevant are products with slight asymmetry or a lush bottom.

As for materials, in cold weather, dresses can be made from thick knitwear, denim or suit fabrics. But in spring or summer, girls should get outfits made of cotton, silk or chiffon.

  • Jeans. Another essential attribute of a basic teenage wardrobe. It is advisable to purchase two models of jeans at once: dark blue and light blue with a minimalist design.

As for styles, it can be MOM, American, flared or straight cut.

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  • Skirts. But here there are no special restrictions. Skirts can be fitted or puffy, short or long. The main thing is the color. It must be necessarily bright and catchy.

  • T-shirts. As in adult fashion, a simple white T-shirt is also welcome in youth fashion, as it looks perfect with absolutely any bottom. Also, do not ignore printed colored products with decor in the form of embroidery, patches or an asymmetric cut.

  • Sweaters. This is the basic element of the winter wardrobe. In teenage fashion, they must be voluminous and slightly shortened. Such products should be worn with a bottom only on a high fit.

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Important! The hit of this winter is the combination of a voluminous sweater with a thin chiffon or silk skirt. Warm stockings worn over beige tights and hypertrophied sneakers will help to complement this outfit.


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