Thallus kelp: application for the face and weight loss

Laminaria or seaweed is one of the varieties of seaweed, which is widely used not only in cooking, but also in medicine and cosmetology. What are the unique properties of this product, how is it useful and how harmful, and how can it be used at home?

Composition and properties

Laminaria Digitata is the official name for this type of seaweed. His homeland is Japan: there this gift of the sea appears on the table several times a day. Perhaps this is the secret of harmony, beauty and longevity of Japanese women.

The main element in the composition of kelp is iodine. The trace element is necessary to maintain many functions of the body, it is involved in the synthesis of proteins, but most importantly, the hormones necessary for the thyroid gland are produced from the split iodine ions. Also, kelp is rich in potassium, iron, vitamins C, A, E. It helps to remove radionuclides and toxins from the body, improves digestion, speeds up metabolism – and therefore promotes weight loss and rejuvenation.

If you regularly eat kelp, very soon you will feel a slight laxative effect – this is normal. This is an ideal product for weight loss: once in a humid environment, the algae swells and acquires a gel texture, filling the stomach. Consequently, you do not have a feeling of hunger for a long time, you eat less – and lose weight. These are the unique and very valuable properties of the most common seaweed.

How to use kelp thallus for weight loss

Accurate medical research on how kelp really helps to get rid of excess weight has not been conducted. But experimenters say: you can eat everything and at the same time lose up to 15 kg in one month, provided that kelp is added to all products. For convenience, now this algae is produced in tablets. It is enough to drink one pill three times a day with meals – and you will lose weight. This option is for those who do not like the iodine smell and the specific taste of seaweed.

This is with regard to the use of kelp inside. How else can you use it for weight loss?

Cosmetologists make wraps from kelp thallus to remove excess fat and cellulite in the most problematic areas of the female body:

  • on the thighs and buttocks;
  • on the stomach and sides;
  • on the forearms and arms.

In the salon, this procedure goes like this:

  1. The patient in a bikini is laid down on a trestle bed covered with cellophane. First, the skin is cleansed with a special scrub, which also includes algae and sea salt.
  2. The beautician steams the thallus of kelp and applies a warm mass to the problem areas.
  3. Then the legs, hips, stomach are wrapped in several layers of cellophane and additionally warmed up.
  4. After half an hour, the algae are removed, the remnants are washed off with warm water, a modeling anti-cellulite gel is applied to the skin.

What can be done at home if there is no time or money to go to the salon? First, prepare a cleansing and steaming algae bath. For this 200 gr. soak chopped dry algae in a liter of boiling water, leave for half an hour. Pour into a sea salt bath. Laminaria will speed up the metabolism in tissues, stimulate blood circulation. You just need to immerse yourself in water and relax for a quarter of an hour – the skin itself will become more elastic and smooth, without a pronounced orange peel. Your hips and waist will decrease by a couple of centimeters due to the fact that the skin will tighten and excess fluid will come out of the intercellular tissues.

And here is a recipe for an excellent kelp scrub for weight loss: mix equal parts sea salt, dry algae and vegetable oil, you can add a few drops of essential oil for flavor. In a circular motion, apply the scrub on the thighs and abdomen, massage with a mitten for 3-5 minutes, rinse. You can replace salt with dead sea mud if you have sensitive skin and grains of salt hurt it too much.

And the last – wraps from the thallus of kelp at home.

  1. Clay and algae. In a bowl, mix white or green cosmetic clay powder and three to four tablespoons of powdered algae. Pour in water to make a thick substance. Apply a thick layer on the legs and stomach, wrap first with cellophane, then with a towel. Exposure time – 30-40 minutes. Rinse off with warm water when finished.
  2. Honey and seaweed. Two or three tablespoons of crushed algae should be combined with two tablespoons of liquid heated honey, allowed to swell. Add a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil. Apply to the body, wrap, as in the previous recipe.

What to do face masks

Since seaweed is rich not only in iodine, but also in a whole bunch of vitamins, mineral salts and proteins, they are perfect for facial skin as a rejuvenating, smoothing and nourishing agent. In addition, algae masks soothe and treat problem skin prone to acne. What kind of masks can be made from kelp thallus and other improvised components at home?

  1. Mask for pimples and acne. First, grind the thallus of kelp into powder, then pour 10 g of one tablespoon. water at room temperature. Wait for the kelp to swell for a few minutes. At this time, grate half a sour apple. Combine seaweed with apple pulp and one spoonful of yogurt, mix and apply on face for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash off with warm water. This mask treats inflammation, eliminates oily sheen, brightens the skin and black spots on the face.
  2. A rejuvenating mask for mature skin. Prepare kelp as in the first recipe. Then combine one tablespoon of swollen seaweed, one egg yolk and one tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil, grape seed oil or almond oil. Apply the mixture on the face and neck. This mask is also suitable for owners of dry and thin skin.

Depending on the additional ingredients, you will receive a mask for a particular skin type – experiment, choose the ones that you like and fit best. In any case, such a mask will energize your skin, saturate it with vitamins and nutrients, making it healthy, radiant, smooth and elastic.

Helpful Hints

For weight loss, you can also not eat kelp. And drink infusion from it. To do this, pour a spoonful of algae with hot water and leave to infuse all night. The next day, the liquid is drained, the algae are squeezed out. Cake can be used for scrub. And the infusion should be drunk half a cup three times a day before meals.

Despite all the usefulness, kelp also has disadvantages: it is contraindicated for people who are allergic to iodine, for everyone suffering from increased production of thyroid hormones ….

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