The 80s are back: puff sleeves are back as a key trend in summer 2020

For those who are nostalgic for the carefree light years of the 80s, fashion has made a nice gift. In the spring and summer of this year, images appeared on the catwalks, the femininity and charm of which are emphasized by a small but expressive detail – lantern sleeves. The voluminous cut, which once attracted the attention of fashion designers at the end of the last century, will complement both casual and festive outfits.

puff sleeves

A classic white blouse with long sleeves, thanks to the volume attached at the wrist, acquires lightness and festivity. Such a thing will take its rightful place in the wardrobe of every woman and will help out in any situation.

Blouses, shirts, tops, knitwear – voluminous sleeves are appropriate everywhere. They make it possible to play with the silhouette. This is especially pronounced in dresses.

Romance of curvaceous forms

The flowing effect of soft tissues does not weigh down the image at all, giving it romance and freshness. Lantern sleeves are suitable for dresses of any length: midi, mini or maxi.

Lantern sleeves on the dress

Do you want to remain mysterious and feminine? Pastel colors, the absence of unnecessary details, the flying right cut of a long dress will help create a memorable fashionable look.

Puff sleeves on a black dress

It has everything: character, Victorian splendor of the shoulder line, richness of the fabric structure, completeness of the image.

Puff sleeves on the mini dress

If you’re more into a daring look that matches the dynamic urban style, a mini dress with a plunging neckline and a sophisticated skirt is sure to set you apart from the crowd.

white dress with lantern sleeves

White color, soft fabric with spectacular drapery, voluminous line of the shoulder, in harmony with the wide belt – in this image, the designers emphasized the femininity and sexuality of the model with laconic strokes.

We create vivid images

A worthy place in the wardrobe of fashionistas will be occupied by blouses with voluminous sleeves, which go well with almost any bottom. Jeans and shorts, skirts of different lengths and dress pants – with each of these items you can create a bright and memorable look.

puff sleeve blouse

Asymmetric flounces on the trousers, emphasizing a graceful ankle, a bright checkered top print, classic black heeled sandals – this look is a classic example of retro style and is relevant at the same time. Just what fashionistas need to stay feminine and a little bit mysterious.

bright top with puffed sleeves

The polka dot print remains in trend in any color scheme.

light blouse with voluminous sleeves

This look is balanced by retro blue jeans. Paired with a trendy floral print blouse and ribbed cuffs, they create a look for every day. In this outfit it is easy to breathe and move freely.

off-the-shoulder blouse

The summer carelessness of the image is emphasized by the elegant romance of the blouse and some negligence of the lower part of the wardrobe.

romantic blouse

Emphasis hiding flaws

Another undoubted advantage of voluminous sleeves is the ability to hide imperfections and emphasize the dignity of the figure. The emphasis on the shoulders visually corrects the line of the hips and emphasizes the waist. The discreet printed pattern and eco-friendly material of this model attract attention, despite its apparent simplicity.

simple blouse with voluminous sleeves

A fresh look at the 80s evokes a lively response due to its ability to emphasize the character of a modern woman who carries inner strength and sexuality.

blue blouse with lantern sleeves

The images created by voluminous sleeves are universal and unique.

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