The best manicure ideas with rhinestones!

In this article, we have collected rhinestone manicure ideas for girls who want to be beautiful to the tips of their nails. Shiny stones will draw attention to your hands and make any of your outfits chic and feminine. Can’t wait to start creating beauty on your own nails? Then choose the best of our ideas and get started!

Beautiful manicure with rhinestones

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Choosing relevant ideas

Today, manicure has become not just a design of nails, but a whole art. Masters love to create whole works using varnish and decorative elements. And what manicure with rhinestones is among the main fashion trends today? We know the answer!

Delicate and trendy manicure with rhinestones

  • A single-row jacket with rhinestones suits a girl who is looking for a compromise between the luxury of sequins and the restraint of everyday manicure. You can repeat this technique yourself. To do this, after applying the classic French design, fasten the rhinestones in one row. Decoration with stones of 1-2 nails looks elegant.

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Single row jacket

  • Two-row French manicure looks more elegant and solemn. It is assumed that the rhinestones are laid out in 2 rows.

Pebbles in several rows

  • The design of stones in the “shirt” or “pyramid” technique is suitable for nails of any length. A monochromatic coating in combination with one of these techniques is considered universal.

Rhinestones in the shape of a pyramid

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  • The lace design of the nail plates looks even more chic if it is decorated with sparkling rhinestones. There are dozens of options for such a manicure today – even the most demanding fashionista will choose the decor to her taste.

Lace with stones

  • The popular gradient also looks harmoniously with decoration in the form of decorative stones. The main thing is that the transition from one color to another is not too bright.

stone gradient

  • Looks luxurious matte finish with decoration in the form of sparkling rhinestones. Today, the trend is a combination of matte and glossy nails in one manicure using a brilliant decor.

Fashionable combination of matte and glossy manicure with rhinestones

  • Minimalism in its most diverse manifestations is still among the main trends in manicure. Which option do you like more: a solid color coating with small stones or a “smile” of rhinestones?

Beautiful smile made of rhinestones

  • If just sticking 1-2 rhinestones on a nail is too boring for you, try laying out a whole composition from stones of different sizes. It can be a heart, a butterfly, a flower or a snowflake. Feel free to peep ideas on the photo of the masters.

Snowflake from rhinestones

  • We advise all brides to take note of the combination of manicure with rhinestones and bouillons in light colors with a wedding dress!

Manicure with rhinestones and broths

  • Choosing 3D drawings, flower arrangements or acrylic modeling, you can complement the beautiful design with rhinestones. Such a manicure will definitely draw attention to your charming hands. Please note: the color of decorative stones must match the main coating.

Modeling with rhinestones

  • If delicate designs do not suit your rebellious nature, this is no reason to forget about rhinestones. How do you like the idea of ​​using larger studded stones in a manicure? That’s really bold and bold!

Studded rhinestones

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We buy rhinestones

Before going to the store, you should know that rhinestones come in different materials:

  • glass;
  • crystal;
  • plastic;
  • acrylic;
  • ceramic.

Crystal and glass models look chic and better, but they are also more expensive. You can also find colored rhinestones, satin crystals and chameleon effect options. Such a variety will allow you to embody even the most daring manicure ideas.

Types of rhinestones for decorating nails

We recommend using cold fix rhinestones. They have a flat surface, which provides a more secure fit.

Making beauty at home

Good news for all girls: manicure with rhinestones is easy to do at home! Follow our step-by-step instructions and you will surely succeed.

  • Preliminary preparation of nails is probably familiar to you. But just in case, we’ll remind you. Soak your hands in warm water for 15 minutes. Then remove cuticles and hangnails. Shape your nails with the help of a nail file.
  • An important step, which for some reason many girls omit, is applying a base for manicure. This is the secret trick that ensures that the new design will please you for longer.
  • Then you should decide on the color of the varnish and apply it in 2 layers. Don’t forget to let the first coat dry.
  • Without waiting for the second layer to dry, start creating a design with rhinestones. Grab small stones with an orange stick or a toothpick, the end of which should be wet. Press the rhinestone a little to fix it on the surface of the nail. If the stones are large, use special glue.
  • Fix the manicure with a transparent varnish or a special tool.


We paint short nails

Today, nail art masters have a lot of manicure ideas with rhinestones for short nails in stock. Given the fashion for naturalness and naturalness, they create laconic compositions using sparkling jewelry. We have selected the most popular design options for short nails with rhinestones.

  • Timeless classic – French manicure – is famous for its versatility, because it harmoniously looks on nails of any length. Please note: to make the jacket look really elegant, you should not overload it with an excess of decor. A rhinestone at the base of the nail or at the top of the corner using the “triangular smile” technique will look elegant.

Delicate jacket with rhinestones

  • Moon manicure is another trendy design idea for short nails. To decorate it, choose medium-sized rhinestones. By placing them along the line of the hole, you will create a neat and stylish manicure.

Stylish moon jacket, complemented by rhinestones

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  • A monophonic coating with the use of appropriate decor speaks of the good taste of the owner. On short nails, it is better to use light varnish, which will take care of their visual lengthening. If you lay out a path of rhinestones along the length of the nail, then enhance this effect.

Short nails decor

  • The absolute hit of 2019 is a manicure with prints. Short nails are no reason to deny yourself this pleasure. The main thing is to choose drawings with a small number of elements. Minimalism, geometry or laconic flowers combined with rhinestones will look amazing.

Printed manicure with monograms and rhinestones

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