The best masks for acne

Of course, that everyone in life, one way or another, faced such a problem as acne. Everyone dealt with this problem in their own way. Some bought some cosmetics, others went for help to a specialist, that is, a beautician, and still others did nothing at all. Today we will talk about what acne masks exist and which ones are the most effective.

Let’s start by specifying the topic of our article. Next, we will talk about masks that remove acne, that is, relieve inflammation and moderately dry the skin. Everyone is well aware that the cosmetology market is full of cleansing products, including types of masks, for example, there are cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing masks, etc. They also differ in the degree of fight against acne, there are against acne, against red sore pimples. This availability of funds, of course, is encouraging for those people who have such a problem. But there is one significant nuance – this is the correct selection of a mask for acne. You can buy yourself an incredibly expensive mask in the store, which will not help you and you will get even more acne! Then it will be much more difficult to get rid of them.

We bring to your attention information about face masks for acne. Let’s talk right away about the principle of operation of such masks, then we will deal with their mechanism of operation of their components and offer several options for masks that you can prepare at home.

You must understand that when choosing such a mask, you must definitely look at what components it consists of. First of all, they should include such products that have anti-inflammatory qualities.

The most common components that are part of such therapeutic masks:

  1. Seaweed. Due to the fuchiodan found in algae, there is a rapid anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Turmeric. It has no less strong anti-inflammatory properties than motrin and hydrocortisone.
  3. Ginger. It has almost the same properties as ginger.
  4. Green tea. Due to the presence of flavonoids in green tea, any foci of inflammation are quickly extinguished.
  5. Olive oil. Has healing properties.
  6. Avocado oil. No less effective than olive oil.

We prepare acne masks at home.

Recipe number 1 Japanese version.

Initially, we stock up on the ingredients we need. The first thing we need is seaweed, approximately 200 grams, lemon juice – 1 teaspoon. We start cooking, cook the algae in a water bath and add lemon juice there in the amount indicated above. Next, grind the entire resulting mass to a homogeneous state, resembling a cream in appearance. This mask will be ready for use after three days in the refrigerator. When the mask is ready, you need to apply it for 20 minutes on the surface of the skin of the face, then wash off the mask with warm water. Keep this “miracle mask” only in the freezer.

Recipe #2 gentle cleansing mask.

So, to prepare this mask, we need 2 chicken eggs, namely yolks, olive oil, yogurt and honey. First, mix 2 yolks with a teaspoon of olive oil, while adding a tablespoon of yogurt and one teaspoon of honey. We mix all the ingredients in the most thorough way, in the process we also add lemon juice. It is advisable to apply this acne mask to owners of dry skin type to restore skin structure.

Recipe number 3 soft healing mask.

This mask consists of two main components – honey and aloe. What we need to prepare it is about 5 sheets of freshly cut aloe and 5 tablespoons of homemade honey, it is desirable that it be liquid.

Now let’s move on to the cooking process. Torn leaves, put in the freezer for about 12 hours. After that, they need to be crushed, it is recommended to do this in a blender to get a homogeneous mass. If honey is liquid, then add it to the aloe mixture, if not, then immediately melt the honey, while making sure that the melting point does not exceed 50 degrees, and then add aloe to the mixture. Thoroughly mix the two components, the resulting mass must be placed in a container that will be tightly closed. The shelf life of this mask in the refrigerator should not exceed 7 days.

If you rarely use the mask and you feel sorry for throwing away this mixture, then you should not worry, its shelf life can be extended up to 1 month. You are probably wondering how? You will need to boil the mask in a water bath for 10 minutes. But you should take into account the fact that the beneficial properties of this mask after boiling will significantly decrease its beneficial properties.

Now it’s time to talk about how to apply it on the face. Apply the resulting mask 2 times a day, for 10 minutes. Pay special attention to problem areas of the skin. You can see the desired result in a week.

Recipe number 4 anti-inflammatory face mask.

If you have inflamed acne on your face, then you should try this particular mask, since both components perfectly cleanse and prevent the appearance and inflammation of acne. As you may have guessed, to prepare this mask you will need dry chamomile flowers and honey.

How to prepare it?

Again, we look at honey, if it is in a hardened state, then melt it in a water bath, if the honey is liquid, then immediately add 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers to it, cover tightly the lid of the container in which the components are located and boil for 20 minutes . You need to wait a bit and strain the resulting mixture through cheesecloth. It is advisable to store such a mask on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, no more than one month.

Before applying the mask, cleanse the skin. Spread the mask in an even thick layer over the entire surface of the face. After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Recipe number 5 rejuvenating mask.

To prepare the mask, you need to make a mixture of oatmeal, milk and a spoonful of honey. After mixing all the ingredients, making a homogeneous mass, apply to the surface of the face. After 20 minutes, the mask must be washed off.

So, let’s sum up. We told you about five types of masks that deserve your attention, their results have been tested by hundreds of thousands of girls and women, which confirms their effectiveness. But there are also contraindications to these masks, the most common are pustular rash on the skin, the presence of pigmented formations that have recently appeared on faces, as well as the presence of rosacea. Choose the one that you like best and try to make it at home, while taking into account the contraindications about which …

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