The best summer perfumes for women

In this article, we have created the most sought after summer perfumes for women in 2020. You will surely find your favorite among them!


Key Recommendations

Many women like to change their fragrance for the summer season. At this time, more than ever, you want lightness, freshness, sweetness and romance. Trends 2020 echo the needs of girls and offer to adopt just such a perfume. It is important that the chosen favorite is light enough so as not to provoke a headache and does not interfere with enjoying your favorite season. Fashionistas also like the fragrance to create the right mood – carefree and romantic. We have selected for you the top of just such spirits!

[stextbox id=’info’]Some women love vanilla so much that they don’t want to give up this fragrance even in the summer season. But professionals warn that such perfumes can create an unpleasant feeling of stuffiness. It is better to save such a perfume for the winter.[/stextbox]

CK One Summer

If you ask the girls about their first associations about the summer time, many of them will dreamily imagine the sea, warm sand, pleasant rays of the sun, a fresh cocktail and unconditional happiness. It seems that the creators of this fragrance were inspired by a similar picture. And they managed to convey such a mood in their bottle. Already from the first notes, you can succumb to temptation and mentally be carried away to some heavenly place. The sillage of such perfumes is rich and unusual – it is an incredible mixture of lime, cedar and guava.

Pivoine Flora by L’Occitane en Provence

This is a fairly calm and fresh fragrance, from which it exudes a cheerful mood. Flirtatious natures will certainly not resist his playfulness and energy.

The composition of this perfume is truly unique and magical. It has fresh piercing citrus and bergamot, which are surrounded by the floral aroma of rose and peony. The base notes are sandalwood in a great combination with musk.

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Dolce & Gabbana light blue intense

This bottle contains a real summer mood, which can be guessed by the amazing freshness and aroma of ripe fruits and the sun. Many girls note that this smell pleases with excellent durability and interesting character – it will take about an hour for the composition to fully open up.

This fragrance has practically no age restrictions. It is wonderfully suitable for a young girl, and for a woman 50+. If you want to take a closer look at the perfume pyramid, you will be interested to know that it first reveals an invigorating combination of Granny Smith apple and lemon. Calendula and jasmine are responsible for the central notes. The final chord is behind musk and woody amber.

Gevenchy Live Irresistible Cruch Eau Do Toilette

If you are primarily looking for carelessness, youth and lightness in a summer fragrance, then you will definitely like the new Gevenchy Live Irresistible Cruch Eau Do Toilette. This perfume has a clear seductive character, while its sexuality can hardly be called obsessive. A girl can use this scent for her own purposes at any time of the year, but it is as an exquisite addition to a summer look that it is most organic.

From the first “splash” of this perfume, the smell of alluring peony and rose is clearly felt, pleasant cocoa occupies the middle position in the fragrance, and the mysterious musk is the final touch of the beautiful composition. This perfume inspires with its durability – this value is at least 5 hours. During this time, it will definitely turn the head of any man, if you set such a goal.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California Cologne Absolue Pure

This bottle also contains a summer mood, which can be easily recharged thanks to the incredible smell. According to the description of the creators, the warmth of Californian beaches is enclosed in the perfume. Sounds promising, right?

Many girls will find this fragrance attractive because of the non-trivial composition. First, it charges with the aroma of citrus, flavored with juniper. With a train, it becomes clear that these are not the only dominant notes in the fragrance. Then the girl is smitten with a pleasant mixture of anise, sandalwood and pepper. It seems that such components are enough to feel the incredible atmosphere of tropical happiness in your image.

Dior La Colle noire

Among the popular perfume fragrances for women for the summer, these perfumes from Dior occupy a worthy position. They have every reason for such demand among women. This fragrance is the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness. At the same time, it is surprisingly light and airy – in a word, a wonderful choice for the summer. Such perfumes are also perfect for women who expect a pleasant refreshing effect from the perfect perfume for the hot season.

Victoria’s secret Love Is Heavenly

If you want to find your personal favorite among perfumes that drive men crazy, you can take a closer look at this new release from a well-known brand. Girls always expect especially sensual and seductive fragrances from him, and summer perfume is no exception.

Perfume, even in the name of which the beautiful word “love” appears, from the first meeting sets you on a romantic wave. This fragrance skillfully combines floral freshness, lightness and sweetness of musk.

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Gucci Flora Garden collection

Most summer fragrances contain dominant floral notes in their composition. This fragrance took on more – to convey all the beauty, sensuality and aesthetics of plants through the smell. It’s so easy to fall in love with these perfumes! You can succumb to this feeling through grace, femininity and sophistication. The magical effect of the perfume is due to the central position of magnolia, which is ideally complemented by refreshing citrus, freesia and mysterious sandalwood. But that’s not all! At the final stage of opening the train, the girl is in for a surprise – sweet notes of chocolate.

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermes

Among the fresh summer perfumes for women of famous brands, this particular perfume breaks all records in popularity. He is so energetic and light that he has already gained many admirers and admirers around the world. Yes, yes, this novelty is presented in the category of unisex fragrances.

This composition is dominated by three leading notes, which can flow into each other and surprise with a pleasant transformation of the smell. At the start, the girl is greeted by fresh and cool citrus. The creators decided to leave delicate honey jasmine behind the central position. And the train of such a perfume is refreshing with ice mint. This tandem creates an elegant and sophisticated fragrance. The brand itself emphasizes that this perfume will certainly be appreciated by active residents of the metropolis who are not used to standing still.

Kenzo World Eau de Toillete

This perfume literally from the first notes will cheer up the girl and be responsible for her carefree and romantic mood. And how else can you react to an incredible mixture of sweetness and colors? This perfume is perfect for every day and has no restrictions in the form of time of day…

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