The bull will appreciate: how to dress for the New Year 2021

The owner of the upcoming 2021 according to the Chinese calendar is the White Metal Ox, he will certainly appreciate the holiday, which will be held in the circle of friends and family. There is not much time left, so you should take care of the New Year’s outfit. What clothes to choose for New Year’s Eve to please the symbol animal?

Choosing the right colors and shades

Astrologers recommend choosing clothes of certain colors. It all depends on what each of us expects in the new year. It should be light colors that easily harmonize with each other: it is desirable to combine gray, white, silver, beige, blue. If love is most important, then choose a silver outfit. Career is a priority – then it is better to choose a graphite and steel shade of gray. Income growth is expected – it’s worth stopping at a white outfit. In addition, feng shui experts advise the entire palette of blue, yellow, purple and shades of gold.

Do not wear red and leopard print clothing. Such images will not be approved by the owner of the year. In fashion collections, black dresses have retained their place of honor.

Stylish looks and trends

Clothing for New Year’s Eve is suitable from chiffon, silk, velvet, satin. As for the style, it is worth considering here that the Bull is a restrained animal, so it is better to refuse revealing outfits. You can take a closer look at trouser suits, evening dresses of an adjacent silhouette, overalls.

Fashionable New Year’s dresses

Designers offer to try on a one-shoulder silhouette for New Year’s Eve. This dress looks both beautiful and original. The trend is dresses in gold and silver colors. The little black dress will remain fashionable. It will be complemented by interesting cuts and shiny inserts. Will make the image elegant and fitted dress in the floor of a steel shade. Stylists offer fashionistas the radiance and play of satin with “exciting” ruffles, flounces and frills. A special place in evening fashion will be occupied by models with feathers. Delicate decor will add magic to the image. Spectacular velvet models emphasize luxury and aristocracy.


Fluffy skirts made of light flowing fabric are suitable for the New Year’s celebration. They will give the image elegance. Pleating remains fashionable, as well as models with a high fit, with asymmetry, with a smell.

Jumpsuits and suits

Overalls look no less feminine. For New Year’s Eve, you can choose a jumpsuit with a metallic sheen or decorated with sequins. Trouser suits will work too. Good monophonic models, decorated with frills, frills, drapery.

Shirts and blouses

An excellent choice is silk or satin loose-fitting blouses. This top will perfectly complement cropped or wide models of trousers or a skirt.


The animal-symbol will like light tank tops made of flowing satin fabrics with lurex. Decorate the image with a top trimmed with rhinestones. You can choose a fluffy skirt, loose or skinny trousers for it.

Bright details in images

Also, stylists offer to add to the festive bow:

  • voluminous sleeves;
  • radiance and brilliance;
  • translucency;
  • gradient and abstract.

Original sleeves-buds or sleeves-lanterns will decorate any dress or blouse. A girl in such clothes at the New Year’s Eve will definitely attract attention.

Today, frankness is in fashion. You can dress up in a transparent blouse in a duet with a chiffon skirt or the same dress. In such clothes, a woman looks luxurious and feminine. The mother-of-pearl luster and sparkle of pearls will be relevant. Suitable outfits made of satin, satin, silk. Pay attention: stylists advise on abstract colors. Such clothes will emphasize the refined nature.

Important elements – accessories and decorations

Patent leather shoes or sandals with metallic decor will be able to complement the ensemble at the New Year’s Eve. A win-win option for a festive exit clutches on a long chain. Metal Ox recognizes jewelry with large expressive stones or chains with complex interlacing. Silver jewelry will enrich the image.

Any New Year’s outfit must be complemented with a beautiful hairstyle and makeup, and then the New Year’s look will be magnificent and flawless.

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