The colors of youth in the wardrobe of women over 40

A woman, having reached an elegant age, wants to look slim, young and stylish. But some believe that after the age of forty it is impossible to hide age. They get lost when choosing clothes, believing that certain shades are already indecent to wear. With the right color in the wardrobe, you can not only emphasize your dignity, but also look younger than your years. Calm tones in clothes can give the skin radiance and evoke pleasant emotions.


Turquoise – makes a woman romantic, mysterious, confident. The color is at the same time discreet, but quite effective. Able to refresh the face, emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Tip: it is not recommended to combine two pieces of clothing in a turquoise tone in an image, it will be boring and monotonous.

A coat of this shade is one of the spectacular details of the wardrobe. Turquoise accessories will focus on themselves, so they are best worn with clothes in soothing colors.

The best combinations with green, gold, brown, white, milky colors.


Powdery – will give freshness, youth, and also make the image more expensive. A pood-toned suit will add sophistication to ladies after forty. For lovers of trousers and skirts, it is recommended to combine them with a light top. The dress must be chosen below the knee.

Powdery shades include ivory, pink, brick, beige, peach. The best combinations are with blue, black, and also with pastel colors.


Blue – refers to cold shades, knows how to hide age-related changes, slims the figure and perfectly refreshes. Great for all seasons. In the cold season, the wardrobe can be replenished with a coat, a jacket of this color, in the warm season – with dresses, skirts, blouses.

To create a feminine look, gold or silver accessories should be added to the heavenly dress. For an office dress code, you can use a blue-colored shirt with dress or skinny trousers.

Favorably combined with peach, orange, gold, brown.

Tip: owners of red hair should beware of blue, as it can make the image awkward and inconsistent.


Lavender – able to create the image of a dreamy woman. More suitable for the summer season. At an elegant age, lavender color should not be combined with bright shades. A combination with black will be a good option, while lavender-colored clothes will be an accent in the image. In the selection with a gray tone, lavender will be in harmony with it.

It is important to remember that dark purple is forbidden to be worn after the age of forty. This color emphasizes age and circles under the eyes.


Mint – gives freshness, youth, a feeling of lightness, is able to fight negative emotions. Lighter tones are suitable for brunettes, saturated, dark shades are suitable for blondes. The color will look spectacular not only in clothes, but also in accessories.

Tip: it is recommended to use no more than three shades of mint in the bow.

To create a romantic look, you should use a light shade of mint, for a discreet look – menthol.


Mustard – suggests cheerfulness, a surge of energy, adds “pepper” to a woman. Owners of swarthy skin are recommended to wear “mustard” clothes on top, with white skin – on the bottom. You should not use all the things of this color in the image, it is also not recommended to combine it with bright colors. White is considered the most versatile color for combination. Looks good with swamp green, burgundy, beige and gray.


White is the color of elegance, it distracts attention from imperfections on the face, refreshes, rejuvenates. It is not advisable to wear a boiled white shade for women over forty, it is better to choose milky colors. White is recommended to be combined with dark saturated shades. White top can be diluted with a bright accessory. This color will look advantageous with blue, black.

What colors to avoid

To hide your age, you should avoid the following tones in your wardrobe:

  1. Dark purple – emphasizes imperfections on the face.
  2. Dark green – makes the skin unhealthy.
  3. Fiery orange – suitable for young people, unnecessarily attracts attention.
  4. Brown – associated with wilting, aging, makes the skin dull.
  5. Dirty gray – adds dullness, dullness.
  6. Black – if there is a lot of this color in the image, then it becomes depressing.
  7. Boiled white – focuses on redness of the skin, wrinkles.
  8. Lemon yellow – contributes to a painful and pale appearance of the skin.

More light colors in clothes is the main rule for a successful image for women over forty.

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