The combination of a tracksuit with a formal coat: a warm and stylish outfit for spring 2021

No sooner had people got used to fashion trends – to wear a classic coat with sneakers, as designers came up with a new trend – a tracksuit for strict outerwear. Most likely, this is a tribute to the quarantine period, when the majority prefers sports style. In any case, this combination is very convenient in the cold early spring.

in one color

In an unusual combination of coat and tracksuit, you need to feel the fine line between stylish and gaudy. The ideal solution to such experiments is to collect the entire image in one color scheme.

If you put on a milky cashmere coat on top of a white tracksuit, then the image will look like it is quite complete. So that the outerwear does not seem too strict, you do not need to fasten it, an oversized effect will be created.

Although the standard-cut coat itself does not have any hint of a sporty style, but due to the right combination of colors, you might think that it is a continuation of the set.

Suits without stripes

For several seasons, sports suits with stripes on the side in combination with high-heeled shoes keep the popularity. In the spring of 2021, completely different sports kits are in fashion, which do not look like fitness and gym clothes. The main principle of such a toilet is the absence of unnecessary inscriptions and stripes.

Now you will not find trousers with stripes and sweatshirts with labels of famous brands. These clothes were left for jogging. And for the “sport-casual” style, laconic monochrome suits are more organically suited.

Shoes for a fashionable outfit

What shoes to choose for modern attire depends on the weather and the place of visit. The most common option for walking and grocery shopping are sneakers, crocs, sneakers.

Moreover, they can be both classic and on the platform.

Massive leather or patent leather boots are also suitable for sweatpants with a strict long coat and trench coat.

Only trousers should be tucked inside the boots to create the effect of “harem pants”.

Well, the most extreme and daring fashionistas can afford to wear shoes or boots with heels to a party in a restaurant. Not many will understand this image, but designers consider this combination to be very stylish and spectacular.

Two basic pieces of clothing, such as a coat and a tracksuit, will become one fashionable set this spring. The main thing in the image is to correctly place accents and not be afraid to experiment.

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