The combination of brown in clothes

Many girls who prefer an elegant classic style are concerned about the question of how to combine brown in clothes. After all, his presence adds nobility and sophistication to any bow.

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In clothes of this color, people feel more protected. According to experts, brown shades have a positive effect on leveling the emotional background of a person.


It is also important to note that things in shades of brown can be a great help for creating a very cool look. That is why you should pay attention to them when choosing a capsule wardrobe.

And if you want to look in accordance with the fashion trends of this season, and not like “our mymra” in an office suit from Eldar Ryazanov’s film, then listen to the recommendations of the designers.

Frame from the film Eldar Ryazanov

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Current shades of brown

Before you decide what brown is combined with in clothes, you should deal with all its undertones. This is necessary in order to choose a thing that fits perfectly with your color type.

In nature, there are simply many shades of this color, but we suggest that you consider only the most fashionable this season and among them:

  • Dark brown or dark chocolate is the color of sophistication and restraint. This shade is just perfect for an evening dress, as almost all jewelry is combined with it. In addition, such a brown will look good in everyday life. If you “meet” dark brown pants, a skirt or a jacket in the store, feel free to try them on.

  • Bright terracotta color will stand out from the general background. The peculiarity of this shade is that it is perfect for all girls, regardless of their color type and appearance.

Cheerful terracotta

  • Warm ocher is a shade that can emphasize a special spring color type. He, as well as possible, is suitable for creating a business image. It also looks good in sets of oriental or ethnic style.

  • The gray-brown shade is very self-sufficient. Many stylists recommend using it as a backdrop for brighter colors. For example, in summer it will be ideally combined with mint, milky and raspberry shades, and in winter with turquoise, dark blue and mustard.

  • Light brown is a universal color that suits, without exception, girls. And all due to the fact that it has notes of both orange and yellow. Interestingly, a similar shade looks on jackets and sweaters. Combines with almost all colors and shades.

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What color of brown to choose for your appearance color type?

Some girls frankly do not understand why it is important to choose clothes based on the color type of their appearance.

A color type is a kind of color of appearance. It must be taken into account when choosing clothes and makeup, as this will help to maximize your dignity. This also applies to buying things in brown colors.

Color type “Winter”

The basis of the beauty of such girls is contrasts. For them, there are no halftones in brown. The Winter color type needs specific frames: dark brown, ocher, terracotta.

Color type “Spring”

For a gentle spring, stylists recommend paying attention to calmer shades that resonate not only with her skin tone, but also with her hair color. The following tones are considered the most successful:

  • Mustard brown.
  • Creamy caramel.
  • Buckwheat honey color.

Color type “Summer”

All cold colors go with a light and bright summer. But with brown, this rule does not apply. All the playfulness of summer can be emphasized only by the warm shades of this color.

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Note! Warm brown is able to remove pallor from the face of girls with the Summer color type.


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Color type “Autumn”

Brown shades are truly autumn colors, and therefore everything suits this color type. In the event that brown will prevail in the outfit, then the following tones should be chosen:

  • With a red, red or yellow undertone.
  • Bright ocher.
  • Light brown.

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What to combine with brown?

In 2019, this color was seen in many shows of world designers. They created interesting Total Looks, diluted them with bright accessories. But here there is a risk of creating a boring and old-fashioned look, if you want to avoid such a fate, then we recommend combining brown with other brighter colors.

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Brown + yellow

These colors are “friendly” with each other and create a stylish tandem. If you need to create a business bow, then it is best to choose muted yellow shades or lemon ones. And for active and young girls, the color of egg yolk is suitable, which will help create a more playful and light look.

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This season’s trend is mustard yellow. The combination of brown and mustard yellow in jackets, coats, cardigans looks especially advantageous.


Brown + green

Perhaps the most logical combination of all that offer fashion trends this season. After all, what could be more harmonious than the color of the earth and grass? In such a duet, it is better to mix warm shades with cold ones, dark ones with light ones.

If you need a beautiful elegant look, as in the photo, then you should choose dark shades of green. And if on the contrary – light and airy, then look at the light green.

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This combination is suitable for creating an ethnic or oriental style bow. You can also add white, orange and red colors to this duet.


Brown + beige

An ideal couple that is simply made for each other, as beige is a derivative of one of the shades of brown. This is a self-sufficient composition, and therefore you should not add other colors here.

If you want to create a more interesting outfit, then designers advise using different fabric textures in the outfit.

Brown + gold

Shades that coexist beautifully in one look. It doesn’t matter at all that you choose a dark chocolate dress and gold jewelry or a red-brown jumpsuit and golden pumps. In any case, you are doomed to become the center of attention in any situation. Believe me, those around you will remember your exquisite and truly chic image for a long time to come.

Brown + red

These two colors are next to each other on the color wheel, so they work well together. In this duet, the leading color is red, and brown supports it and “calms” the image.

Outfits in these colors are suitable for walks, informal meetings, but for a strictly office dress code they will be out of place.

Brown + white

These two colors are “friends” with each other. But the main thing is to combine them correctly. When choosing a dress with these shades, be careful. After all…

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