The combination of burgundy in clothes

I liked a burgundy sweater, dress or skirt, but you don’t know what to combine things of this color with? Believe me, in your wardrobe there will definitely be clothes that will allow you to create a stylish look. And we will help you to understand this issue and give some practical advice.


Burgundy color features

Psychologists say that burgundy and its shades when drawing up images are used by strong and freedom-loving personalities who are not afraid to express their own opinion and always know what they are doing. Creative girls are also not averse to dressing in burgundy. Such love for this color is understandable, because it not only looks beautiful and noble, but also allows you to emphasize femininity, adds charm and attractiveness.

Trendy burgundy color 2019

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Interesting! Experts say that burgundy clothes and accessories are ideal for business girls and students, as they help to concentrate attention and increase efficiency.


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Successful combinations

Of course, speaking of a particular shade, it is important to perceive it not only separately, but also to understand what it is combined with. Various combinations of burgundy color in women’s clothes allow you to give the image a special emotional color, to make the desired impression. In order not to be mistaken and to make the image “work” for you, we suggest considering in detail the bows made in the burgundy palette.

Burgundy with black

The traditional classic combination of burgundy and black is extremely popular not only among practical fashionistas, but also among specialists. However, in this case, you need to be extremely careful, because using such a color combination, you risk depersonalizing your image, making it less expressive and even gloomy. To prevent this from happening, you should give preference to more saturated shades of burgundy, or dilute the image with accessories of another color.

Burgundy with gray

The combination of burgundy with gray is considered one of the most successful. The photos below are a vivid confirmation of this. To create a fashionable bow, you should give preference to light shades of gray, so the image will turn out to be more gentle and will suit almost any girl.

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Interesting! By varying the ratio of gray / burgundy, you can significantly change the mood of the image. Predominance towards the first – creates a softer and more comfortable bow, the predominance of the second will add elegance.


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Burgundy with blue

Deep blue in combination with burgundy will help to calm the image a little, make it more restrained and balanced. The use of brighter “heavenly” shades will make the bow incredibly stylish and spectacular.

Burgundy with white

Are you used to stand out from the crowd, look not only perfect, but also bright? Then the combination of burgundy and white is just what the doctor ordered. White has a unique property – it perfectly emphasizes the color with which it is in tandem, makes the image more refined and concise. Therefore, in combination with it, wine shades are able to sparkle with new colors.

Such an outfit will be appropriate both at work and a business meeting, as well as in a more informal setting.

Burgundy with beige

Pastel colors are one of the trends of 2019. At the same time, they are perfectly combined with all shades of burgundy. The restraint and accuracy of beige is in perfect harmony with the vigor of wine color. Such a tandem is able to emphasize the femininity and tenderness of any girl, even if she is dressed in a trouser suit.

Burgundy with yellow

The combination of burgundy and yellow looks bright, fresh and very bold. This image is chosen by girls who are not afraid to occupy high positions and leading positions. Interestingly, this combination looks very natural, because it can often be seen in nature. This cannot but please fashionistas, because naturalness in everything is the trend of the upcoming season.

Burgundy with orange

If the brightness of the combination of burgundy and yellow is not enough for you, try orange. Dressed in such a palette, the girl will never go unnoticed and will bring brightness and a sea of ​​\u200b\u200bpositivity to the masses.

Burgundy with red

Red is a fairly bright and self-sufficient color, a monochrome image with which is not suitable for all girls. But if you add a little burgundy to it, you can create a more versatile bow that will suit any representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Burgundy with pink

Even the strongest and most powerful girls sometimes want to put on a “mask” of tenderness and grace. In this case, the stylish combination of burgundy with a romantic and light pink color is the best fit.

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Interesting! Attempts to combine burgundy with rich pink may fail, in which case the second is best to play a secondary role.


Burgundy with green

This combination is best suited for young and original fashionistas who are not afraid to experiment and look extravagant. To get a stylish look that will favorably emphasize the individuality of the owner, it is best to give preference to dark shades of green. To create a more delicate and interesting bow, try a stylish tandem of burgundy with a delicate mint tint.

Burgundy with gold

This combination is an ideal choice when creating a solemn image, because it is difficult to imagine a more luxurious and rich combination than burgundy with gold. If you want to feel like a real queen – such a tandem is what you need.

Burgundy with Burgundy

This monochrome look is the easiest way to incorporate burgundy into your wardrobe. Moreover, it is not necessary to collect a total look from things of the same shade, feel free to experiment and combine a variety of variations of burgundy color.

Burgundy shoes – who and where to wear

The burgundy color in the shoes also goes well with the clothes of the above shades. Choosing such a pair, the girl forms the image of a self-confident and attractive lady.

Such shoes look especially advantageous in suede. However, this does not mean that you need to buy shoes only from this noble material, because everything depends on each specific case. After all, the trend today is shoes from a variety of materials – leather, textiles, varnish.

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Interesting! Burgundy suede shoes can look a bit dramatic, while a pair of other materials is a great choice for stylish everyday looks.


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Burgundy bags and accessories

A burgundy handbag is a bright element of any image, and it does not matter at all whether it is made in the form of a miniature clutch or a bag-bag that is fashionable today….

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