The combination of clothes with shoes: fashion rules 2021

To create a trendy look in 2021, you need to learn how to fashionably combine clothes with shoes. There are universal colors like black, white, grey. They fit almost any outfit. But what about the rest? In this article, we will talk about how to properly combine shoes, taking into account the color scheme and trendy clothes.

How fashionable to combine clothes with shoes in 2021

One of the ways that stylists use to correctly match clothes and shoes is the Itten circle. Harmoniously look shades that are “next door” next to and opposite each other. For example, yellow is ideally combined with purple, yellow-orange or yellow-green.

But now I want to focus on the fashionable colors of the spring-summer season and show what combinations will decorate the image, give it lightness and emphasize femininity.

By flowers

  • Color marigold or orange. Clothes in blue, blue tones are suitable for shoes of this shade. It also combines with brown, white, black, dusty rose, wine, light green, purple;
  • The sky blue shade is very soft and feminine. To reveal its beauty, choose clothes in white, coral, pink, black or light brown;

  • Optimistic yellow blends perfectly with the colors of the sky: gold, shades of blue. Also choose clothes in black and white. Get a bright contrast and a fresh look;

  • Dusty pink is quite muted, but it can be both bright and very delicate. To decorate it, add stylish accessories. When choosing clothes, focus on colors: orchids, lingonberries, clover, grapes, blackberries, eggplant, wine, ruby, emerald, chocolate, chestnut, etc .;

  • Deep blue looks beautiful enough with white, black, gray, yellow, gold and orange, green, brown, purple and blue colors;
  • Butter cream inspires with its calmness and special talent to be combined with almost all colors. Orange, purple, black, khaki, gray, brown, etc;
  • Summer greens emphasize juiciness and any combination with this color will make the image quite light and fresh. Related colors: white, blue, black, yellow, blue, gray, beige, orange, mint, etc.

Mini skirt

The next part of the article will be devoted to how to properly combine fashionable clothes in 2021 with shoes and create a trendy look.

When wearing shoes with a heel under a miniskirt, be careful: pumps are only suitable for office or business style. In other cases, choose sneakers with different sole heights, over the knee boots, rough boots, ankle boots, moccasins, sneakers, sandals, loafers.

Long dress

Finding the right pair of shoes and clothes can be tricky, especially when it comes to a long dress, so we’ve put together a few tips from stylists to make your choice easier:

  • If you want to keep a casual style, then choose comfortable sports shoes for a long dress: comfortable and feminine;
  • A sports long dress means rough-soled sneakers or sneakers;
  • Denim maxi looks original with sandals, sneakers, grinders, Chelsea;
  • Under a straight dress in a marine style, wear sneakers, but more elegant models are best combined with heels;
  • Light flying dresses look good not only with heels, but with jodhpurs, jackboots, grinders, gladiators, ankle boots, sandals, ballet flats.


One of the fashion trends of 2021 is chinos. This is a fairly versatile model that looks especially beautiful with shoes with heels and a jacket. But in addition to boats, chinos go well with ankle boots, sneakers, sandals, loafers, espadrilles.


Shoes for shorts must be selected depending on the style and fabric. But at the same time, modern fashion allows you to wear sneakers under any outfit. Therefore, choose shoes according to your mood.

  • Leather shorts pair perfectly with heeled sandals;
  • Denim can be worn with a variety of sandals, sandals;
  • Graceful models of sandals are suitable for guipure or lace;
  • But linen is better to combine with gladiators or slippers.


Choosing shoes for culottes is quite simple. Sandals, sneakers, sneakers are suitable for them. Shoes can be either with heels or flats.


When, no matter how summer to wear palazzo pants! Wide, light, airy – they definitely will not be hot in them. But if you are not tall, then stylists recommend wearing trousers only with heels. Women of average and tall height can afford a low move. For example, high-soled sneakers.

When choosing an image with palazzo trousers, pay attention to laconic and minimalist things.


Most people are used to wearing jeans with sneakers or other athletic shoes. But look what an unusual and stylish combination is obtained with mules, derbies, Chelsea, oxfords and other pair of shoes.

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midi skirt

The midi skirt captivates with its elegance and rigor. But this does not mean that it can only be worn with pumps. Quite a few bloggers have shown how fashionable a midi skirt and sneakers look. It can also be combined with sandals, slippers or derbies, etc.

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These are the combinations of shoes with clothes that are recommended to be taken into account by everyone who follows the fashion trends of 2021.

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