The combination of colors in manicure

A beautiful combination of colors in manicure is the key to perfect nail art. However, not everyone succeeds in making successful mixes from different shades of varnish. How to achieve such a result so that the nail design looks harmonious and professional? We will understand the color combination, and also study the best combinations of shades right now.

How to combine colors within one manicure?

If you think that combining colors in a manicure is just choosing two bottles of varnish you like, then you are deeply mistaken. In fact, there are special schemes in the beauty industry that allow you to choose the right shades. In addition to them, there are a number of rules that help to get excellent results when creating nail art and a fashionable image in general.

So, the easiest way to choose colors that will be perfectly combined with each other is to use a special color wheel. This is what is shown in the photo below. Using it, despite the apparent confusion, is actually elementary.

To begin with, we decide on what kind of manicure you want to get. Based on this, we choose the appropriate colors.

  • Monochrome. The principle of monochrome is the combination of shades related to one particular color. For example, you can decorate your nails in a monochrome green palette. To do this, choose varnishes that are within the green sector on the circle. There can be several of them, from the lightest to the darkest.
  • analog. A similar, or, as it is also called, related scheme, is as simple as monochrome. To create such nail art, you will need to pick up shades of varnishes from neighboring sectors that are next to each other. Moreover, a combination of two, and three, and four similar colors within the framework of one manicure is allowed here.

  • Complementary. And this linear scheme allows you to create a contrasting manicure on your nails. Shades that are completely opposite from each other are chosen for it. For example, orange and turquoise, or pale yellow, light purple and soft pink. However, keep in mind that when orienting to a circle, these colors should be on the same ring, albeit on opposite sides.

  • Triad. Or a triangular pattern. It is also quite easy to understand. We are talking about a combination of three basic colors. Each of them is an angle of an equilateral triangle. That is, in this case, the shades are in three points opposite from each other, but again on the same ring. This scheme is basic. Recently, however, nail art masters have increasingly begun to experiment with versatile triangles.

  • triaider. Or quadrilateral. It works on the same principle as the triangular one, but instead of three color vertices, there are four different shades. And the points at which they are located should form a square or rectangle.

In addition to the above, there is another combination in manicure – achromatic. And in fact it is a classic, since we are talking about a combination of three basic shades: black, white and gray.

We figured out the basic schemes for mixing colors. Now let’s talk about additional rules that will allow you to create the perfect manicure on your nails, and get a stylish look.

  • You should not combine cold and warm shades with each other – this is a bad decision. Here we note that you should not combine nude and bright varnishes in one manicure.

  • When choosing shades for nail art, make sure that at least one of the selected colors matches the main palette of your image.

  • If you prefer to make a bright nail design, then the makeup should be done in muted colors so that the image is not defiant.

  • Having decided to make some design for the first time, do not rush to immediately transfer it to the nails. It is better to apply colors on any other surface and see how they will be combined with each other. After all, it often happens that the picture has nothing to do with reality.

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  • If you are new to the topic of coloring, then start your experiments in the multi-colored nail art segment with three basic shades: white, blue and beige. They go well with any other colors, so the result will be positive in any case.

  • According to stylists, the most optimal number of matching colors in manicure and pedicure is three. By correctly combining them with each other, you will get an original, stylish and quite harmonious nail art.

  • If you don’t like to follow such strict rules when choosing shades, you can simply paint your nails with different colors of varnishes. This decision is not related to any of the schemes, but it is very popular in 2020.

[stextbox id=’warning’]And yet, remember that a multi-colored manicure, even if it is monochrome, implies close attention to your nails. Therefore, make sure that they are always in order.[/stextbox]

The most successful color combinations in manicure

Now let’s move from theory to practice, and look at the work of nail art masters who managed to create truly amazing combinations of shades.


This tandem is far from new in the nail industry, but from season to season it is very popular. And all because a manicure in gray-pink tones turns out to be calm, self-sufficient, gentle and pleasant to perceive in autumn, especially if you add a little silvery sheen to it.

Beige burgundy

This combination allows you to get a very noble and moderately expressive nail art, which will successfully fit into both everyday and evening looks. Add horizontal prints or gold glitter to it as a decor, and you will get a stylish manicure for a self-confident woman.

Rose blue

This is one of the most trendy color combinations in manicure in 2020. As a result, nail art is very gentle and fun at the same time. This tandem is ideal for the warm season. Moreover, you can combine in this way both pastel shades and brighter ones. And do not forget to complement this manicure with additional feminine decor elements, such as drawings or neat flower-shaped stickers.

Blue with gold

Another expressive mix that will certainly ennoble any fashionable look. These two colors perfectly complement each other and create a dynamic tandem that will fit especially well into a sophisticated evening bow. Moreover, it is worth noting that blue and gold manicure looks equally good on both long and short nails. We recommend using a combination where the blue coating will be matte or glossy, and gold in the form of a shine. Rhinestones will not be superfluous here.

red and white

Undoubtedly, this tandem can be attributed to the classics in the nail art segment, which will never lose its relevance. The red and white combination looks very good on the nails…

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