The combination of yellow in clothes

How to combine yellow with other colors in clothes? We are sure that you already have several ready-made images. But, if you still don’t know what colors yellow can be combined with, you are looking for new ideas, then this article will definitely appeal to you. By the way, there will be some more tips from stylists here, so don’t close the tab too quickly. Shall we start?

Yellow color and associations

What do you associate with yellow in the first place? Probably the sun, rose petals, or maybe a field of sunflowers.

Yellow is a positive color. And quite bright shades carry positive energy, good mood, raise the desire to work harder. As for the delicate tones of yellow, they are able to soothe a little after a working day and bring their own romantic touch to the selected image.

Interestingly, yellow is mainly chosen by open and cheerful people. They are pleasant and comfortable to be around. Therefore, such people are well treated by others. And here’s a little life hack: if you want to impress someone, then wear yellow clothes!

Did you know that yellow was one of the first colors that was easy to recreate to use in art and later in clothing? The earliest appearance of a golden hue was discovered 17,000 years ago in cave drawings! Later, it began to be used not only in paintings, but also in clothes.

Who suits the yellow color of clothes

Yellow color goes well with other colors in clothes. But at the same time, he can emphasize flaws or hide them. How? The whole secret is in the wrong shades of yellow.

First you need to determine your face color type. And there are only 4 of them: summer, winter, spring, autumn. For example, for girls with a “summer” color type, it is better to give their preference to gray-yellow tones or with notes of blue. You should not pick up clothes of light shades, even as a base, as it will simply merge against the background of skin color. But as delicate accessories, a light yellow tone looks very good.

If you are a representative of the “winter” color type, then feel free to experiment with ready-made images by adding bright shades of yellow: mimosa, gold, canary. But all girls who have a spring tone of face and skin can enjoy light yellow tones. In this case, lemon, ripe and light shades are suitable.

Those who have the “autumn” color type are the luckiest: yellow and its shades suit them 100%. Especially mustard and other tones with reference to orange notes.

Tips for choosing yellow clothes according to your body type

When choosing clothes in yellow, you should pay attention to the type of figure. Stylists recommend:

  • Do not forget that warm and light colors visually give a couple of kilograms.
  • To focus on the upper part, you can give preference to any shades of yellow.
  • Do not use light colors if the type of figure is an inverted triangle or a pear in skirts, trousers and jeans.
  • To hide the “ears” on the hips and visually reduce them, shades of dark yellow are suitable: mustard or closer to reddish in skinny models of skirts and trousers.
  • Yellow in office style must be used very carefully. Choose shades that do not cause irritation. But you should not refuse a bright cocktail dress for the evening.

Imagine, in the 19th century, clothes in yellow were considered a sign of bad taste, but in the ancient world for some time it was a sacred color.

And now let’s see how you can combine yellow in clothes, combining it with other colors.

The right combination of yellow in clothes

Why is it worth learning how to choose the right gamut of yellow when choosing clothes? In the upcoming season, yellow-green is named one of the trendy shades. Therefore, let’s start the review of the photo with this tone in order to figure out what colors it is combined with in clothes.

  • trendy yellow-green. Bright, rich, with a slight sourness of lime. This is the yellow-green color of this season. This is a truly perfect color, so maximalists will especially love it. Any monochrome look can be diluted with a bright accessory. It turns out an elegant set, which begins to play with new shades. And it doesn’t matter what is outside the window – it is snowing, it is raining or the bright sun is shining.

  • Yellow with green. These 2 trendy autumn undertones are suitable for both blondes and brunettes. Clothing in a combination of yellow with green khaki looks especially beautiful and gentle. At the same time, a bright accent can be left on a handbag or scarf. The image remains quite natural, fresh. But, if you decide to use yellow and green in clothes, then give up bright accessories so as not to overload the image with details.

  • Yellow with blue. You can talk a lot about this combination of colors for a long time. These are two rather harmonious shades that can create an incredibly bright, summery and sunny look. It is easy to convey the mood with such a range: if it is changeable today, use a brighter bottom and a lighter top. To create a balanced look with these shades, use muted colors, such as calm blue and closer to mustard yellow.

  • Yellow with black. This combination of colors in clothes can be considered classic. It seems to be quite easy to place the right accents here. But sometimes you want something more interesting than a yellow blouse or sweater and black jeans. Then you can choose interesting cut styles. Do not be afraid to choose a yellow dress, adding just one belt or jacket from black. But in this case, it is appropriate to select the rest of the details of the image in a dark shade. Here, as in one of the selected photo examples.

  • Yellow with white. Another spectacular and incredibly beautiful combination of colors. It’s also hard to do something wrong here. Even the most colorful tone of yellow will become a little softer with milky or white. The image in such shades is more suitable for the summer season. He is very upbeat and refreshing. But at the same time, yellow with white looks great in colder weather. Also, these colors can be used when creating business images. Knitted knitted jackets in yellow or cream shade help to dilute denim in winter. They are perfectly combined both with each other and separately.

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  • Yellow with gray. This combination will be appreciated by those who want to hide their age. With the right selection of shades, the image looks strict, gives harmony, emphasizes femininity and softness. This is the perfect combination for office style. But at the same time, you can get an evening look from bright tones of gray and yellow. It also suits the spring mood, when you already want something bright, and you need to maintain balance. To spice up, use black accents.

  • Yellow with beige. Another sweet couple. It will be especially appreciated by lovers of naturalness, denim and nude. If you add a beige clutch and pumps, then the image turns out to be incredibly beautiful and feminine….

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