The elegance and beauty of a monochromatic manicure

Solid manicure in 2019 is represented by various photo novelties. The trend is a variety of shades – from nude to provocative and bright. Preferring discreet coverage in this season’s trendy shade, you’re killing 2 birds with one stone. First, you are automatically in trend. Secondly, create a universal manicure that is suitable for any look.

Fashionable monophonic manicure

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The secret of the huge popularity of a monophonic manicure lies in its merits. Do you want to know why fashionistas opt for this particular trend? Then read about the benefits of plain nail design!


  • Versatility is its main advantage. This manicure is ideal for nails of any length and shape. It’s simply impossible to go wrong!
  • This design fits perfectly into any bow and becomes its stylish completion.
  • Great news for thrifty girls: this technique is easy to do even at home using regular nail polish. You will spend a minimum of time, and the result will be great.
  • Fashion dictates popularity for naturalness and conciseness, including in manicure. So if you want to be on trend, opt for a simple design in one of the trendy shades and you can’t go wrong.
  • Wherever you decide to go: to a fashionable party or to a serious meeting, a plain manicure will always come in handy.
  • A neat design will tell about your good taste, modesty and decency. This is the best option if you want to give the impression of a well-groomed and tidy lady.
  • Subconsciously, a girl with a modest manicure wins over and inspires confidence. This is not only we, but also psychologists have noticed!

Beautiful, fashionable and simple monochromatic manicure

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What color to choose

Manicure design in 2019 is represented by photo novelties in various shades. You will definitely find an option that you will like!

  • Charming and relevant in 2019 are various shades of blue and blue. Calm and sensible ladies choose deep blue, and romantic young ladies prefer sky blue.

Beautiful blue manicure

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Note! If you have pale skin on your hands, not all shades from the blue color palette will suit you.


  • Marsala shade is a special section in the world of the nail industry. Today it is so popular and chic that it can even compete with the versatility of the French manicure. Especially beautiful manicure in the color of Marsala looks on almond-shaped nails of medium length.

One-color manicure of a fashionable shade of Marsal

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  • In a cold autumn or winter, you always want something warm, sweet and cozy. How about a manicure in such beautiful chocolate shades. Discover all the variety of brown, and you will not regret.

“Warm” manicure in brown tones

  • A monochromatic manicure in 2019 in a photo from fashion shows cannot be imagined without a beige color and a nude palette as a whole. Perhaps this is the easiest way to give your nails a well-groomed and neat look. Choose any powdery or beige shades and your manicure will look great.

Delicate nude palette

  • Among the main novelties of this season is a manicure in metallic shades. It looks fresh, original and at the same time restrained. If a simple monochromatic coating seems boring to you, but you are not ready for creative experiments in manicure, just buy a metallic lacquer. This is the best compromise!

Metallic-style coating – a fashionable idea for a monochromatic manicure

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  • Deep emerald and muted green look simply amazing in a monochromatic manicure. A nice bonus: this design is also at the peak of popularity!

Emerald manicure

  • Sunny yellow is able to bring cheerfulness even to gray everyday life. At the peak of fashion, various shades of yellow – from lemon to mustard. Do not be afraid to look too bright and defiant with such a manicure – a simple solid color coating will balance the rich shade.

Sunny yellow manicure

  • Purple with an eggplant hue is the choice of self-confident fashionistas who love to attract attention and receive compliments. Such a deep and rich manicure simply cannot go unnoticed.

Fashionable monophonic manicure

  • A special chic in nail art trends is a black manicure. Usually it is chosen by girls with short and medium nails. Black manicure is valued for its versatility and special character. When choosing a manicure design for the 2019 season in dark colors, keep in mind that it emphasizes any irregularities and flaws in the nails, so they must be in perfect condition.

Trendy black manicure

The freshest ideas

A monophonic manicure is not always a simple nail polish in one color. We have prepared for you some of the most relevant ideas that will help diversify such a laconic design and make it more interesting.


  • A solid color finish is beautiful, and a matte solid color finish is doubly beautiful. This technique is the best suited for the autumn or winter season. Matte texture always looks chic in combination with any color of nails.

Fashionable matte manicure

  • The trends of 2019 do not limit you in choosing the main colors for manicure. Usually girls prefer 1-2 shades, but many fashion shows have seen the use of a multi-colored coating of all nails. Creative and very cheerful!

Stylish colored manicure

  • In the new fashion season, there is a return of rhinestones in nail design. So why not complement a monochromatic coating with a scattering of shiny stones? A discreet manicure involves the use of rhinestones at the base of the nails. But the most advanced fashionistas are not afraid to invent whole compositions from “diamonds”.

Beautiful monochromatic manicure with rhinestones

  • Instantly transform a monochromatic glitter design. You can create a glitter pattern with a stencil, or select 1-2 nails for a full glitter finish.

Monochromatic manicure with glitter

  • French manicure is a great idea to diversify the coating in one color. The hit of the season is coal equipment. In it, a jet black color acts as a top, and a smile is performed in a similar pigmented tone, but with sparkles. Such a manicure is a real find for owners of medium square nails. Looks just luxurious!

French in coal technology

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  • Using a special nail powder is a great option for you if you want to turn a monochromatic manicure into a more dressy and chic one. This decor goes well with trendy knitted manicure techniques – take note of this idea for your stylish winter!

Beautiful plain knitted…

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