The elegance of a woman

What is the elegance of a woman? Let’s try to answer this question.

This is, first of all, something that is inherent only to you, complete spiritual and physical balance, complete harmony in everything.

Here are a few hard-and-fast truths about looking elegant:

  • never appear on the beach in your underwear;
  • in the country or at the resort it is unacceptable to wear home dressing gowns (pyjamas) throughout the day. This also applies to tracksuits;
  • when you receive guests, wear a more modest dress, because. among the guests there may be modestly dressed women;
  • do not sit cross-legged in a tight dress, it is ugly;
  • put on a cover made of silk, satin, cotton moiré or lace fabric for a transparent dress, in no case do not wear a combination – this is the last century;
  • choose shoes according to the type of clothing, shape of the legs, and also do not forget about age. Pay attention to the height of the heel, the higher it is, the smaller the foot seems. If you have a fat foot, don’t wear closed shoes;
  • carefully select stockings for shoes. Do not wear stockings over 40 denier with dress shoes. Pay attention to the color of the stockings, the wrong color can ruin the whole suit. The best option is flesh-colored stockings;
  • There are several immutable truths when choosing a headdress. First of all, it must be in harmony with the clothes. If you have a long face, don’t wear small hats. Wide-brimmed hats will suit you. Owners of a wide face should not wear brimless hats, as well as covering the forehead, wear wide-brimmed hats and hats with a high crown. With a face pointed downwards, hats covering the forehead are suitable, if the face is expanded from below, wear hats of a complex style. If you are short, do not wear flat, wide-brimmed hats, and if you are tall, do not wear high-brimmed hats. If you wear glasses, do not wear hats trimmed with flowers, and the veil does not match men’s cut suits;
  • if you like to wear gloves, then do not forget that they should match the dress or coat in color. In no case do not wear gloves if you are without stockings or in socks.

And remember: you will never be elegant if your heels are worn out, your hair is a mess, your clothes are rumpled, and your shoes are dirty.

Even at home, do not be sluts. An elegant woman and in bed has an elegant look.

These simple tips will help you always look 100%.

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