The hula hoop will help you!

Regardless of the weather, time of day and season, every girl and woman wants to look beautiful. This applies not only to clothes, faces, but also figures. Some can eat at night and look great, while others need to diet and go to the gym. But, often, there is no time to go to gyms and we, women, begin to look for other ways to keep our figure in shape.

So, hula-hoop, or in the people – a hoop. What is this? Hula hoop is great for those who want to tighten their stomach, waist, hips. It also trains the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, burns calories, develops coordination, flexibility, and a sense of rhythm. In addition, there is a normalization of bowel function.

There are many varieties: with and without massage elements, metal and plastic, there are light ones (800 gr.), And there are weighted ones (up to 3 kg), with built-in computers that calculate how many calories have been burned. A reasonable question: how to choose a hula hoop that suits you?

Of course, beginners should not take a very heavy hoop, the optimal one is 1.2 – 1.5 kg, but over time this weight will seem quite light. Trained people can afford a heavier hoop – 2 – 2.5 kg. Choose a hula hoop with massage elements or a simple metal one – it’s up to you. It depends on what result you want.

For those who want to reduce their waist, experts advise twisting the hula hoop for 20 to 30 minutes a day. For those who want to maintain a normal figure, 10-15 minutes a day is enough. And for beginners, in general, it is better to start with small loads. Start with 3-5 minutes and gradually increase the time.

You should be aware that after the first training bruises may appear, so it is better to wear tight clothes. This is only for the first time, until the body gets used to the load, and you should not stop training. Before using a hoop with massage elements for pregnant women, women during critical days, the elderly, as well as people with diseases of the abdominal cavity and back, you should consult a doctor.

Most likely, twisting the hula hoop will be very difficult for you. It will take a lot of effort to keep it from falling. But over time, you will get used to it, and the skill will be enough to complicate the exercises. For example, during the rotation, raise your arms up, then fold your arms on your chest and tighten your waist and hips, alternate exercises. Add, invent your own elements, turn on the music.

It should be noted that for the best result, you must adhere to a diet: do not eat after 18.00, give up flour and fat. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink up to 2 liters of water a day and the result will not keep you waiting long.

By the way, scientists have calculated that if he spins the hula hoop a day for 5-10 minutes for 2 weeks, the waist will decrease by 1 cm, and about 500 grams. you will dump from other parts of the body!

The hula hoop will help your waist to become slim faster and your stomach to be firmer. Do not be lazy, remember – the faster you start doing the exercises, the faster you will achieve results. And one more rule – only daily training gives a good result.

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