The language of color in clothes: what attracts and repels men

All girls know the phrase that they meet us by clothes. Many take these words literally, so on the first date they get all the best from their dressing room. But not always the right style can play into the hands of a girl. Do not forget about the color of the chosen dress. Indeed, according to psychologists, it is the color scheme that affects the overall perception of a person whom you see for the first time.

How does the color of clothing affect a partner?

Each shade has its own character. Choosing a specific option can reveal a lot of information about your carrier:

  • the tone of the suit on a subconscious level can both place a man towards a woman and repel him;
  • when choosing a specific shade, the girl sets herself up in the appropriate emotional mood, which is transmitted to her partner;
  • correctly combined tones hide the flaws in appearance, and emphasize the advantages.

Psycho-emotional description of color

  1. Cold shades. Raise the authority of a woman in the eyes of a young man.
  2. warm spectrum. Indicates friendliness, ease and openness for communication.
  3. Black and white style. A classic image that emphasizes the high position of women in society.
  4. Blue or green. It is easily perceived by the interlocutor, soothes him.
  5. Yellow, red, orange. Stimulate the work of the brain and quicken the pulse of the opponent.

What shades of women’s clothing do the stronger sex like

When choosing an image, first of all, you need to focus on the purpose of meeting with a man. In the event that a girl chooses an outfit for an interview with a potential employer, it is better to stop her choice on blue, brown or dark green tones. They emphasize the seriousness and self-sufficiency of a woman.

For the first date, the dress should be:

  • red – enhances sexuality;
  • dark purple – creates a mysterious atmosphere around the girl, indicates that there is some kind of mystery in her;
  • black – emphasizes style, success and aristocracy.

To impress the gentleman, preference should be given to plain dresses that emphasize the figure. Colorful blouses, skirts and sundresses blur the silhouette.

What shades do men dislike?

There are tones that categorically do not like young people in female images. These are all shades of orange. This image first tires the guys, and then begins to annoy them.

A white monochrome outfit is also not the best option. With a girl in such a suit, a man will feel embarrassed, consider himself imperfect in comparison with her.

Women dressed in pink or yellow are associated with the stronger sex with frivolous and narrow-minded girls. Therefore, it is better to refuse these shades.

Having studied a variety of advice from psychologists and stylists on choosing the color of clothes, you should not immediately choose a fashionable shade for yourself. The girl should remember that the color of the outfit should match her skin type, eyes and hair. After all, the tone of clothes, among other things, should emphasize the natural beauty of a woman.

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