The luxury of gold in manicure

A manicure with gold can be different – restrained, noble, elegant … Sometimes it is enchanting and outrageous. But whatever the design with golden accents, it will always be an elegant decoration of your nails and an indicator of impeccable taste. In our article you will find a lot of interesting and useful information about gold manicure, which will help you decide on the perfect nail art.


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Why you need to get a golden manicure at least once in your life

Any girl, admiringly looking at chic gold designs, always starts trying on such nail art on her nails. But often this idea does not come to fruition. Girls are stopped by the brightness and provocativeness of golden manicure.

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We are sure that such a design is worth doing at least once in a lifetime! With it, you will instantly feel like a luxurious beauty with excellent self-esteem and enviable self-confidence. All eyes will be focused only on you, and being the center of attention is so nice.

Gorgeous golden nails

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Gold accents are always expensive and presentable, so we are sure that you deserve such a manicure.


Jewelry in design

Photos of golden manicure prove how diverse it can be. The first question that comes up before creating any design is what to use as gold accents. No need to rack your brains, because the nail art gurus came up with everything for you. Here’s what they use to simulate the gemstone:

  • glitter;
  • glitter stickers;
  • kamifubuki;
  • broths;
  • foil;
  • shiny varnish;
  • rhinestones;
  • gold rub;
  • shimmers.

Successful combinations

  • The classic of luxurious manicure is a combination black with gold. Take a look at the photo, how expensive this union of colors looks. Complementing this design with an elegant look in dark colors and beautiful gold jewelry, you will look great.

  • Red with gold is the choice of self-confident girls who love attention. In such a tandem, bright scarlet shades and noble burgundy look equally pompous.

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Note! The former are more suitable for young girls, while the latter will become a worthy adornment for older women.


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  • Among all the shades of the blue master of nail art today choose turquoise and denim to pair with gold. Based on these combinations, you can create a universal manicure that will suit both an evening ensemble and a casual look. The main hit is shiny scales on a blue background with a marine mood.

  • Deep blue paired with gold creates an interesting duet for an intriguing manicure.

Dark blue manicure with golden stars

  • White with gold – This is a classic of delicate festive design. Brides are increasingly choosing it, but it is also appropriate for everyday nail art.

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The pastel palette of pink is also in perfect harmony with the enchantment of the precious metal.


White manicure with gold decor

  • Opposites attract and combination green and gold colors in manicure are the best confirmation of this. Such a tandem is less common, it is not commonplace, and therefore beautiful.

  • If beige in splendid isolation seems too boring to you, so he lacks brilliance. Gold accents always fit perfectly into a nude palette.

  • Brown with gold is a cozy combination of colors that nail artists simply love to use for autumn manicures.

Decided to make a golden manicure? Great idea! Then it would be useful for you to learn about fashion trends in such a design. Get inspired by the most relevant ideas that we have selected for you.

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French manicure with gold elements is the best embodiment of elegance and sophistication. The classic version of the jacket becomes more elegant, but at the same time it is perfect for daily manicure. A great way to diversify the conservative work dress code!

Chic jacket with a gold base

You can decorate a traditional smile with glitter. How extravagant this design will turn out depends on the color of the base coat.

An extraordinary version of a jacket is a change in the shape or location of a smile. In 2019, it suddenly becomes triangular or diagonal, wide or narrow, and can also move from the edge of the nail. In a word, any experiments are welcome!

Original golden french

Lessons of graphics and geometry

Such a simple and stylish manicure is the main must-have of the 2019-2019 season! There are many options, and here are just a few:

  • a chessboard painted with gold lacquer on a black background;
  • laconic stripes;
  • polka-dot;
  • abstract motives;
  • geometric figures.

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The smooth transition of colors is ideal with the use of gold particles. Fashionistas this season are crazy about a manicure in which sparkles scatter from the free edge of the nail towards its base. Very elegant!

golden stripes

Gold can be discreet and concise, and a manicure with stripes is the best proof of this. There are several ways to implement this idea.

At home, it is easy to lay out small rhinestones – this method allows you to get the most even line.

Simple stripes can be painted using a clear base and glitter, as well as a thin brush and gold lacquer. Chic, shine, beauty!

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You look brilliant! – many girls dream of such a compliment. A manicure with gold and rhinestones, in turn, guarantees that you will hear such words addressed to you.

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Note! In this design, it is very easy to cross the line of luxury and bad taste, so the choice of nail art should be approached with special responsibility.


If you are afraid to make a mistake, prefer a minimum of decor and sparkles. And if you want to shine in all its glory, feel free to lay out a beautiful rhinestone ornament and decorate it with golden elements. Sometimes you can take a chance and create a truly great design!

Accents on the ring fingers

A popular technique in manicure is the selection of ring fingers. For this role, gold in any of its manifestations is ideal.

Even if you opt for a full rhinestone or glitter inlay on 2 nails as a whole, the manicure will look elegant and classy. For the neighborhood with decorated nails, it is better to choose a monochromatic coating of soothing shades. Do not forget that fashion this season calls for restraint and minimalism.

Gold on the ring finger


Nails with gold manicure look spectacular using a special foil.

The main secret of the success of such a manicure is patience and accuracy, …

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