The main color of 2022: what and how to wear

To choose the right stylish wardrobe for the next season, you need to know which color is recognized by stylists as the main one in 2022. This information will help fashionistas create a basic wardrobe and combine spectacular bows.

What is the main color of 2022

The main shade of the year is determined by the American company Pantone Color Institute. It is this organization that annually decides which color will be the main one in the fashion industry, interior design and make-up. Colorists do serious analytical work, studying people’s preferences, fashion trends and innovations.

The color of the year 2022 is the beautiful and stylish shade Very Peri, registered under the number 17-3938. This season, the specialists of the Pantone Institute did not choose from the existing list, but created a completely new tone.

Very Peri combines the depth and tranquility of blue with the vibrancy of red. According to experts, this dynamic and cheerful shade perfectly reflects the modern realities of the rapidly changing world. With its help, creative and extraordinary personalities will be able to express themselves in a completely different way.

Leading brands fully supported the selection of the Pantone Institute specialists. Lilac and purple shades have been in trend for the past few years, and in 2022 they will become clear favorites. So a closer look at these shades will not hurt even fashionistas who prefer pastel colors.

How to create a trendy look with the main color 2022

A distinctive feature of the main color of the year is that Very Peri has a wide range of shades: from dark, close to purple, to light purple tones. Leading brands have developed entire collections that feature clothes, shoes and accessories in these trendy colors.

Very Peri will harmoniously fit into both everyday and evening looks. Lovers of discreet shades can simply complete the look with stylish shoes or a bag in this beautiful color.

Consider what shades stylists suggest combining Very Peri with:

  • Monochrome outfit

In 2022, total looks will still be in fashion, because monochrome looks in lilac and dark purple look unusual and spectacular. Leading brands in their collections presented dresses, trousers, shirts, trench coats, sheepskin coats, coats and even sports jersey suits in Very Peri color. With the help of this clothing, you can create various options for stylish total bows.

  • Very Peri+black

One of the most traditional and familiar combinations. Both dark and light shades of Very Peri will look equally good with black. In any case, the image will turn out to be interesting and original. In 2022, designers suggest combining light chiffon dresses in Very Peri color with black leather jackets, boots or ankle boots.

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  • Very Peri+white (beige)

This contrasting combination looks bright and fresh. In their collections, designers have presented a large selection of outerwear in the Very Peri shade. Fashionistas can easily pick up a suitable down jacket, coat or fur coat made of faux fur for the winter. Beautifully dilute the total bow white or beige. It can be a light sweatshirt, leggings, jeans. For summer, the ideal option is a light-colored T-shirt or shirt, combined with a dark contrasting bottom.

  • Very Peri+Green

The combination of lilac and lilac shades with light green color looks bright, juicy, energetic. This combination is perfect for the warm season. Designers made sure that fashionistas could enjoy beautiful and stylish things in spring and summer. For a casual look, an outfit consisting of dark lilac trousers and a light mint t-shirt is well suited. For a walk around the city or a trip to the beach, you can wear shorts, a T-shirt and a light cape in a trendy color.

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  • Very Peri+blue

These two colors look very good together. For casual fashionistas, look no further than blue jeans, a plush fur coat, and a light lilac blouse. For the warm season, the classic combination of a light top and a dark bottom is well suited. The outfit, which includes a skirt and a shirt, is perfect for working in the office.

  • Very Peri+pink

If you combine these two colors, you get a playful combination that is great for spring and summer. Even simple skirts and jackets will look completely new thanks to rich shades. These colors are great for creating everyday, dressy and evening looks.

  • Very Peri+ red

At first glance, it may seem that a bright red color will completely absorb the delicate light shade of Very Peri. However, stylists successfully prove the opposite, offering fashionistas to boldly combine these two contrasting colors. Both a monochrome lilac outfit with red accessories and shoes and a business outfit consisting of bright trousers, a laconic shirt and a jacket will look beautiful and elegant.

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With the help of the main color of 2022, you can create many interesting and stylish looks that will help fashionistas look beautiful and spectacular next season.

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