The main fashion trends for autumn and winter

Have you already started to make a wardrobe for autumn-winter 2019-2019 and are you interested in the most fashionable trends of the season? Then you are right here! Here and now we will tell you about what basic things you should definitely get in order to look super fashionable even in the most chilly weather.

Fashionable autumn 2019

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Three of the hottest fashion trends in outerwear

And we will start, perhaps, with the “tops”. Indeed, in the cold season, it is the notorious jackets and raincoats that become the basic element of our bow, which means that in this case it is impossible to make a mistake with the choice.


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  • Cape and poncho. Of course, this is not exactly the same thing, but the principle is clear. Loose fit, A-line shape, comfort and versatility – all this makes capes and ponchos one of the most sought-after outerwear models today. Alberta Ferretti also proved this by honoring them with a place of honor in her 2019-2019 collection.

Stylish cape coat

  • checkered coat. This season, absolutely any cell will be relevant. Scottish, Prince of Wales, checkerboard, tartan, houndstooth – all this is the perfect print for the most fashionable autumn coat. Doubt? Then take a look at the collections from Alexander Wang or Fay that conquered Fashion Week. They have a lot of cells and they are all completely different. Do you want black and white? Please! Colored? Easily! Every fashionista is sure to find something of her own here.

Trendy plaid coats

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Today, the cage is in great demand not only in coats, but also in other types of clothing, such as dresses, suits, skirts.[/stextbox]

Cage from fashion shows

  • down jackets. Quilted coats and jackets have been the most popular winter outerwear for years. But in the new season, they will change somewhat and move away from their usual rustic forms.

Stylish down jackets for the winter

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So in the collections of Sacai and Chanel, we can be surprised to see how everyone’s favorite down jackets are “overgrown” with asymmetric details. Of course, this style is not for everyone.

Fashionable styles of down jackets for autumn-winter 2019-2019

And if it categorically does not suit you, then turn your attention to classic jackets. They will definitely warm you in any frost without shocking, at the same time, with their appearance.


Shoe fashion trends

Now let’s talk about shoes. After all, she, like outerwear, is an indicator of how fashionable you look. After all, everyone knows that improperly selected shoes or boots can spoil the impression of even the most perfectly matched bow.

  • Boots with bellows. Perhaps this is the main shoe fashion trend of today’s autumn. It has it all: style, comfort, versatility.

Boots with bellows

Of course, they are quite suitable for everyday wear, but there are even models that will be ideal for a holiday. For example, they can be found in the Saint Laurent collection. Luxurious boots, embroidered with crystals, or made in a noble golden bloom, will not leave any lady indifferent.

Accordion boots from Genny and Saint Laurent

  • Square heel shoes. The best must-have of this season. If we talk about the fashion of autumn-winter 2019-2019, then the square heel is its main trend. It will be ideally combined with any coat or raincoat, perfect for a fur coat, vest or down jacket. It will look great with a dress, jeans, dress pants and a skirt of any length. In a word, shoes with square heels are a real find for those who appreciate style and comfort.

Square heel boots

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Important! If you want a little variety and creativity, then check out the square heel in a custom shape and color. For example, extended to the bottom, transparent or with some kind of bright print.


  • Wedge. Recognized shoe classics, which must be in the collection of every fashionista. This comfortable heel is currently at the peak of popularity. So, without remorse, it is quite possible for them to replace the hairpin that is already quite annoying to everyone.

Stylish wedge boots

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The most fashionable hats

Another important attribute of a fashionable image is a well-chosen headdress. And if this is important to you too, then all attention is here.

  • Berets. This fall, these retro-style headwear will be more relevant than ever. Women of absolutely all ages can afford to wear it, because an extensive color palette will help both a young active girl and a serious sedate lady find her beret.

Stylish suede beret

Among the most popular are: leather, drape and light cashmere berets. And if you want something special, then pay attention to berets with decorations. It can be rhinestones, beads and applications.

Beret with a veil

  • Hats. Here it is necessary to highlight, first of all, knitted hats loved by everyone. Hats in small and coarse knits, with or without a pom-pom, a tight-fitting beanie – all these are fashion trends that have become classics of the fashion industry.

Fashionable knitted hats

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Important! Knitted hats are just a huge amount! Some are machine-knitted and some are hand-knitted. And if you do not know which one to choose, then here is our advice: choose manual. Such a headdress will definitely have a unique individual feature, which will certainly distinguish you from the crowd.


Stylish images with a beanie hat

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Clothes for everyday wear

Our next selection will tell you about several more popular destinations today.

  • Skirt-pencil. Incredibly stylish, elegant and feminine piece that will give your figure sophistication. It is perfect for ladies with lush hips and for tall girls. You can wear it both for work and for festive events, because there are many varieties of tight skirts.

Trendy pencil skirt

  • Midi and maxi skirts. At some point, ankle-length skirts faded into the background, giving way to medium-length models. But this oblivion did not last long and this season ultra-long outfits shone again at Fashion Week. Don’t believe? Then take a look at the latest Max Mara collection. 3/4 skirts have become her real hit.

Stylish midi skirt

  • Suit with capri pants. Great fashion trend for warm autumn. Cropped trousers will give your look a special charm and lightness.

Stylish capri pants

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  • Loose fit dresses. In general, all oversized clothing is a timeless must-have. Coats, jackets, trousers, jackets – everything is subject to this free style. And not only women with magnificent forms turn to him, but also slim girls who want to emphasize …

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