The main fashion trends of autumn 2020

According to the fashion trends proposed at world shows, autumn 2020 will be bright and unforgettable. Dynamic colors, bold styles and original images will flood the streets of megacities. We invite you to join this fashion riot.


What to bet on?

Fashion designers offer first of all to pay attention to knitwear. Beautiful dresses, skirt and trouser suits, cardigans, autumn knitted coats – all this will be in favor with modern fashionistas. Moreover, in knitwear, a mixture of textures and shades is welcome. What other material than knitwear will make the image as cozy and warm as possible. The trend will be any thread from the thinnest to the thickest. Knitted midi and maxi dresses will be especially popular.

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Faux fur

Another feature of the upcoming autumn season is faux fur. Thus, fashion designers emphasize eco-philosophy when creating stylish models. Faux fur looks no less interesting than real fur. It is used everywhere – when sewing outerwear, sweaters and cardigans, dresses, jackets. Faux fur can act as a lining or be an independent material for making clothes, be an interesting decor.

A distinctive feature of such material in the upcoming autumn season is its color. Colorists suggest wearing faux fur in bold hues ranging from red to green.

Bulky sweaters

Include them in the category of knitwear did not raise a hand. Since a voluminous sweater is a separate independent element of the autumn wardrobe, which is definitely worth paying attention to. It goes well with any type of skirts, trousers, outerwear. An oversized sweater is a must have item for the upcoming fall 2020 season.


Without them, no female image is truly fragile and tender. Fashionable skirts in the fall of 2020 are:

  • pleated midi and maxi;
  • pencil skirts;
  • asymmetrical cut;
  • mini;
  • bell and tulip.

Each of these options is interesting. It goes well with both a coat and a down jacket. Looks original with high boots or low ankle boots. The main thing is to play with textures and shades when creating an image.

Leather on trend

According to the fashion trends in the fall of 2020, a lot of leather products will be present in clothes for women. The emphasis on natural material is due to its texture. Skin with a good patchwork always looks expensive, beautifully emphasizes the contours of the figure. Not only outerwear will be in fashion, but also skirts, leather trousers, jackets, overalls and even whole dresses. Moreover, among the shades of leather products there are not only classic jet black, but also burgundy, deep green, indigo. Be sure to replenish your wardrobe with one of these things.

Poncho and capes

This type of clothing is indispensable in the wardrobe of a fashionista in the fall of 2020. A knitted cape or poncho will make your look original. Especially such capes look beautiful with midi and maxi skirts, with jeans, trousers. The cape is ideal for walking around the city, meeting friends or going to the office.


Fashion for autumn 2020 indicates that dresses of different styles and shades are also in favor. In particular, the fashion of the 70s is in use today, so midi and maxi models with a clearly defined waistline, closed bust, and long sleeves are considered relevant. Such a dress will look beautiful with shoes with massive heels, with pumps, with high over the knee boots or low boots with a wide top. Complete the look with an oversized coat or an interesting cardigan.


Do not concede superiority and women’s trousers. They rightfully occupy a special place in the autumn wardrobe. Skinny trousers, model 7/8, classic trousers or palazzo remain in fashion. Each of the models has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for a specific figure. The only universal model for every height and body type is skinny pants. Pants can be organically combined with a jacket, cardigan, down jacket or trench coat. An oversized coat will also be relevant.

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In this case, we are not just talking about cashmere or wool models. Now quilted or knitted products are also in fashion. Oversized straight cut, classic cut with a clearly defined waistline with a belt, midi and maxi coats are still stylish models.

Please note that in early autumn, the coat is organically combined with sneakers or stiletto pumps. For cooler weather, such a wardrobe item can be combined with boots, boots.

trench coat

But his non-standard model, to which we are accustomed, is a trench coat with a cape-pelerine. The Duchess Kate Middleton recently flashed in such a raincoat. A trench coat with a cape is a great addition to a dress or midi skirt. Moreover, the cape can be made of wool, leather or cotton.

down jackets

Please note that this type of outerwear has not left the catwalks for more than a season. In the coming autumn, designers suggested using quilted outerwear models, but at the same time slightly deviating from the usual design. Now long quilted raincoats with a flared bottom, down jackets and oversized coats, stylish fitted jackets for a grand appearance are in fashion. By the way, the most sophisticated fashionistas are advised to pay attention to maxi-length quilted skirts. This is the peak of the season.

High gloves

The so-called theatrical gloves, which cover most of the arm up to the elbow and even the shoulder, will make any look unusual. The shade of the gloves can be in harmony with the color of the outerwear or dress. It is appropriate to wear gloves not only for going out, but also just around the city. Knitted theatrical gloves and leather goods will be especially popular.

Fashionable autumn shades and prints

Who said that autumn is a boring and dull time. It’s time to dilute it with bright and dynamic colors. Fashion designers offer to include clothes of such shades in the wardrobe:

  • Lime – brings a stream of freshness to the image.
  • Saffron and mustard will make the bow soft, warm, feminine and cozy.
  • Ultra blue. The so-called indigo. It looks original as the main shade in the image.
  • All colors are red. These include scarlet, marsala, burgundy, wine. Red shades are not always aggressive. Rather, they are noble.
  • Milky and beige. They will also make your look softer. But with such shades, women with a large figure or overweight should be careful. Or use contrasting shades in the bow.

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As for fashionable autumn prints, the red-black or black-beige check, houndstooth, thin vertical stripe, diagonal stripe remain at the peak of popularity. Each of the prints visually corrects the figure. But be careful with…

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