The main mistakes of losing weight women

To get rid of excess weight as soon as possible, many take extreme measures, thereby causing great harm to the body.

For example, they refuse to eat or exclude certain foods or food groups from the diet, exhaust themselves with physical exertion, and on an empty stomach, refuse to deal with dumbbells and barbells, being afraid to gain muscle mass, and so on.

Below is a list of the main mistakes that people make when they lose weight, as well as the harm that can be done to the body as a result.

Mistake #1. The use of pills that “help” lose weight.

Taking these pills is dangerous to health. It seems to a person that taking these pills you can lose weight and get rid of hunger. In fact, this effect can be achieved by properly distributing food throughout the day, and choosing the composition of the diet more strictly.

On the Internet, on television and in the press, they constantly write and talk about the dangers of such drugs, but people still run to the pharmacy for diet pills and harm the body. This happens because a person easily believes in advertising and thinks that since the drug is approved for sale, it means that it is safe for health.

Mistake #2: Low calorie eating.

As a rule, every second young lady in our country does this. Sitting on a starvation diet seems like a way out. And a person cuts his diet, first by 500 calories, and soon by a whole thousand, and as a result, he simply starves.

The desire to lose weight, have relief muscles and a thin waist captivates a person so much that he is ready to make any sacrifices. Slenderness and beautiful appearance are more important than health and longevity.

In fact, when not enough calories are consumed, the metabolism slows down – it starts working in emergency mode, that is, it tries to leave as much as possible for itself “for a rainy day.” And it is these reserves that form fat cells, and you get those extra pounds.

Mistake #3. An unconditional belief that you need to exercise in the “fat burning zone”.

Doing this way is a sure way to keep weight and not lose a single gram. Even on cardio machines, there is often a mark “Fat Burning Zone”. So it’s useful to know that fat burning occurs with any, even not very intense cardio.

Mistake #4. Focus all your energy on one thing.

Only in a complex can the most noticeable results be achieved. The complex should include physical exercises, proper balanced nutrition, external body care and massage.

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