The main novelties of autumn-winter manicure

If you are ready for your hands to be the most beautiful, then rather look at our selection of nail designs for the fall-winter 2018-2019 season. It successfully combined the classics of nail art with bold new manicures. Explore the most attractive and interesting options!

Shape and length

Fashion is a capricious and fickle young lady. Even last season, she loved extravagance, and today the trends gravitate towards naturalness and naturalness. This was reflected in the actual length of the nails.

Short nails are in fashion

Unimaginable length is a thing of the past, giving way to short and medium nails. It is not only neat and feminine, but also comfortable. The optimal size of the free edge is 0.5 mm. Now you don’t have to grow the length for months, because the most beautiful designs can be embodied on natural nails.

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The palm among the actual forms was given to oval nails with smooth soft curves. Also among the trends are almond-shaped and square marigolds. But what you should definitely forget about this season is the shape of the trapezoid and stilettos.


What color would you choose

  • Lovely pastel shades proved to be the most popular this season. This is not surprising – gentle tones are ideal for creating a natural manicure. You can use white, beige, pink, lemon, light blue and powder colors in nail art.
  • Noble shades of precious stones are also involved in fashionable manicure 2018-2019. Sophisticated burgundy, emerald, malachite and purple are always a win-win for luxurious designs.
  • Red, blue, blue and yellow colors have not sunk into oblivion.
  • Also still in fashion are muted shades borrowed from natural landscapes: olive, green, brown, muted blue and gray.
  • If it turned out to be a difficult task for you to decide on a single color, choose all your favorite shades for a manicure at once. Yes, multi-colored nails are back in fashion. However, the autumn-winter season made one important amendment to this trend: the colors should be more muted and natural.

Monochromatic coating remains in fashion

[stextbox id=’info’]The hit of the season is a multi-colored manicure with a matte top. Note! All selected colors should be in harmony with each other.[/stextbox]


Focusing on the naturalness of manicure, it is easy to guess which nail art trends are included in the list of anti-trends. But just in case, we will tell you about it in order to protect readers from fashionable failures:

  • neon colors;
  • the shape of a pointe shoe, “cat’s nails” and a square on long nails;
  • 3-D applications;
  • excess decor;
  • covering the entire surface of the nails with rhinestones.


Main trends


Manicure fall-winter 2018-2019 dictates the trend for gold accents in design. Nail art masters just love to dilute the usual design with metal details. They use golden lacquer to create elegant patterns on a plain surface, spectacular rhinestones, foil, powder and mirror plates. Any of these options can be a luxurious decoration for your nails this season.

Cute nail art using gold foil

[stextbox id=’info’]For a festive design, an amazing coating of sparkling glitter on all nail plates can be used. Chic, shine, beauty![/stextbox]

cat eye

Mysterious overflows of 2 colors have firmly established their positions among the main manicure trends. This incredible technique immediately won the hearts of fashionistas because of its ease of creation and spectacular look.

Manicure “cat’s eye”

For such a design, burgundy, blue, green and brown shades are the best suited.


Supports the trend of laconic and modest manicure this season with a minimalist design. This is the best way to combine simplicity and style.

Delicate drawings

The options for such a manicure are very diverse. It can be graceful geometric stripes and dots on the nails or concise designs. Less decor – more taste!

Manicure in the style of minimalism

However, minimalism does not exclude the presence of bright decorations in manicure. This season, he made friends with sequins, rhinestones, metallic stripes and confetti. The main thing is to remember the sense of proportion and use the decor only as accents, so as not to spoil the main idea of ​​​​minimalism – conciseness.

Volume and texture

An easy way to add creativity and originality to a manicure is to connect various textures to its creation.

Cat-eye effect with voluminous openwork pattern

So, a matte top will always be a good idea for a cozy fall or winter manicure. Take note of the interesting combination of glossy and matte finish – it’s very fashionable!

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There are several other ways to add attractive texture to a design. To do this, you can use nail powder, acrylic modeling and three-dimensional drawings.

nude mood

We can rightfully recognize the nude design as the most versatile and practical manicure. Beige, light lilac, peach and vanilla shades are perfect for its implementation.

Coatings of different colors and textures help to achieve volume.

It can be either a laconic monophonic coating, or a combination with a modest decor. Graceful patterns or geometric motifs go well with nude polish.

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If you want to make your nails longer and more elegant, opt for this design.


The beautiful ombre technique boasts of holding its leading position in manicure designs.

Ombre with matte texture

Nail art novelties offer fashionistas to go beyond a simple combination of 2 colors: more complex gradients and even the embodiment of a rainbow on nails are in fashion today.

Remember the most relevant combinations of shades for ombre manicure and repeat them on your nails:

  • pink + lilac;
  • yellow + light green;
  • peach + white;
  • pink + transparent.

french design

French, like any classic, will never go out of style. Modern ladies will always resort to French manicure when they need the most elegant nail design.

Unusual and fashionable jacket

Nail art trends encourage fashionistas to go beyond the traditional combination of white and beige in French design. This technique looks no less attractive with the use of bright and rich dark shades.

Another trendy manicure option and an alternative to French

You can also play a little with the smile by changing its size, shape and location on the nail. Any fashionable experiments based on a traditional jacket are welcome.


We hasten to please lovers of various patterns on nails: this design is now at the peak of popularity, and it is very multifaceted.

Bright graphic drawings

[stextbox id=’info’]Of course, the first place in…

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