The main perfume trends 2018-2019

The new 2018 fragrances for women are not only a tribute to fashion and modern life, but also an attractive opportunity to add fresh notes from the world’s best brands to your favorite scents.

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Delicious women’s fragrances 2018-2019

Without a drop of perfume, the female image will be incomplete. Yes, and the right fragrance is like a visiting card of a lady, to whom she will declare her mood, seduce and charm even before she speaks.

Popular and new perfumes for the most demanding and sophisticated:

  • Si by Giorgio Armani a combination of romance, strength and tenderness, perfumers have achieved an ensemble of May roses, cedar, and currants. The incredible composition has won millions of women’s hearts.

  • Byredo Velvet Haze base notes of hibiscus, coconut and bergamotstrong and pronounced multifaceted fragrance, the choice of daring and determined girls.

  • Black Orchid– such a popular fatal “Black Orchid”, this is a rather heavy and complex smell. It is preferred by women over 35.

  • Hermès Twilly d’Hermès – gentle and persistent cocktail of spices and flowers.

  • In 2018 Givenchy released a new version Eau de. Hubert de Givenchy draws a parallel between the fragrance and a walk near the sea and flowering tangerine trees.

  • Very Irresistible L’Eau En Rose– rose, blackberry and musk: a versatile and romantic fragrance suitable for both date and everyday life. However, who said that you can’t meet your future soul mate in the subway or in the supermarket?!

  • Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel New for 2018, a unique blend of citrus, floral and fruity fragrances.

  • BlackOpium from Yves Saint Laurent – since 2016, this coffee, interspersed with jasmine, delicate vanilla and cedar, excites many ladies.

  • La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme (Lancome) – the limited edition from 2018 will enchant with a citrus scent with notes of currant, pear, jasmine.

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Advice. When trying a new fragrance, ideally spend the whole day with it. And at least – spend at least twenty minutes to “listen” to it on your wrist or on your collarbone.


For the cool season, perfumers and stylists suggest choosing the following women’s scents:

  • with citrus notes – for cheerfulness and energy even in a short daylight hours; and also – as a reminder of the New Year holidays;
  • with fruity notes – to give yourself and others the expectation of summer and hope for the best;
  • warm warming perfumes with scents of juniper, bergamot, musk, wood, honey, vanilla.

Warm warming perfume for cold winters

In the winter of 2018-2019, try these new women’s fragrances:

  • Womanity by Thierry Mugler – sea water, figs, strawberries and black caviar give lightness and airiness;
  • Gucci Premiere is perfect for winter: bergamot, blackberry, orange and musk, while patchouli and sandalwood remain on the skin. Delightfully warm and cozy;
  • Montblanc Lady Emblem is a complex composition of the main flavors of sake, pepper and grapefruit – all of which are intriguingly pink. If you don’t try, you will definitely regret it;
  • 007 for Women – alas, not for everyone. This is a bright and rich fragrance, absolutely not suitable for the office. But bold and bold just to the point.

Confused about which fragrance to choose for yourself? Visit Letual stores and try them all!

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Fashion fragrances 2018 and trends

Great is the skill and creativity of perfumers who create masterpieces. Much depends on their imagination and creativity, but there are some general trends in the art of perfumery.

  • Unisex. In fragrances for women, primordially “male” smells began to be used: resin, leather, incense, wood. Bold experiments and combinations give ladies new, incredible, fresh perfumes. Decisive and energetic women declare themselves boldly and boldly.

  • citrus aroma remains very popular. It is combined with basil, mint, green tea. Freshness, purity and lightness, which gives the smell of citrus, attracts both young and respectable ladies.

  • Fragrances with luxury train from floral or spicy notes. It’s nice, after all, when a man, whom they passed by, will feel the luxurious aftertaste of your fragrance for several tens of seconds, isn’t it? And, of course, will look after.
  • Among the floral scents now very fond of jasmine. Perfumers can combine it with many other scents: almond, spice, suede.

  • Among fruit smells in the first places of popularity are strawberry, raspberry and pineapple. Harmoniously and luxuriously they are emphasized in perfumes with floral aromas (peony, jasmine, rose).
  • Spices, so beloved in confectionery goodies, they also adore in aromas – cinnamon, coffee, vanilla. They are most often chosen by ladies over 30.

  • Smell roses has now changed. Perfumers use the rose of May – a delicate and subtle scent that is built into a complex perfume composition.

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Interesting. They say that if the owner of a perfume stops “hearing” it on herself, it means that it suits her perfectly. But this is not entirely true. It may very well be that the body simply “blocked” the annoying notes and “got used to it”.



If in winter you want warm and warming, invigorating citrus perfumes, then in the spring of 2019 it is better for women to choose new floral and fruity fragrances. This will make you cheer up and prepare for the summer intensely and fun.

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