The main trends from fashion shows autumn-winter 2019-2020

The main fashion shows of the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season have died down, which means it’s time to talk about key trends!

Fashion textures

We have compiled a cheat sheet for you on the most trendy textures of the season. They appeared at fashion shows so often that no one had any doubts: this is a definite hit!


The love for leather texture among designers usually wakes up in the cold season, and that’s great! Due to its density, the material perfectly retains heat and protects from wind. The benefits don’t end there. Leather clothing combines boldness, elegance and attractiveness. In a word, it is impossible to pass by this trend!

Now it’s time to decide on the fashionable color of the leather product. Choose what you like best – brutal black, delicate caramel or bold red?

What to buy from leather? It depends on your courage. Some girls are limited to a leather vest or skirt, and some go a step further and choose a jumpsuit, raincoat or trouser suit made of leather.

Quilted texture

We officially declare that a fabric with a stitch is an absolute must have of the cold season. Now dressing in cozy quilted vests and jackets is not only practical, but also fashionable. The stitch direction can be any – square, rectangular or diamond-shaped. The size of the elements is also not strictly regulated.

If you’re ready to make the most of this trend, look beyond quilted outerwear. Skirts, bags and even shoes with characteristic stitching are a stylish novelty.

Quilted bag


Royal tweed has received a modern incarnation in the form of a coat, skirt, suit and cape.

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Colors and prints

Floral motifs

Plants in summer clothes are a completely predictable phenomenon, but their appearance in winter fashion was a real surprise for many fashionistas. If you didn’t plan to lose your romantic mood in the cold season, then be sure to take note of this trend.

But not all flowers are equally relevant. This time, the favorites are emphatically large plants, as well as small flowers on a dark background.


This season, designers have given fashionistas the opportunity to practice combining a variety of animal prints. With the advent of autumn, the zebra and tiger plan to fade into the background, giving way to the predatory leopard and python.

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Designers are sure that there is never too much check, and they continue to actively use it in their collections. Perhaps this is the most practical and democratic print for this season. Surely, every fashionista has at least one thing in a checkered color in her wardrobe. This means that no additional investment in a stylish bow is required!

As practice shows, women of fashion most often choose a coat, jacket or suit in a checkered print. Any of these options pleases with its practicality and versatility.

As for the colors of the current motif, the muted gray palette, the graphic black and white pattern and the legendary plaid take the lead. Separately, it is worth mentioning the incredibly popular houndstooth motif.


The aristocratic and sophisticated beige color still occupies a leading position in the list of trends. With what we congratulate him!


Both bright and muted dark purple are in trend now. In the cold season, fashionistas are very fond of revealing the stylistic possibilities of this multifaceted color.

shades of purple


Designers also paid enough attention to the color of the clear sky in the new season.


How about shaking up boring looks with juicy orange accents? Modern trends support this idea!

pure colors

It is hard not to notice such a bright and self-sufficient trend. Practically in every top collection there were things of pure and saturated colors. The main “favorites” of the designers were lime, purple, yellow, lavender and olive.

This trend will appeal to fashionistas who do not want to say goodbye to the color of the summer season and are not averse to adding brightness to cold everyday life.


For the most daring fashionistas, fresh new items with a metallized texture have been prepared.

trend details

Emphasis on the shoulders

The key direction of clothing design this time was the emphasis on the shoulders. Such a detail appeared literally everywhere – on dresses, jackets, blouses and outerwear. Designers use a special cut, appliqués, folds and ruffles in order to focus all attention in the image on the shoulders.

Artificial fur

This trend is a real gift for humane and practical girls! Products made of artificial fur are in no way inferior in beauty to natural texture, but are several times cheaper.

A definite must-have is a white faux fur coat. It’s not very practical, but how chic!

Emphasis on the waist

With the advent of cold weather, femininity and sophistication should not leave the images. That is why the emphasis on the waist is now in fashion, created with the help of belts, belts and corsets.

Style of the 70s

An important trend of the fall-winter 2019-2020 fashion shows in Paris was images in the spirit of the 70s. In such bows, the desire for femininity and conservatism is clearly visible.

The most fashionable embodiment of the trend is the combination of a blouse with a bow with a pleated skirt and a jacket.

Utilitarian motives

Along with the romance of the 70s, military-style images marched along the fashion catwalks. The characteristic attributes are still the same – large buttons, army boots and a khaki palette.

Punk, grunge and goth

These directions were also presented at the shows in great variety.

Gothic motifs

square toe

A key trend in the footwear world is the triumphant return of the square toe. Such a novelty will add rigor and solidity to the image.

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Top things of the season

Oversized down jacket

Great news for girls who are always cold in winter: now oversized down jackets in bright and pastel shades are actively gaining popularity. So cozy and stylish, they will definitely give the most stylish rebuff to cold weather!


If you are looking for a more elegant and sophisticated outerwear, we advise you to take a closer look at the cape. The classic cut suggests the style of a raincoat with slits for the hands. Against the backdrop of mass love for jackets, capes look very non-trivial.


A stylish and original idea of ​​​​outerwear will be a havelock – a trench coat with a cape.

Blouse with a bow

Nostalgia for the atmospheric 70s led to the huge popularity of bow blouses. This feminine detail can add playfulness and sophistication to any look. Fashionistas love to use such blouses in images with retro touches.

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In the cold season…

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