The main trends of men’s fashion: spring-summer 2019

A well-groomed and stylish, respectable and self-confident man today carefully looks after himself, choosing fashionable things, shoes and accessories. Such a representative of the stronger sex will impress with his appearance and taste, as in his wardrobe there are only carefully selected items. So, in the article we will consider the main trends in men’s fashion for spring-summer in 2019.

The main trends of men’s fashion in 2019

Bright, stylish and bold images were shown by designers at the fashion show 2019

Every stylish and courageous man has a desire to dress in the latest fashion, no matter how old he is and what position he occupies in society. The only difference in choice is that for a young guy, flashy things are preferable, and a mature man will wear more classic things. But even if we consider a business suit, then it can be refreshed with a catchy detail that will be appropriate for creating a male image. For example, a bright T-shirt with a strict jacket and youth-style jeans makes a man strict. This style in the coming season will become popular with young entrepreneurs, businessmen and business guys.


Fashionable colors

Dark brown shades are able to emphasize men with status, serious and purposeful. Things of this color are a great combination with beige options for men’s clothing. For example, beige trousers go well with a dark brown shirt and the same suede shoes.

The blue colors of clothes are the personification of a balanced and accomplished man. They are chosen by leaders and representatives of the stronger sex, occupying respectable positions. Clothing in such colors is practical and goes well with other shades. The new season for men is represented by popular shirts and office jackets in blue.

One of the trendiest colors in 2019 is blue

Clothing in such colors is practical and goes well with other shades.

The spring-summer 2019 fashion season is proposed by designers with new suede colors. This is a mixture of mustard, white and graphite shades that are used in everyday things. They are presented in relaxed and free images of men.

For fair-haired representatives of the stronger sex with brown eyes, the color of caramel toffee is ideally suited, which is combined with velvet and suede accessories.

Graphite has been fashionable for several seasons and is used today in many men’s items, both trousers and jackets, as well as shorts and T-shirts. The most incredible variations of gray in menswear for the spring-summer season. A mixture of graphite and lilac looks chic in business suits. Bright accessories are perfect for such a masculine look.

The previous season highlights floristry and uniqueness in the wardrobe of the modern macho, as well as many animal prints, which are now in demand among the stronger sex.

Fashion fabrics for men

The new spring-summer 2019 season will constrain woolen, tweed, linen and drape materials, highlighting leather, velvet and other brutal materials. Velvet suits are chosen by luxurious men. This type of clothing today is a real trend of many fashion houses in the fashion industry. The spring-summer 2019 season highlights the boring green, purple, brown, red and burgundy colors of the suits.

Leather is back for the new season

The trend of the next spring season will be coziness and comfort. Such qualities in knitted textures. Therefore, every man should add knitted sweaters or jumpers to his wardrobe in several versions. Woolen coats, cardigans, large volume scarves will be popular. All this offers an oversized style.

Like last season, men’s suede items filled the catwalks. Many designers have jackets, coats and bombers of this fashionable texture in their collections. The trend is black, brown, gray, plum, lavender and other trendy shades.

Let’s see what men’s fashion will be in spring-summer 2019, the main trends are presented in the photo below.

Juicy shades of blue in the fashion of the spring-summer 2019 season

Shorts in different colors and cuts in fashion 2019

Cropped trousers and bright accessories are in trend

Fashionable summer 2019, men’s fashion trends

In the summer clothes of strong and courageous members of the opposite sex, a more striking trend can be noted than in spring. Therefore, designers have proposed all sorts of shades of fashionable men’s clothing. The highlight of the season is snow-white things, light and breathable. The trend is a set of cropped white trousers and T-shirts of the same color. This feeling of carelessness is suitable for a vacation trip to hot countries. From shoes, moccasins and sandals will go well with such clothes.

White trousers can be classic length or cropped

Couturiers suggest wearing a white top with white trousers

Summer fashion should have loose items, and therefore lightweight trousers and loose-fitting shorts are in trend.

The relevance of sports style continues, trouser suits with lightweight windbreakers or vests, as well as shorts complete with T-shirts, do not leave the catwalks. In the hot season, elongated linen trouser suits for men will be comfortable.

Men’s street fashion trends

Men’s fashion is set by name brand designers as well as by consumers themselves. And therefore, speaking of fashionable things, it is worth paying attention to a stylish male image, as well as highlighting what will be in trend in spring and summer in 2019.

Street fashion for men is represented by many fashion items that will find their place in the men’s wardrobe. Of particular note are jackets, lightweight trousers and shorts.

Men have a wide range of fashion items to choose from.

Freedom in motion is the main motto of 2019

Double-breasted or single-breasted jackets are in trend. Striped or plaid, bright and muted colors – they have become the main ones in the future warm season.

The same cropped trousers of various colors are in fashion. They are also worn with the sides turned up. Such models open fashionable shades and interesting prints of socks or, conversely, bare legs. Such an interesting trend has its fans, mostly young dudes.

Shorts are the accent of the spring-summer 2019 season

Fashion designers propose to create a new business style

Shorts are the most important item in a man’s wardrobe. Summer collections are represented by a huge variety of models: jeans, lapels, sportswear, chinos and many other stylish solutions. The most important task is not the selection of a model, but combinations with the selected options for this type of clothing. In this seemingly simple thing, there are many nuances in the selection of the upper and lower decoration of a man. More on this in the section below.

Stylish men’s shorts for spring-summer 2019

Shorts for many years in a row do not yield their leading positions to other items of men’s wardrobe. They are so popular and in demand that famous designers are happy to carry out their creative experiments, creating new models, improving…

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