The most beautiful manicure for oval nails

A beautiful manicure on neat oval nails is a sure sign of the owner’s well-groomedness, style and good taste. This form is a story about softness, naturalness and femininity. In our article you will find the best oval nail design ideas that you will want to repeat for everyday or holiday manicure.


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Why choose an oval shape?

Fashion trends in the world of nail art are constantly changing and some of them are very fleeting. However, the classic oval shape always remains relevant. Fashionistas more often than others choose an oval manicure for their nails, and they have 7 reasons for this.

Matte manicure for oval nails

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  • The softness and smoothness of this form protects the nail plates from annoying chips and cracks. With a careful attitude, such a manicure always pleases with high strength and durability.
  • This design of nails is suitable for girls with any lifestyle and at any age.
  • The main advantage of the oval over other nail shapes is its versatility. This choice will be the best solution for nails of various lengths and will always look beautiful. And for owners of a short length, the oval shape has a nice bonus: it visually stretches the nail plates, making them longer and more elegant.
  • The oval shape is especially relevant for girls with plump fingers and wide nail plates. With this design, your hands will look more elegant.

The oval shape visually stretches the fingers

  • The oval shape is the record holder for compatibility with various nail art designs and techniques. This means that you are given full scope for creativity in choosing a beautiful manicure.
  • Manicure on oval nails perfectly adapts to the image in any style, whether it be romance, casual, classic and even sport chic.

Beautiful manicure for oval nails

Who does not suit

If nature has not rewarded you with hard healthy nails, the oval shape may let you down. Thin and weak nail plates may simply not be able to cope with such a load over a long length. But this does not mean at all that you will have to give up such a beautiful oval-shaped manicure. You can help out nail extension with gel or acrylic.

Long oval nails are not always appropriate for thin fingers

Fashionistas with long and thin fingers should be careful with such nails. The fact is that the oval shape always lengthens the fingers and nails, and this is not always appropriate. Too small nail plates are also not friendly with the oval shape – it visually turns into a circle. Therefore, if you have rather wide nails, it is better to prefer the average length.

Stylish nail design

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Main trends

  • The 2019-2019 season encourages fashionistas to head for naturalness in both clothing and manicure. The soft oval shape perfectly matches this trend. However, extra long nails can spoil the whole impression. Masters of nail art advises to stop the choice on the length of the free edge of 3-5 mm. It looks well-groomed, neat and natural.

The optimal length for an oval manicure

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The ideal oval is characterized by a mirror reflection of the cuticle line and the free edge of the nail.



  • This season, nail art masters choose the oval shape to use the most complex manicure techniques. Go beyond the boundaries of a monochromatic coating and embody even the most daring design fantasies on oval nails.

Color is everything

  • Delicate tones in manicure on oval nails look simply amazing. The beautiful pastel color palette is all the rage right now, so feel free to apply this trend to your manicure.

  • A chic metallic manicure creates a stylish tandem with an oval nail shape. Silver and gold shades have not lost their fashionable positions for several seasons in a row and, apparently, they plan to stay on the list of main trends for a long time to come.

Oval manicure with silver glitter

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  • For lovers of being the center of attention, we advise you to stock up on colored nail polishes.

Original ideas for red manicure

Today, deep shades of red, blue, emerald and purple are in fashion.

Everyday oval manicure

  • Dark nail polish is also a great oval nail design idea. It can be rich tones of eggplant, black, coffee and blue. Usually dark manicure is chosen by older ladies and the peak of its popularity always falls on the cold autumn-winter season.

Dark oval nails

Design Ideas

  • Classic French manicure is perfect on oval nails. This is a universal solution for a modest and discreet design that fits well with any look.

Beautiful classic french

If you wish, you can add a touch of variety to the traditional jacket and complement it with rhinestones, drawings or rubbing. The result of such experiments will be very beautiful. Another trendy idea – replacing a white smile with a strip of black lace – just wow!

Stylish lace and french

  • Sophisticated ombre technique with a smooth transition looks flawless on oval nails. It is beautiful on its own, but can also be successfully combined with drawings, modeling and rhinestones. If you plan to visually lengthen the nail, stretch the color from top to bottom, and not from left to right.

  • Among the main novelties of nail art this season is the “negative space” technique. She suggests that unpainted areas remain in the nail design. Look at the photo how cool this technique looks in combination with various types of manicure.

  • A typical autumn manicure is a matte nail design. A velvet top always looks cozy and elegant.

Stylish matte-glossy manicure

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The combination of glossy and matte textures in one manicure seems especially interesting to us.


  • Glittering rhinestones are an essential part of a chic everyday or holiday nail design. Nail art masters like to duplicate a rounded oval line with shiny stones, create laconic patterns or emphasize the main pattern on the nails.

  • The warmest winter design is knitted motifs on the nails. You can embody such an amazing drawing in various ways. The use of red and white patterns based on cute images on New Year’s sweaters is popular. Volumetric knitted patterns made using special powder also look great.

Cozy knitted manicure

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  • Caviar design is a great choice for a spectacular holiday manicure. This technique is so simple that it can even be done at home.

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