The most beautiful matte manicure

Matte manicure is the top fashion trend of the outgoing 2018. Rapidly gaining momentum in popularity, he very quickly pushed back the gloss that bothered everyone and confidently climbed to the top of the fashionable Olympus. What can you say about matte nail art? Firstly, it is unusual, which means it will not get bored soon. Secondly, there are a lot of design ideas that can be implemented in such a manicure. So, it is definitely worth it for us to write about it today.

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Matte manicure features

You can apply matte manicure on both long and short nails. In both cases, it will look very original, feminine and fresh. There are several techniques for this nail art, but only two are considered the most popular: covering the nails with an ordinary matte top or gel polish, or sprinkling sticky gloss with special powder or dust. In both cases, the result will be excellent. But there are a few rules that must be strictly followed.

Matte top coat

  • The surface of the nail plate before staining is processed to an ideal state. The thing is that the matte finish will emphasize any unevenness of the nail. And if this happens, the manicure will be ruined.
  • Never cover a matte top with gloss. The velvety effect will disappear.
  • Do not smear your hands with greasy creams and oils before the procedure. Otherwise, you won’t succeed.
  • Count your time before starting a manicure, because the matte finish dries much longer than the glossy one.


[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Matte gel polish manicure is considered very resistant. Subject to all the rules of application and drying, it can be kept on hand for up to a month. And this is one of its main features. [/stextbox]

Delicate matte manicure

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Ideas for decorating a matte surface

As we noted above, there are many ideas for matte nail art design. And to make it easier for you, we have collected the main and best of them here. And some techniques are so elementary in execution that they are easy to implement on your own at home. So, try with us!

Matte manicure “cat’s eye”

  • French and moon manicure. We have repeatedly written that French and reverse French are two timeless fashion trends. Therefore, it is not surprising that they both open our TOP of nail design ideas. And to perform them in a matte version is as simple as in the original.

Matte classic French

To do this, you will need two types of varnish in contrasting colors, one of which will be glossy. In the case of classic French nail art, the nail is completely covered with a matte base, and the smile line is glossy.

Matte glossy jacket

In the case of the moon manicure, the hole is already glossy. If necessary, you can add rhinestones and sparkles to the design.

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! The ideal color schemes for a French manicure would be: black and red, black and silver, black with clear varnish (negative space), beige and white, as well as green and purple shades.


Stylish matte jacket

  • Geometric figures. Abstract geometry is a nail design favorite in 2018. Everything is considered relevant here: large and small dots, triangles and squares, rhombuses and circles, spirals and zigzags, thin and thick lines.

You can apply this abundance both with the help of stamps and metal foil, and by drawing with your own hand. As in the case of a jacket, the varnishes used for this nail art should be contrasting and diversified.

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  • Drawings on the nails. In the next 2019, just like in this year, fashionable drawings on the nails from everyday life will not go anywhere. Here you can still find floral motifs loved by everyone, ethnic patterns, inscriptions, animalistic ornaments and much more. Unique, not “wired” design ideas are very popular. Approach to drawing on a matte finish should be careful.

Unusual drawings on matte nails

Remember, any extra touch will immediately catch your eye! And you can arrange the drawings according to the classical scheme. If the print is voluminous, then it should occupy one finger on each hand. If the drawings are thin, graceful, decorate them with two or even three fingers.

Drawings on matte nails

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! You can get the most beautiful design by creating compositions from the following colors: black, dark blue, burgundy, rich shades of green, beige, gray and red. This palette is perfect for absolutely any age and is universal for every season.[/stextbox]

Volumetric drawings

  • Rhinestones. They can be considered classics of modern design. They do not go out of fashion at all and are able to make any, even the most faded manicure, festive. The noble shine of rhinestones in combination with a matte finish will look very original and rich. You can decorate them with nail art of any shade, and depending on your wishes, the pebbles on the nails can be placed one at a time or create whole volumetric patterns.

Matte manicure with rhinestones

  • Rubbing. Matte manicure with rubbing looks just perfect. Each of these fashion trends is chic in itself, and together they create a unique and amazingly beautiful tandem. Shimmering shimmering pearls will perfectly complement any matte color you choose.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important: In 2019, the following version of the rubbed design will come into fashion: you can decorate with a metallic sheen not only the usual ring and middle fingers, but any others. Moreover, on each hand they can be different. For example, on the right, apply a rub on the index finger and little finger, and on the left on the middle and thumb.[/stextbox]

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  • Flock. Matte manicure with flock is the fashion trend of the coming winter. We have already said more than once that terry patterns on the nails are the perfect nail art for the cold season, creating a feeling of comfort.

And another advantage of flock is that it looks great with both gloss and matte finish. Small drawings in the form of hearts, monograms or pigtails will perfectly complement any look.

Beautiful design

  • Gradient. For lovers of unusual design, the gradient is another great opportunity to surprise everyone around with the originality of their nails. Take a look at the photo from the selection that we have prepared for you, see how amazingly these color transitions look amazing? Moreover, ombre can exist not only within shades of the same color. Remember, contrast is in fashion, which means…

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