The most beautiful white manicure

Among the novelties of nail design in 2019, presented in the photo collections of leading stylists, white nails undoubtedly hold one of the leading places.


White color is hard to overestimate. It is the basis of any shade and at the same time acts as a bright contrasting element when creating any color composition.

White and beige in moon manicure

White manicure is universal. It is made both for every day and for a celebration. The variety of design options using white color allows you to choose exactly the manicure that you need.

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Options for white manicure depending on the season:

  1. Winter. This is the time for fairytale fantasies. On a white, transparent or blue base, various winter patterns are applied – patterns, snowflakes, ice floes. New Year’s manicure is distinguished by a brilliant decor using stones, kumufubuki, silver dust, yuca flakes, etc.
  2. Spring. Usually, by this time of the year, the classic jacket begins to enjoy great popularity. Lunar manicure in white colors is also most often done in the spring. Closer to May, drawings made on a white nail plate become very relevant.
  3. Summer. White color in summer is a favorite in everything. Light shades prevail not only in clothes, but also in nature in general. A white and blue manicure on a marine theme will help to emphasize the wonderful summer mood, white and yellow will add optimism, and white and red will remove the negative and once again remind you of summer.
  4. Autumn. The bright colors of summer are replaced by autumn golden days. Colors fade not only in nature, but also in manicure. In autumn, the trend will be black and white manicure in all its variations. Please note that the gradient is the best suited for this time of year.

The combination of white, blue and silver manicure with winter motifs

Just white

If it seems to you that white nails are not interesting at all, then you are very mistaken. In addition to subtle shades, a good master will offer you a photo with beautiful new fashion designs in 2019, in which you will see for yourself how chic a white manicure can be.

Combination of moon manicure and jacket

In addition, white nails can be made glossy or matte. And the combination of these two textures in one manicure will be the hit of the season.

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Spectacular white manicure

[stextbox id=’info’]A white velvet coating and a plain manicure with three-dimensional patterns look very impressive.[/stextbox]

Volumetric white molding

White overflows

Glittering white manicure is one of the novelties of this season and is achieved with a special varnish and several coating techniques.

Combination of white lacquer, foil and colored stripes

This is an ombre, gradient, shiny rubbing, “cat’s eye”. A beautiful overflow can also be achieved with the help of mother-of-pearl varnish applied on a white base.

Combination of white coating and mother-of-pearl

White moon manicure

A combination of moon manicure and French manicure will become very fashionable in 2019. That is, these techniques can be alternated, or you can simply single out one finger with a moon manicure, and the rest with a jacket and vice versa.

Fashionable options for white manicure

Stylists offer a very interesting option when the base coat is made white and the hole is left transparent. For a festive manicure, the contour of the hole can be separated with small rhinestones.

Creative design with white lacquer

[stextbox id=’info’]Lunar manicure for short nails in silver-white looks very stylish.[/stextbox]

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Rhinestones on white

An unusually beautiful effect, especially in the photo, is given by small colored, silvery or transparent pebbles on a white background. It all depends on your imagination and the skill of the master. With the help of rhinestones, you can create entire compositions, or you can limit yourself to one or two pebbles as a decor.

Pearl white and rhinestones

[stextbox id=’info’]The paths of golden stones look luxurious on a milky white background. The hit of this fall will be transparent dots imitating raindrops.[/stextbox]

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Neat black drops on a white background

Color drawings on a white background


There are a lot of options for French manicure in a classic white version. Today, a “smile” is not only a semicircle, it is any geometry or pattern that borders the nail. French with the release of one nail is still popular. Variants of the fashionable nail design of 2019, applicable on a white jacket, show a lot of photos.

White openwork patterns on a silver background

White and black

The attraction of opposites – this can be said about the combination of white and black colors. This is probably the most successful option, in which the effect will always be amazing.

Spectacular black and white manicure

In 2019, black and white coverage will determine the fashion trends of the season. Pay attention to what stylists advise:

  1. Alternating black and white nails
  2. Checkerboard (square, diamond-shaped, rectangular)
  3. Peas (large and small)
  4. Birds (flock imitation)
  5. gossamer
  6. honeycombs
  7. Geometry (very thin, visually lengthening the nail)
  8. Negative (real trend in black and white)
  9. Gradient

Openwork patterns and rhinestones on a white background

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When choosing the new designs of 2019, shown in the photo and recommended by stylists, pay attention to the fact that white nails very much reflect the condition of your hands. This color is capable of shifting accents like no other. Therefore, the skin on the hands must be flawless. Pamper yourself with a white manicure and create a mood for yourself and others!


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