The most common makeup mistakes

Makeup artists talked about the main makeup mistakes that women often make. Check if such misses are observed in your images!

Improper application of concealer

Concealer is a real lifesaver for the modern lady, because cosmetics masks dark circles, skin imperfections and refreshes the image. But a too light shade of the product only focuses on the features of appearance. A dense concealer also works insidiously, which clogs wrinkles and adds age.

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Unprepared skin

Makeup artists confirm that cosmetics are beautifully and evenly applied to even and moisturized skin. Applying foundation without a preliminary base is equivalent to painting with a dry brush.

Even a high-quality tinting product will accentuate peeling and unevenness, and will also stain if the skin is not prepared.

Bronzer instead of sculptor

Makeup artists also refer to the use of a bronzer instead of a sculptor to unforgivable makeup mistakes. The first is applied to the protruding parts of the face and emphasizes the tan – the product is not suitable for correcting features.

To perfect the features, makeup artists use a natural shade sculptor – cosmetics with a hint of redhead do not fall into the cosmetics of a professional. Blush is not suitable for sculpting either – the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe cheekbones or cheeks is highlighted with a tool for a refreshing and rejuvenating effect.

Eye color eye shadow

Shadows, carefully selected in the color of the iris, will make the image dull and boring. To make the look shine, makeup artists play on contrasts – for example, golden or burgundy accents in makeup are selected for green eyes.

Undrawn eyelash line

An unfortunate make-up mistake in the form of an undrawn eyelash contour can ruin the whole image – the eyes will look small, and the make-up will be incomplete.

To avoid a miss, emphasize the contour of the growth of eyelashes with a liner or a feathered pencil, and only then proceed to applying shadows and mascara.

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Dry sponge

This is the makeup mistake most women make on a regular basis. A beauty blender implies pre-moisturizing – squeeze out the sponge and only then proceed to apply the tone.

Powder for the whole face

A dense layer of powder on the face noticeably weights the image, emphasizes imperfections and makes the image outdated. The effect of porcelain skin is no longer in trend – a modern make-up is distinguished by natural healthy skin with a slight radiance.

Powder as a beauty assistant is too early to discount – the tool is still indispensable for masking shine on the T-zone and highlighting eyelashes before applying mascara.

Eyes in a dark frame

Makeup mistakes that reduce the eyes and add age, makeup artists include a black frame on the lower and upper eyelids. Instead of increasing expressiveness, the woman gets outdated makeup and small eyes.

Eyebrows with a pencil

Beautiful and fashionable make-up is highlighted by natural eyebrows with traced hairs and shaded color.

A dense eyebrow pencil stroke with a clear contour a la tattoo is a definite anti-trend in the world of makeup. Today, makeup artists prefer to use lightweight cosmetics with a tone lighter than the hairs, such as wax or tint.

Wrong tone

Some girls do not even suspect that they are making this mistake – it would seem who would use a comical reddish foundation. However, make-up artists warn: even a slight difference in skin color with makeup is striking on the border with the neck, forehead or ears.

It is easy to make such an oversight: it is enough to apply cosmetics under artificial lighting. To avoid a miss, make it a rule to create makeup by the window.

Beautiful makeup is a matter of technology, knowledge of the basics and current trends. Photos of common mistakes from this article suggested how not to do it so that everything in your images is perfect!

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