The most effective diets

There are two main types of female beauty. The first is tenderness: plump cheeks, large round eyes, white skin, curvaceous… The second is sexuality: prominent cheekbones, plump lips, a slender toned body…

Nowadays, if a girl wants to be popular with a male, she is not allowed to have extra pounds. Of course, you should not rush to extremes, the main thing in your efforts to lose weight is to stop in time.

For some reason, many consider ordinary fasting to be the most popular diet. But there is absolutely no benefit to it. You can only slow down your metabolism and mess up your digestive system. And in some cases even get better!

Therefore, you should stick to diets that have been tested by a large number of girls, but adjust them for yourself.

One of the best diets that quickly removes volumes is the sports “protein diet” option. In ten days you can lose up to 10 kilograms!

  • 1 day – boiled eggs in any quantity.
  • Day 2 – boiled fish
  • Day 3 – as much cottage cheese as you like (you can add honey)
  • Day 4 – boiled chicken.
  • Day 5 – you can only eat potatoes in uniforms.
  • Day 6 – boiled beef.
  • 7 days – anything from vegetables.
  • Day 8 – any fruit.
  • Day 9 – nothing but kefir.
  • Day 10 – drink only rose hips.

You can drink anything, but without sugar. At the same time, be sure to drink a glass of rosehip broth at least once a day. It prevents the impact of the diet on the liver and kidneys.

On another diet, you can lose more than five kilograms. Nutrition occurs according to the following scheme:

  • 3 days – only rice, you can add seasonings to taste.
  • 3 days – up to a kilogram of apples.
  • 3 days – boiled chicken meat.
  • The last 3 days – kefir.

For extreme people, there is a “drinking diet”, in which you can only consume liquid for 30 days. For example, cocoa, broths, milk, kefir, juices, kvass. And be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. But, in no case, do not deprive the body of all the necessary vitamins and minerals: buy the appropriate medical supplements in pharmacies. The weight loss is fantastic!

The most important thing is to get out of the diet correctly, not to pounce on high-calorie foods after it expires.

It should not be forgotten that the key to a beautiful body is not only a variety of diets, but also an active lifestyle. If you can’t afford fitness centers, then nothing prevents you from jogging in the morning or exercising with special videos at home. Wraps made of clay, honey or chocolate with pepper can also be a good help for losing weight. The main thing is not to stop halfway, and then the admiring glances of men are provided to you.

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