The most fashionable colors in 2019!

We are getting ready for the coming year – we find out what color will be fashionable in 2019 in order to decide in advance on the new clothes of the wardrobe and already plan our luxurious looks.

Trendy colors 2019

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Trendy colors and shades 2019

The Pantone Color Institute announces next year’s color in early December. The color of the year is chosen from several of the most fashionable shades selected a little earlier. The chosen palette for spring-summer 2019 turned out to be very warm and impressive. Red, orange, green and yellow shades will give ladies a lot of options for harmonious and juicy combinations.

Trendy shades for spring-summer 2019

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Bright palette Pantone 2019

  • Fiesta – energetic and full of vivacity and passion, a harmonious combination of red and orange.

Trendy color fiesta

  • Jester’s red or red joker – the name of the color is most likely taken from the colors of the jester’s hat. True, this rich red also carries a touch of elegance and unexpected noble depth. Perfectly combined with greens or blue Princess Blue from the same palette.

Red Joker

  • Turmeric is a rich orange that adds sparkle to any combination.

Rich Turmeric

  • Living coral – soft orange with gold. This color in clothes will express the vigor and courage of the hostess.

living coral

  • Pink peacock is not a new color, it was already in the autumn palette of 2018. Fashionistas liked crimson and juicy so much that they will happily wear things in this color in 2019.

pink peacock

  • Pepper stalk or stalk – calm, restrained and noble green will be a great addition to bright colors.

Pepper stalk

  • Golden aspen or Aspen gold – a bright and gold-filled color will be the perfect shade of a festive outfit for the New Year, because the symbol of 2019 – the Pig – loves luxury, and in everyday wear it will give positive feelings.

golden aspen

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  • Noble or royal blue – and in itself a rather majestic and noble color, but also perfectly combined with other shades.

noble blue

  • Toffee – light brown with a playful touch of sweetness will allow swarthy brunettes, who are incredibly good in all shades of chocolate, to choose an outfit to their taste and color type.

Trendy color Toffee

  • Mango mojito is another incredible golden yellow that brings back fond memories of summer.

mango mojito

  • Moss for terrariums – such a muted dark green shade gives fashionistas and designers a field for creativity. Bright shades open up and look richer against a suitable background.

Moss for terrariums

  • Sweet Lilac – This lilac-pink is delicate and soft, ideal for creating romantic and delicate looks.

sweet lilac

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For the London collection, Pantone added two more delightful shades:

  • lemon verbena – muted yellow for business use;

A touch of lemon verbena

  • dried rose – muted pink.

Dried rose shade

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Clue. By the way, in addition to clothes, fashionable shades can also be used to choose hair color. If you want to dye your hair, choose bold reds, soft golds or caramel shades.


Neutrality and classics – the everyday palette of 2019 from Pantone

Agree, it is impossible to do with bright shades. There will always be a dress code, a gala event, or just a mood that you can’t do without neutral colors.


Four primary colors:

  • soy – delicate beige;

Delicate shade of soy

  • sweet corn – milky white;

Pastel sweet corn

  • eclipse – the color of the night sky, deep blue;


  • brown granite is a great balance between red and dark, suitable for almost every fashionista.

brown granite

Use neutral shades alone or boldly combine with bright tones – everything is in your hands and all these are the trends of 2019.

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Color and life

Everyone will agree that the color of clothes and premises, book covers and shop windows directly affects our choice, mood and desires. ColorWorks designers connected shades with the life of mankind, and PPG specialists were able to highlight the main color for the reality surrounding a person.

Interior in a gray-beige palette

Urban Colors by ColorWorks

The story themes from ColorWorks for 2019 are called “CTRL + F” and “Made in Human” – this is a whole philosophy in fashion.

Fashionable colors in the interior

CTRL+F (shortcut key) – a story dedicated to complex topics, algorithms and the difference between reality and fantasy:

  • rich dark gray or hazy black;
  • concise and beautiful, a mixture of beige and gray;
  • a combination of pink and orange, energetic and gentle at the same time;
  • something between blue and purple with a touch of red;
  • space silver.

Trendy shades according to ColorWorks 2019 theme CTRL+F

Made in Human (made by man) – a series about humanity and technology:

  • yellow pleasant, embodies the creative streak of a person;
  • Untitled 2017 – “flesh”, pinkish-beige, designed by color designers ColorWorks;
  • in this red is the very strength of life and courage;
  • affectionate turquoise, “childish”;
  • blue, purple, red in one.

ColorWorks Made in Human Theme

Let there be a lot of gray in the palettes, but ColorWorks experts are sure that humanity is developing and going the right way. In addition to color, overall harmony is very important for the bow, so when you find out which color will be fashionable in 2019, look at more photos from the catwalks to highlight the most important thing for yourself.

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Tip: When choosing gray, silver or metallic, know that it pairs wonderfully with fashionable shades of red and blue.


Main interior color 2019

PPG, an interiors and building materials company, explores trendy and popular colors for luxury spaces. For 2019, they chose the color Night Watch (Night Watch) – rich deep green. True, it is advised to use it in small portions, locally.

Night Watch in the interior

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Studying what color of clothes will be fashionable in 2019, we realized one thing: there is no single answer. Choose from trendy shades the most delicious for the color of your eyes, hair or mood. And we place bets on which one color the Pantone Institute will choose for 2019.

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