The most fashionable colors of 2020

Now we will tell you what color will be fashionable in 2020. These trends are not to be missed!


The main colors of 2020

neon mint

Meet! It is this color that is recognized as the main favorite of the coming season. Neon mint embodies the main preferences of fashionistas – tenderness, moderate brightness, freshness and versatility. Designers are simply delighted with such a palette and skillfully use it in images of various directions. Mint is romance, technology, sport and comfort.

Fashion connoisseurs emphasize that mint is the perfect balance between technology and nature. If you want to add coolness and a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe, then by all means please yourself with new arrivals in the main color of the season. Very soon they will fill all the shelves of stores!

In the spring-summer collections, the fashionable version of mint will make friends with cassis tones, which are the result of a combination of purple and pink with hints of melon. It can be described as a soft pastel yellow. It is this combination that will be the basis of the most feminine and stylish images.

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Juicy coral is replaced this season by a gentle, peaceful palette of blue hues. “Mountain Blue” is recognized as the next favorite of 2020.

This is a natural, calm shade that can be easily combined with various colors.

Azure blue

Throughout 2020, azure and bright tones of the blue palette will be in demand.

purple wave

Mysterious and expressive purple no longer tends to be a pastel shade, but is distinguished by its brightness and depth.

Grey-green sage

This color is an ideal find for fashionistas who are looking for a calm and self-sufficient shade in the trend lists. Clothes of this color can be a real salvation from urban stress and problems. Natural and natural tone soothes and muffles the image, refers to thoughts about nature. Even psychologists will confirm that the calm version of green is great for calming the nervous system.

earthy brown

The message to be closer to nature is also broadcast in the relevance of earthy brown tones. These are business and calm shades that boast excellent versatility.

Turmeric yellow

Clothes in this color literally radiate light, warm and uplifting. It should be worn on cloudy and cold days, as well as in moments of sadness. The magic of a juicy and delicious yellow shade will not keep you waiting long and will color your image, and at the same time all day long.

red earth

2020 season is the best time to feel the power and understand the beauty of natural shades. Fashion trends draw inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and natural deep colors. The source of strength this year is earthy and sea tones.

The palette with the interesting name “Red Earth” will be especially popular. As you can see in the photo, this trendy color of the 2020 season can vary in its brightness and saturation.


Luxurious metallic shades will also be popular in the new season. Cool gray on a moderately shiny texture looks especially elegant in fashion collections.

Black and white

Black and white are back on the catwalks. Fashion connoisseurs note that this is due to the fashion for the style of minimalism. Basic tones are beautiful in laconic silhouettes and simple sets. Investing in such fashion trends is more than practical – black and white colors will always be in trend and will find use in creating stylish looks.

White tones look especially luxurious in the design of stylish shoes. Previously, there was a stereotype among fashionistas that light-colored shoes are suitable only for festive events. Now it is deservedly recognized as the same classic as black shoes. It is enough to test the versatility of white shoes in practice once and fall in love – such a pair will be successfully combined with almost the entire wardrobe.

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Favorites of the spring-summer season

The fashionable palette of the warm season combines brightness and freshness, and at the same time refers to the style of the turbulent 80s. Even the Pantone Color Institute noted that such colors represent the preservation of traditions, update the classics and allow for individuality.

coral pink

The favorite of the 2019 season – coral color – is reflected in the trends of 2020. Only this time, the designers toned down its brightness and added a touch of pink.

As a result – an incredibly delicate, elegant and feminine color, which will certainly find application in the images of a modern lady.

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scarlet flame

Lovers of bright and juicy shades will surely be delighted with the trendy Flame Scarlet color. The photo shows what confidence and determination radiate from such a bold shade.

If a fashionista plans to collect all the admiring glances, she will certainly use the power of the scarlet flame.


The stylish shade “Saffron” is also distinguished by positive decisiveness. Perhaps he will be able to convey the mood of the hot season as much as possible.

Blue tones

The luxurious blue palette is represented by three gorgeous tones at once – Classic Blue, Faded Denim and Mosaic Blue. Among the trends, a deep blue hue looks organic, which resembles the evening sky. Super-comfortable designers called the color of denim. The last representative of the blue palette is the brightest and most graceful.

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Biscay green

This color is like clear waters of azure beaches. Clothing in this design always refreshes the image and maintains a positive attitude throughout the day.

orange peel

Stylish orange is still with us, and it will definitely please fans of bright and unforgettable outfits. The trendy version of orange looks bright and appetizing, which allows it to be successfully combined with other bright colors. But no one canceled the combination with the basic muted colors!

cinnamon stick

The warm and spicy undertone of cinnamon can be a pinch of spice in the look. He will certainly make it richer and more interesting.

Such a representative of the brown palette personifies comfort, stability and tranquility. Business people like to choose him for public speaking.

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The main mission of deep dark green is to support the brightest colors of the warm season. Believe me, such a self-sufficient and muted tone will cope with the task at 100!


This color can be safely used as a base for the most sophisticated, feminine and…

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