The most fashionable glasses of 2019

Fashion trends are constantly changing. And these changes are not bypassing the market of sunglasses. Each season is rich in its new (or well-forgotten old) models. And what was in trend yesterday may already look very boring and out of place today. Therefore, it is so important to keep abreast of events: find out what fashionable glasses are in 2019, whether it is worth buying women’s sunglasses with dark or light lenses, what their shape should be, evaluate the photo and whether they suit you at all.


Choosing the right glasses

If you want to look stylish this spring, then you can not do without cool glasses. Such a seemingly small detail will help make your image complete, complete. But, it is necessary to choose glasses correctly, taking into account three main points:

  1. Face shape. We are all different: for some, “droplets” suit, for others, more accurate glasses, and for others, something bright and in rhinestones. Therefore, it is necessary to measure everything and never take at random.
  2. Glass quality. Like it or not, but vision should not suffer, even if the glasses are sooo sunk into your soul. Choose quality manufacturers, not fakes. Such accessories are more pleasant to wear, believe me.
  3. Style. What are you going to wear glasses for? What is your clothing style? There are universal models, suitable “for everything”, and there are more fastidious ones (for example, “aviators”).

Rules for choosing frames according to the shape of the face

Main trends

Sunglasses are a great accessory to complete your look. It is this detail that can make the look more stylish and expressive, if you choose it correctly.

The brightest trend of summer 2019

Fashionable sunglasses in 2019 are full of their diversity: from purely female cat-eye models to universal aviators, photos of which are full on the Internet. In addition, large sizes, mirror colored glasses and a round shape are in trend.

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Oversize: size matters

Today, the oversized size is fashionable not only as a sweater. This applies even to sunglasses: deliberately large frames look bright and expressive. So feel free to choose such models.

True, such glasses will not go to everyone. If you have a very small face and small eyes, then such an accessory may look somewhat comical. In this case, it is better to choose a model specifically for yourself: taking into account the shape and size of the head, symmetry and facial features.

Glasses that hide most of the face are still in trend

Glasses like Audrey

If you have long been crazy about the style of Audrey Hepburn and her character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then now is the time to unleash your passions! After all, glasses of this model are today one of the most fashionable.

fashion cat eye

Cat eyes are a stylish accessory that looks great with dresses and even business suits. Such an element will make your image not only elegant, but also give a little rigor and audacity.

[stextbox id=’info’]The advantage of this form is that it suits almost everyone. So you can safely buy such a model and wear it with pleasure![/stextbox]

Round form

Literally this year, round glasses have gained popularity. Such an accessory, as if taken from Cat Basilio or Grigory Leps, is now very relevant. These are one of the most fashionable sunglasses of 2019, photos of which can be easily seen on the Internet: they are mostly women’s models, but there are also men’s ones.

Stylish round glasses

Naturally, the round shape is very picky. Such glasses will look beautiful not on every face. First of all, an important role is played, again, by the size of the head and its shape. So, for owners of a round face, such a model will not work, but on an oval one, the glasses will look great.


Aviator glasses are like black in clothes: it is always in trend, always relevant. Such models of sunglasses appeared in the middle of the 20th century and still do not lose ground.

Ageless aviators

Thanks to the successful shape of the glasses, the model looks beautiful on almost everyone. So you can safely buy such fashionable sunglasses as a gift: in the 2019 season, their popularity will not fall and, on the contrary, will gain even more momentum. This is evidenced by thousands of photos of female and male aviators, all fashion magazines and trends.

My light is a mirror … glasses?

Another fashionable feature of this season concerns not so much the shape of the glasses as the glasses themselves. We are talking about mirror glasses, which are gaining more and more demand. Still would! This accessory looks the most impressive and bright!

Glasses with mirrored lenses completely hide the eyes

[stextbox id=’info’]Mirror glasses on women’s glasses, at the same time, are not always relevant. Such a model is suitable for a sporty style or even casual, but for classics, a strict “office” dress and a dress are clearly not the best option.[/stextbox]

Cheap and angrily fashionable?

Just a couple of years ago, plastic glasses were considered a cheap accessory: such an economical substitute for a normal metal frame. But now the situation has changed radically. Now plastic is “on horseback”: almost all fashionable glasses, including sunglasses, are made of plastic in 2019, displacing conservative metal. This can be seen from the photos in fashion magazines, on the pages of bloggers and so on.

The plastic frame also looks stylish.

Why is plastic good? In addition to fashion trends, this material has a number of other advantages:

  • Ease. Such an accessory is extremely light, does not fit, you almost do not feel it on yourself.
  • Price. Like it or not, but the cost of plastic is much lower than any metal. So the pricing policy for such glasses is much more affordable. Although, of course, we are not talking about branded accessories: here the cost is formed more by the brand than by the material and production costs.
  • Water resistant. Unlike metal, plastic is not “eaten away” by erosion, so your glasses will not be afraid of any rain or snow!

Beach option

Unfortunately for conservatives and fortunately for hipsters, glasses with additional decor on the frame are also gaining popularity. Those same flowers on top, beads on the sides and other small (or not small) elements are a very fashionable accent today.

Glasses for extraordinary ladies

[stextbox id=’info’]Of course, such models are not suitable for everyone, they are not always and everywhere appropriate. But, for example, for the beach – this is an excellent idea! Creative, bright and will look great on beach photos![/stextbox]

Red or blue?

No, no, it’s not about pills. But this is the question I want to ask those who wear glasses like the protagonist of The Matrix. However, narrow rectangular black-rimmed glasses are back at the peak of popularity!

Trendy narrow glasses

Sunglasses of this model immediately stand out: strict lines, clear frames and “maximum” black color give the image a special charm. In general, feel like a girlfriend of Neo!

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Of course, such…

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