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The most fashionable haircuts – bob with lengthening

Although traditionally a bob is a short haircut, there is also a bob with lengthening. Thus, the hair can go to the shoulders or even go down, but the overall shape and contours of the hairstyle remain the same.

1. Classic bob with lengthening

In the classics, the main thing is preserved – a cut parallel to the cheekbones and a transition in length from the back of the head to the face. Unlike a regular bob, more volume remains at the back, but long strands can be left in front – this is the main difference from a bob.

2. Long bob for straight hair

If you want to keep the length but are tired of the usual straight cut, opt for a square bob with an extension. This is a great alternative to stairs and waterfalls, of which there are too many!

3. Long bob for wavy hair

Due to the different lengths of the bob strands, the bob helps organize curls. The extended version is suitable if you do not want your hair to stick out completely in different directions.

4. Long bob without bangs

An elongated bob without bangs immediately looks more strict and elegant. Choose it if you like long strands that frame your face beautifully.

5. Long bob with straight bangs

Perhaps this option is more like a regular bob with bangs. But in the case of a square bob, keep a voluminous “hat” of hair at the back.

6. Long bob with short bangs

The real trend of recent seasons is a short fringe, which immediately makes the image bold and expressive. It is even more interesting to combine with an elongated bean!

7. Long bob with oblique bangs

Oblique bangs now harmoniously complement any haircut, and a bob with elongation is no exception. And all because they allow you to harmonize facial features much better and you can always find a shape for yourself.

8. Long bob with side parting

Side parting confidently turns into straight lines for the same reason as bangs. This gives more room for imagination and more options for any type.

9. Graduated bob with lengthening

When an even cut is already tired, thinning, graduation and a torn edge are used. The haircut immediately becomes very light, dynamic and more relaxed.

10. Geometric bob with lengthening

If you are a big fan of strict geometry and clear shapes, then an oblong square is ideal for homework. Unlike a straight cut, it doesn’t look boring and outdated!

11. Asymmetrical long bob

Asymmetry in any form is another key trend of recent seasons. Pay attention to transitions along the length, oblique cut, shortened or even shaved temples.

12. Elongated legged bob

Such a haircut is a real salvation for owners of thick and naughty hair. The back of the head is cut or shaved so that the strands lie neater and do not move to the sides.

13. Long bob for girls

Sooner or later, with age, there is a desire for change and experimentation. In this case, an elongated caret for a girl is a very stylish option that will always be appropriate!

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