The most fashionable women’s perfumes in 2023

The ideal image of a lady is created literally piece by piece from a well-chosen bow, stylish hairstyle, beautiful manicure and makeup. We must not forget about another important component – the aroma. A woman should always smell good. Modern women of fashion find the right perfume and difficult, and just at the same time. The variety of luxurious fragrances makes it difficult to choose, because sometimes you want everything at once. But you can be sure that a suitable option will definitely be found. We present to your attention a new selection: women’s perfume-2023. Let’s talk about the main trends and perfume novelties of the season.

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TOP 7 women’s fragrances of 2023

With the onset of the next season, dozens of new fragrances appear on the market. And they are all very different from each other. How do you know what is really right for you? There are some general tips for this.

  1. If you buy a perfume for everyday work, it is better to give preference to fragrances that are dominated by woody notes. They will help emphasize professionalism and will sound restrained.
  2. Citrus perfume compositions are recommended for ladies who spend a lot of time communicating with people, as they help improve communication skills.
  3. But to create a romantic image, it is better to choose floral perfumes, because many men associate women with flowers. Also for a date, simple fruit and berry notes are suitable.
  4. Evening images can be emphasized with warm and rich oriental fragrances that last for a long time and create a charming veil of mystery and attractiveness around the lady.
  5. In the event that you do not want to emphasize your femininity, or strive to “equalize” in the office with male colleagues, choose unisex eau de toilette with ozone or water notes. They do not differ in expression.

Next, we list the most popular perfumes of 2023 for the fair sex.

  • The Only One from Dolce & Gabbana. The fragrance captivates with a rather unusual combination of violet, orange and coffee. In some places, caramel and vanilla notes are caught in it, which makes it even more interesting and complex. The Only One belongs to the floral-oriental group, it is distinguished by sweetness, but not at all suffocating. It stays on clothes for a long time, but it evaporates from the skin in 7-8 hours. And this is its only drawback.

  • Flora Gorgeous Gardenia from Gucci. Fashionable perfumes-2023 are for the most part far from fresh novelties. For example, Flora Gorgeous Gardenia (in EDP concentration) is the product of 2021. This version is stronger and richer than its predecessors released in 2012. The updated Flora Gorgeous Gardenia captivated modern fashionistas with a floral composition of jasmine and gardenia, combined with the exquisite sweetness of cane sugar and pear.

  • Lost cherry from Tom Ford. The top perfume trends of 2023 continue with the bold and rich sweet and sour Lost Cherry fragrance from the American brand Tom Ford. This perfume, released back in 2018, conquers with its complex pyramid, in the heart of which is cherry syrup and rose. Top notes are cherry and bitter almonds. Bottom – tonka bean and Peru balsam. This composition has everything that a modern woman needs.

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According to rumors Lost cherry from Tom Ford – the favorite perfume of the Russian journalist, TV presenter, reality show star Ksenia Sobchak.

  • Narcisse by Fragonard. And yet, our fashionable review will not do without a novelty. In 2023, the French perfume house Fragonard presented the world with another composition that promises to become incredibly popular this coming spring. And all because at the base of the pyramid is a narcissus flower, which is already quite intriguing. It coexists with Egyptian jasmine and Turkish rose. Base notes: musk, honey, wood. The top notes are Paraguayan petitgrain, tangerine and Italian bergamot.

  • Santorini Sunrise by Escada. And again, the absolute novelty of the season. Fashionable perfumes for women in 2023 can be a little “pop”, frivolous. After all, this is something that sometimes many of us lack so much. In this vein, we recommend paying attention to Santorini Sunrise. This bright composition of tangerine sorbet, bougainvillea, jasmine and pink pepper will be especially relevant during the summer months.

  • Yes I Am Glorious from Cacharel. Perfume that can be “worn” at any time of the year. Everything is beautiful in them from a creative bottle in the form of lipstick to an original, albeit simple, pyramid, in the very heart of which a magnolia blossomed. The top notes of peach and mandarin captivate with their juicy sweetness. And after full disclosure, you can feel the energy of sandalwood. This perfume is one of the main fashion perfume trends of the season.

  • Fleur De Lait from Miu miu. And again, the novelty of 2023 in the segment of perfumes for girls and women, which promises to become very popular. And the reason for this is the simplest pyramid, represented by only three notes: mango, osmanthus and coconut milk. Despite the simplicity, the combination promises to be quite interesting. Therefore, these spirits have every chance to get into the trends of the season that has begun.

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Author: Mizyukalina Olga

In today’s review, we told you which perfumes will be in fashion. We hope that the presented novelties and hits of women’s perfume in 2023 will not disappoint you.

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