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The most incredible summer bows for girls for the summer of 2019

Beautiful clothing combinations are a combination of different styles, sustained in a single artistic range. In summer, you always want to look bright and stylish, you want to stand out among the crowd and just feel like a queen. Despite the abundance of fashion trends, girls have difficulty choosing a stylish summer bow. That is why we decided to share with you a fresh selection of the most stylish, interesting and creative summer looks for all occasions.

Even the most incredible fashionable summer bows for girls will find their place in everyday life in the summer of 2019 – it is only important to be able to choose the right look and present it to others. Look at the bright and stylish images for girls for the summer in the photo showing bright and unforgettable sets:

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Let’s see fashionable summer images for 2019 for girls in the photo

As never before, in the summer, girls pay great attention to their appearance and, of course, their wardrobe. At this time, many fashionistas seek to completely update their wardrobe, or at least partially. But before you make a choice, you need to think in advance at least a couple of looks for 2019 that you can create using one or another wardrobe detail. Let’s see the brightest and most memorable fashionable summer looks for girls of different ages in the photo, illustrating the richness of styles and mixing colors:[affegg id=30]

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First of all, it is worth using the resources of the basic wardrobe, which we learned to make quite recently. And secondly, already think about what things are in trend in the upcoming season. Designers definitely call pastel shades the absolute leader of the season in 2019 – they even allow the use of a monotonous look. For example, for a romantic date, a puffy skirt in a soft pink shade is perfect in combination with a chiffon blouse or a light top in the same color scheme. If you are afraid of drowning in a sea of ​​pink, dilute your look with sandals or sandals.

But in most cases, stylists use only one or two things in pastel shades – for example, on chilly days, a combination of boyfriend jeans and a soft pink sweater will be great. As accessories, we recommend adding a metal pendant under the very throat, a clutch and suede shoes in a sandy or milky shade.

If you are too shy to flaunt in short skirts, wide trousers made of light fabric with a white blouse and a wide-brimmed hat will be a great replacement. In this image, it is not a shame to appear at a meeting with friends, and go to business negotiations. And in the evening, you can change the top for something brighter, add elegant earrings and a pendant – and you are ready for any party. For the club, we recommend choosing a top with sequins and metallic heels – in such an outfit it will be impossible to look away from you, and you will feel like the queen of the party.

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Fashionable summer bows for 2019 – lace, textured and voluminous dresses

The best bow for every girl, no doubt, is the dress – and the more tender and feminine it is, the better. Perhaps that is why designers have paid a lot of attention in their collections to lace dresses that look just magical.

These trendy summer looks for 2019 are perfect for a romantic date on a warm summer day, and try not to overdo it with accessories. Almost all such images are made in delicate colors, and look pure and innocent – so here it is better to focus on naturalness and minimalism.

Connoisseurs of unusual and feminine outfits will appreciate textured, voluminous dresses with patterns. They are made of unusual fabric and certainly stand out from a number of other models in the summer season. Such models look quite bold, so the rest of the bow element should be chosen accordingly – whether it be an unusually shaped bag, or sandals with an interesting platform or heel.

Look at the photo of the brightest and most fashionable summer bows for girls for 2019 – among them there are images for any occasion:

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In the summer, it is important that the image that you try on does not hinder movement and pleases with bright colors. Perhaps that is why the boho-chic style returns to the fashion catwalks in the summer. Flying fabrics, a combination of several shades in one garment, a combination of different textures and materials, complete freedom of expression and complete freedom of movement. Many things look like they were bought more than a dozen years ago, but this is their main feature. Choose from a dress, skirt or trouser suit, ethnic-inspired accessories and wide hats.

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Stylish and beautiful summer looks

The main task of fashion houses for several seasons in a row is to emphasize the femininity and sexuality of girls who choose this or that outfit. And what better than a skirt copes with this task? Only midi skirt. And preferably with a delicate print of flowers, birds and other similar patterns. For work in the summer of 2019, you may well wear a skirt with a large floral print in dark blue with a snow-white blouse with a turtleneck, but without buttons and with short sleeves. Complete with flesh-colored boats, you get a set from the cover of a magazine from the 60-70s. with one of the Hollywood divas.

For a meeting with friends, you can choose a straight midi skirt in white and blue colors, complete with a T-shirt tucked under it. In case you are afraid to freeze, bring a leather jacket or a bright cardigan, and you can put on moccasins or sandals with a bow on your feet, if you wish.

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For a romantic date, it is better to choose a pale pink shade of the skirt, and as a top, a white blouse and a small clutch to match the skirt. Or you can choose another interesting option – a combination of a navy blue skirt with a pastel pink crop top and open sandals. This option will look advantageous in any layout, so that the attention and envious glances of those around you are provided. The image will look especially interesting and stylish if the skirt is patterned in the same pastel pink color.

And for the most daring and extravagant, we recommend a beautiful summer look with a bright yellow puffy midi skirt with a colorful floral pattern and no less bright, multi-colored top. In our case, we opted for a chiffon T-shirt, which seems to be all made up of multi-colored bricks.

Another important element of the stylish look this summer 2019 is shorts, and preferably denim. No matter what shade of denim you choose, what model and what length you prefer, it is better if the top is bright and juicy. For example, do not forget that the most fashionable shade of the upcoming season is yellow.

A crop top or an ordinary T-shirt in a rich yellow (almost sunny) shade with a pattern or an inscription is perfect for the everyday life of a big and small city. Shoes in this case should also be in casual style: here you have a choice of both converse and sandals…

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