The most popular hats of summer 2021

Hats, panamas, caps – how not to get lost in the variety? Read the article below and choose a unique attribute for this summer.

Top 7 Headwear for Women

boater hat

The most touching and romantic image has fascinated us since the 18th century. It is a rounded headdress with a narrow brim, often decorated with a dark blue or black ribbon. It will look very impressive with airy sundresses, skirts and shirts with a floral pattern. And the combination of a boater with denim or a duet in a marine style will make a splash! They are made from textiles, felt or straw.

fedora hat

Yes, you heard right, it has not gone out of fashion for a century and a half. Sewn earlier for the men’s wardrobe, wrapped once with a ribbon. On the crown there are three recesses specifically for the convenience of the fingers. The fields are soft, which makes it possible for experiments. But! Very quickly, this hat entered the women’s wardrobe and began to be made of linen fabric of different colors, decorated with ribbons, straps and feathers. Plain clothes and Fyodor’s hat are considered classics. It will be valid all year round.

oversized hat

After the work of the designers, we will fall in love with this practical beauty and the second wave of popularity awaits her! After all, it is she who best of all hides our body and hair from ultraviolet radiation, since its fields can reach a diameter of 20 cm. Conspicuous models made of natural fabric and raffia (yarn from dried palm leaves) will catch your eye. This hat can easily be used for excursions to the sights and for relaxing by the sea.


Now this fashionable accessory can be found at the shows of famous couturiers. Bright, with fun patterns will enliven any wardrobe and will look like with jeans and plaid shirts, as well as shorts, dresses, and classic double-breasted suits. Panama made using the Crochet technique (textured crochet weaving with large holes) will not leave anyone indifferent.
And attention! Winter furor! Panamas made of leather and latex.

straw hat

The fashion designers did their best and the hats were decorated with beads, braid and stones. Thanks to this, now it is associated not only with the sea, but will also be appropriate in urban realities. They will perfectly complement any look, whether it is a trouser suit made from natural compounds or your favorite jeans. And flying skirts and dresses are generally a traditional pair.

Baseball cap

Comfortable and beloved baseball caps remain at the peak. Today it is not only a sports attribute, but thanks to the decor it will be appropriate in any style. The main thing is to look after your shade. This season, they will be both defiant with sequins or huge embroideries, and more calm, restrained. Whatever baseball cap you choose, don’t hesitate, you have the most trendy thing!

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With it, you will become elegant and romantic. Weightless shawls made of silk and cotton will be indispensable, both in one color and in flashy colors. Many of us are used to knitting a scarf like a bandanna, or you can tie it like a hair band, while the long ends of the scarf must hang down.

Also pay attention to the harness-rim decorated with a brooch in front. And a scarf tied with a turban will create an extraordinary bow both in the heat and in the autumn.

We must pay tribute to their versatility, with their help you can make a top or a pareo.

But remember:

  • if you have an oval face, almost all shapes and styles will suit you, but the top of the hat should not be narrower than your cheekbones.
  • Berets and hats with medium-length brim are suitable for a heart-shaped face.
    Chubby people can try on wide-brimmed hats decorated with feathers and flowers, as well as an asymmetric shape.
  • For an oblong face, hats with a medium or low crown, or wide-brimmed ones, can be advised.
  • For a square face, wide-brimmed ones with a lot of bends are suitable. And try to wear it by sliding it to the side.

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Avoid rigid shapes, the softer the brim of the hat, the easier it will be to improvise with it.
When decorating, use removable pins or brooches, so you can become a designer yourself at any time.

Nothing can stop a true fashionista. From now on, you know what hats will be in fashion in the summer of 2021. Try on, experiment, have fun!

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