The most ridiculous misconceptions about stripes in clothes

Striped clothes, whether it be sweaters, blouses, dresses, skirts or trousers, are probably in every woman’s wardrobe. This pattern in clothes became popular at the beginning of the last century, when the legendary trendsetter and style trendsetter Coco Chanel, by her example, initiated the use of the familiar vest as the basis of every self-respecting woman’s wardrobe. Since then, this pattern has never gone out of fashion and therefore is so in demand. However, there are several popular misconceptions related to the rules for wearing wardrobe items with a similar ornament and stopping many of the fair sex from over-indulgence in this kind of clothing.

Hides fullness

Misconception No. 1: A vertical strip can hide fullness and therefore is recommended for lush ladies

It is difficult to find a person who would not hear this postulate, although in reality everything is not so simple and unambiguous. Vertical lines in clothes have the ability to visually make a person taller, as if “lengthening” him, but whether a person will appear slimmer or not depends on the thickness of the strips and their color scheme. For example, frequent wide multi-colored stripes will definitely not cope with such a task, but on the contrary, they will visually add a couple of extra pounds to their owner. But narrow monophonic stripes, alternating with wide ones of the same color, can really reduce the proportions of the hostess by at least one size.

Increases volume

Misconception #2: A horizontal strip adds volume and is therefore only recommended for slender young ladies.

In reality, this kind of drawing does not make you fat, but allows you to model a figure, that is, add or subtract a few cm where necessary. If the pattern consists of several multi-colored stripes, and the darkest of them is located at the waist, then this contributes to its visual narrowing. The same effect can be achieved by using one wide black horizontal stripe around the waist. Stripes of light shades located at their level will help add volume to the hips or chest.

Only for the young

Misconception #3: Stripes are only for young girls.

This statement has nothing to do with reality. Not only can stripes be boldly used in older generation clothing, but they must be there if ladies want to look younger and keep up with the times. The only limitation is that you need to be careful with the use of contrasting shades in the alternation of stripes, giving preference to models of muted shades or solid colors.

Only one stripe in the image

Misconception #4: You can only wear one piece of striped clothing at a time in your final look.

Undoubtedly, the combination of stripes with solid colors is the easiest and guaranteed winning solution for conservative women who do not like to experiment with their style and appearance. However, wearing striped clothes is not forbidden with other things that have a similar ornament. The only rule is that the stripes on various wardrobe items should differ from each other in color and thickness, and in some cases in direction.

Not for a holiday

Misconception #5: Stripe is good for everyday use, but not for a festive outing

If we talk about a warm striped sweater, then it will really look much more harmonious in everyday situations, and not at a wedding, for example. On the other hand, an image consisting of a plain bottom and a striped top, complemented by a bright handbag, high-heeled shoes and stylish jewelry, will definitely be appropriate and appreciated at any solemn event. A striped dress with a jacket in a contrasting shade, combined with a bright lipstick of its owner, will also look very noble and appropriate for the occasion.

Thus, having got rid of common myths, you can right now go for a new striped thing (and not one, preferably) and not be afraid that the purchase will be in vain and will not fit into the existing wardrobe, because such a pattern is truly universal and with the right combination will do a good and long service to his mistress.

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