The most trendy women’s hoodies 2022-2023

Hoodies are comfortable versatile clothes for every day, which have long been included in the women’s wardrobe. Although the hoodie is a kind of model of a sweatshirt with a hood, this does not mean that its style remains monotonous. This thing is also related to changes in fashion trends, various design additions and adjustment to various fashion trends. Although they are mostly part of casual or sporty outfits, hoodies are easy to pair with fashionable clothing in different styles. Let’s talk in detail about fashionable women’s hoodies 2022-2023. What will be in trend?


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The colors and decor of the hoodie in the season 2022-2023

Classics will be in trend this season. These are white, black, gray and beige. Models of pastel shades are no less popular: blue, mint, pale yellow, dusty pink and pale lilac. For lovers of bright colors in the collections of designers there are appropriate models: red, blue, green, turquoise, orange, purple, bright yellow. As you can see, trendy hoodie colors for the 2022-2023 season are not centered around one gamut. It is also possible to combine several colors according to the color block principle. Models with inscriptions, patchwork elements are popular.


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In general, fashion trends regarding hoodies coincide with the general ones covering all segments of clothing. Therefore, everything that will allow you to avoid dullness and boredom is in fashion.

Hoodie styles 2023 and fashionable images with them

As for the styles, they are diverse and take a lot from the general trends. They can be combined with tracksuits, of which the hoodie itself was a variation, as well as with unexpected things like dresses and skirts. Pay attention to the following models.

  • oversize. Supertrend of the season. A dimensionless hoodie model can serve not only as a cozy little thing that warms in cold weather, but also completely replaces an autumn coat or jacket. Therefore, in addition to sportswear, it goes well with everyday universal wardrobe items: jeans, boots, boots, ankle boots and sneakers. Optionally, an oversized hoodie can be complemented with a matching or contrasting scarf.

  • With a big hood. The hoodie style provides for a hood by itself, but on some models it is deeper and roomier. This can completely hide the face, if necessary. But the main purpose is still to keep warm and protect yourself from the cold wind. This model can be combined with outerwear: jackets, down jackets, coats or just jackets, and the hood can replace a headdress – a scarf or a hat. This is a good option for the autumn-winter season. It is suitable even for women over 50 who really want to wear comfortable casual clothes.

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  • Classic hoodie. A versatile option for every day or for those who are fond of sports. It goes well with any things that are related to sports style: baseball caps, sweatpants, leggings, sneakers, sneakers. Suitable for both jogging and a relaxing walk in the park. If you are not interested in sports, but in the ability of a hoodie to warm, then this is also a suitable option for spending an autumn day in the country watching a series and having a cup of tea.


  • Long sleeve hoodie. Models in which the sleeves almost completely cover the hands are in fashion. Also a good option to keep warm. In general, such a hoodie is a reference to the oversized fashion, but with an emphasis on the sleeves. It can be combined with the same things in large sizes – long pleated skirts, with pleated dresses, ankle boots or boots with heels.

  • With front pocket. Fashion trends regarding hoodies in the 2022-2023 season do not change the established details much. A characteristic kangaroo pocket is one of the distinguishing features of this item. But there are models for which the pocket is emphasized – either it stands out in a different color, or is decorated with a contrasting zipper or other shiny details. This version of the hoodie is combined with clothes in a similar color scheme, or in a color block style.

  • Printed. Youth option. Suitable for young girls who prefer a sporty style, or a lady who likes to attract attention with bright accents. Prints can be anything, including abstract and predatory, they can consist of geometric shapes and romantic ornaments. Instead of the usual patterns, there may be inscriptions.

  • Hoodie with thick drawstrings. Lacing is an interesting decor option and may not have any function other than decorative. If we are not talking about those laces that help tighten the hood. But besides this, lacing is possible in front or behind, imitating a corset – this aims to make the design of the hoodie more interesting and feminine, to draw attention to its owner. Such models can be worn with short dresses or skirts, sneakers, boots and even shoes.

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What to wear with a hoodie, each fashionista will decide for herself, because the mix of styles has made any combinations possible. You can easily pair them with skirts, trousers, and even dresses, and it will look stylish and appropriate. As you yourself have seen, having examined in detail dozens of the above photos of women’s hoodies for the 2022-2023 season.

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