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The Polka Dot Thing Says You’re Following Summer 2020 Trends

Peas have attracted designers for years and seem to have settled in the wardrobes of fashionistas for a long time. This season, the black and white version is relevant with a choice of other colors presented. Stylists advise not to be afraid to combine drawings of different sizes in one output. Surprisingly, with this simple print, you can create a variety of looks, depending on what you like today.

polka dot things

romantic lady

Maxi dresses with a flowing polka dot pattern of medium or small size will add romance to the image of any heroine. Pumps, light-colored bags and plain hats will complement sunny everyday life. Summer evenings will be decorated with models with bare shoulders. The famous scenes at the polo tournament with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman come to mind.

Transparent chiffon blouses will look tender and reverent with such a print. Models can decorate voluminous bows. Silk or cotton midi or maxi skirts with this pattern will add femininity. Flying sun skirts or pleated skirts with high-heeled shoes are the perfect solution for the warm season. For such things, it is better to choose a monochromatic range of bows and accessories.

polka dots for romantic outfits

Bright challenge

Becoming the center of attention is easy if the exit is decorated with large peas. The contrast of light-dark tones will add expressiveness. A round pattern is appropriate today on trousers, a skirt or a blouse. A bold exit will be in a dress with a maximum circle size. Trouser suits can surprise. White peas on a black background of a long fitted jacket and trousers are a spectacular solution for going out to interesting events.

bright clothes with polka dots

The highlight in the image

Accessories with polka dots will help the image play with new colors. In the summer season, it is proposed to choose scarves, silk scarves, pumps. Clutches and bags of a neat size look elegant.

Polka dot accessories

The polka dot print is so popular that it is presented both in beach fashion and in autumn collections. However, peas with versatility have an insidious trait. He is able to ennoble the figure or spoil it overnight. A careful selection of models and styles that take into account the individual characteristics of the physique is the main rule when choosing things for a polka dot wardrobe. Large mass markets and famous designers offer their own options. A skillful combination of shapes and colors in one bow is a difficult task, with the right solution, it can conquer others. If there is any doubt, one successful thing is enough to be in the modern trend.

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