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The “right” shorts for hot summer days in 2020

Who doesn’t wear short shorts in summer? You will not find such a girl. Hot models triumphantly blew up the catwalks of 2020. They featured tiny knitted Hermès and rough denim minis from Rag&Bone. In the world of big fashion, images with black and transparent tights appeared. What trends can be most advantageously applied to your wardrobe?

fashion shorts

Mini shorts plus long sleeve blouse

Why not balance ultra-short shorts with a long jumper or jacket?

It’s worth taking inspiration from the designers working for Chanel and creating a pair: neat, loose mini-shorts, tights and a long jumper. Then add boots or pumps to this image. This feminine look is the best choice for cool summer weather.

shorts with blouse

neon colors

Pink, orange, blue, bluish-green, and yellow designs will make you stand out from the crowd. All neon-inspired designers pair them with black, white, or brown clothing.

Valentino knows this trend is at its best when paired with short tops. For example, a maxi dress plus short bright breeches.

The neon shade is not for the faint of heart. It is for the brave, active and enterprising.

neon shorts

Soft blue products

Designers came up with sky-colored clothes for women who want to stay cool on a hot day and look amazing all summer. Stylish models showcased on the catwalks allow the girl to be ready for anything, whether it’s brunch, the beach or a music festival!

blue shorts

Rough-cut canvas samples for an evening or a not-so-hot day

You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort on a chilly spring evening. With a warm pair of cropped pants, you can create many fashionable outfits. This season, it is advisable to buy rough “boyfriends” in a sporty style, with a not too tight fit, a bit reminiscent of men’s. They can be combined with bright girly T-shirts and even sometimes elegant blouses.

A person should have at least two pairs of canvas models in their closet – one dark and one light. These breeches are comfortable and stylish, suitable for almost everything. You can wear them with a casual T-shirt and a pair of sneakers or flats. To look easy and casual, it is worth buying a pair of cute espadrilles to wear with denim samples.

canvas shorts

Decorated with buttons or small decorative elements

If something a little more dressy is required, women’s button-down shorts come in handy in a variety of versatile colors:

  • khaki;
  • green;
  • black;
  • blue.

When choosing any cropped trousers for the summer, you should pay attention first of all to these colors.

Button-ups are great for an unexpected evening look when paired with a blouse and a pair of heels.

button-down shorts

If a button-down model is not suitable for a girl, she can take beads, interesting small glass accessories and decorate a denim product in front.

Once the lady has chosen some cute shorts for herself, grab some matching tops to match the shape of her chest and shoulders. If you have a trip to the beach or a boat trip, you should add some jewelry with small-sized stones, a hat, and sunglasses to the shorts.

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