The robe coat continues to be in trend: stylish looks for spring 2021

A coat-robe can be safely ranked among the things from the category of timeless classics. This model often flashes on the covers of fashion magazines, and also flaunts on the shoulders of modern beauties.

Model Features

Distinctive features of this model are a straight cut, slightly flared to the bottom, and the absence of fasteners. The product has a turn-down collar, a classic sleeve and sometimes a hood. Materials for tailoring are used very soft – cashmere, wool. It is covered with a belt made of a similar fabric.

It is no coincidence that a coat-robe combines homely softness and business classics in one image. In addition, the coat goes well with any outfit, so women of all ages can wear it.

Trends and looks for spring 2021

A variety of models is achieved through color options, coat length and collar design. Designers have identified the most trendy colors for spring 2021:

  • beige;
  • sand;
  • grey;
  • mint;
  • blue;
  • powdery;
  • red;
  • citric;
  • purple;
  • yellow;
  • Orange;
  • blue;
  • khaki;
  • cream;
  • pink.

Classic variant

Classics do not leave the trends of 2021. A cashmere coat with a double-breasted collar and a length below the knee goes well with discreet accessories. Warm and cold tones of colors are welcome. As an accessory, any stylish thing is suitable. Shoes are better to choose classic, according to the season.

Casual look

A traditional American option for a walk or a trip to the store. A light, free image is obtained through casual wear – jeans, loose trousers, sweaters. Comfortable shoes – sneakers, boots and shoes without high heels. Complete the look with elegant accessories, such as a molded bag, an expensive watch or a statement belt.

Oversized models and bouclé coats have become the most trendy. Products made from this fabric are very soft, pleasant to the touch and warming in cold weather.

The image of the instagram diva

Sometimes you want to attract admiring glances and look stunning, for example, at a social event or a party. Such a bow is a cross between a business and a festive option. Over the knee boots, platform boots or high-heeled boots are suitable for a classic cashmere or even fur coat.

The contrast of several elements of the wardrobe will make it more elegant. More daring options are also possible, the main thing is to keep the bow in the same color scheme and not overdo it with decorations.

Laconic image

Bow without unnecessary details. Minimalistic and discreet – it is perfect for walking, working or studying. Fashionable accessories will emphasize and add charm to the image, and for those who want to be in trend and attract attention, you should take a closer look at the checkered coat. A belt instead of the usual belt is also an interesting solution.

creative image

A fashionable backpack, a hat, a colorful scarf and a bathrobe – why not? Unlike previous predictable variations, there is something intriguing about this look. It is not necessary to arrange crazy experiments, it is enough to add catchy accessories to the everyday version. A designer bag, a bright scarf, or fashionable shoes – it’s up to you.

Among the trendy models in 2021, oversized, classic, bouclé and checkered coats are in the lead. Colors are not limited to the standard beige, brown or black. The main thing when choosing a suitable coat is to take into account the comfort and convenience of the product, then wearing the thing will be doubly pleasant.

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