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The subtleties of a make-up for a square face

Owners of a square face are often dissatisfied with their appearance, since such a face has its own flaws and features. To hide them, you need to know the rules of makeup for a square face, its subtleties and features.

Square face makeup


Most girls do not like the massive features of a square face, and they try to fix them with makeup. To do this, you need to know some rules:

  1. it is necessary to darken the wide parts: cheekbones, chin, nose, forehead, since the main task is to visually reduce the face and give it an oval shape;
  2. The main part of the face must be lightened with cosmetics. So it will visually stretch;
  3. You must focus on the merits. If you have plump lips or big eyes, you need to highlight them.

Square face makeup

By following these rules, any square-shaped girl will be able to soften the lines and emphasize the best aspects of her appearance.

Rules and stages of correction

To visually transform a square shape, you should follow a certain algorithm for applying makeup. Step by step correction looks like this:

  • Changing the shape and broad lines of the face with tonal means:
    • To begin with, the skin should be moisturized with a makeup cream or base. This will help in the future to evenly distribute the foundation;
    • Choose from two shades of foundation. One should be similar to the natural complexion, and the second – 1-2 shades darker. It is recommended to apply the cream with a brush, so it will be smoother and will not give the effect of a mask. With a foundation that is close in color to the shade of the face, it is necessary to draw an oval. Next, you should carefully blend the lines and apply the cream on the main part of the face. Areas of the skin that have remained intact should be tinted with a darker color and shaded;
    • If, in general, the nose stands out strongly, it should be slightly shaded with a cream of a darker shade. To do this, it is applied to the wings and carefully shaded. Top with powder, light-colored concealer;
    • Cheekbones and cheeks are corrected with blush. For this, only light colors are used. There is no need to blend them close to the lips, as this emphasizes the wide chin. The blush line should end at the level of the lips;
    • We lighten the forehead and chin with foundation, powder or light-colored concealer.

After the face has acquired an attractive oval shape, you should proceed to the next step.

  • Eyebrow correction:
    • First you need to give the eyebrows the correct shape. In this case, they should not be too thin or baggy. Preference should be given to shortened eyebrows and a curved shape. They don’t have to be straight or rounded;
    • It is not recommended to dye or style your hair black. Even if they themselves are exactly black, they do not need to be emphasized again. The color of the eyebrow pencil should be chosen based on the color of the hair or a lighter tone.

Square face makeup

  • Eye makeup:
    • For girls with narrow or small eyes, the arrows will be a real salvation. They need to be slightly raised at the corners of the eyes. Black is suitable for evening makeup, and gray or smoky arrows are suitable for daytime makeup;
    • The palette of shadows should be monophonic. With closed eyes, it is recommended to apply light shadows to the inner corners, and with distant ones, on the contrary, dark tones. The choice of shade of shadows depends on the type of makeup and event;
    • Don’t forget about eyelash dye. The upper hairs must be carefully painted over with ink in several layers. The lower ones should be covered only in the corners.
  • Lip shape:
    • You can widen or narrow your lips with a pencil. The color should be chosen close to the natural shade of the lips;
    • Bright lipstick is appropriate only for evening makeup. During the day, opt for a neutral shade gloss or lip balm.


Daytime make-up features soothing shades and meticulous preparation of the skin. Before applying cosmetics, it should be cleaned with a scrub, toned and moisturized with a cream or makeup base.

This is followed by the application of a skin-colored foundation and a cool-toned blush. All funds are carefully shaded, and the excess is removed with a napkin. Emphasis should be placed on only one detail of the face.

it is best to highlight the eyes during the day. To do this, select several colors from the same gamut. The palette should be in harmony with the color of the eyes.

The edges between different shadows should be carefully shaded. Saturated black ink would be appropriate. For lips, choose a nude or glossy lipstick.

Square face makeup


For evening make-up, it is also important to prepare the skin: clean it with tonic or foam and apply foundation. For the evening, the face should be corrected according to all the rules. First give it the correct oval, and then assemble the main part. Eyes or lips can be highlighted.

Square face makeup

For lips, lipstick of a scarlet and red shade is suitable. For the eyes: smoky eyes technique. You can opt for darker ombre shades. Arrows are also appropriate in this trick. They can be of different lengths and thicknesses.

Square face makeup

It is better to choose a black eyeliner. Particular attention should be paid to highlighting both the upper and lower eyelashes.

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